Awesome Birthday cake for girls ideas – tips and hints for caring moms

girls birthday party theme ideas

Birthday cake for girls ideas come in a wide variety of designs and decorations but without any doubt, this is not just a dessert but also a very beautiful sweet gift for any birthday girl. The cake is the logical finish of each holiday with the participation of children. They are always waiting for it, and hardly any other treat causes such genuine childish delight as the birthday cake!

Of course, every cake just has to be beautiful! You can order it from professionals or bake and decorate it yourself. We have some tips and ideas for the moms how to choose the theme and decoration for their little princesses.


Birthday cake for girls ideas – choose the theme and the decoration


girl birthday party ideas cake fun sweet treats

The child’s birthday is a special holiday in the life of any family. It is traditional to celebrate birthdays with a cake and burning candles symbolizing the number of years. Even if adults replace the cake for some other sweet treat, a child’s holiday is unthinkable without a one.

In fact, decorating a cake for a girl is a very interesting activity and sometime even, a challenge. There are so many different elements that can be used at the same time – bows, beads, candy, ribbons, dolls, butterflies, flowers, cartoon and fairy-tale heroes, teddy bears, ballerinas – this list can go on a very long time. The best thing you can do is discuss the theme of the birthday party with your little daughter. This will help you arrange the event accordingly and plan all the details – the venue, the menu, the decor, possibly the costume and of course – the cake itself!

Magic fairy tales cakes for girls can be compared to a real works of art nowadays and every bakery presents fascinating designs, which means that you will have no problem whatsoever to order one with the chosen decoration. It could be just a specific color – pink, yellow, purple, white – or a special character from the little one’s favorite movie – Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Frozen, Barbie, etc. Another option is to choose a hobby theme – ballet, piano, gymnastics, etc.


Birthday cake for girls and sweet treats for a very special holiday

butterfly and roses cake for girl

Birthday cake for girls are something like the Grand Finale of the party and they have to make a special impression to all the guests. However, when you organize the party for your little princess, you have to think of sweets and savories suitable for children and adults, if present, which should be decorated in the chosen theme. Mini sandwiches, cake pops, cupcakes or other confectionery will help you realize the special idea and theme. It is advisable to keep to simple tastes and finger food as children love using their hands to eat or make sure you bought plastic forks. Enjoy the gallery of beautiful cakes for girls and find the one which will be the best surprise for your princess!



pink ballerina birthday cake ideas for girls

piano cake for girls music themed cakes designs

original princess castle cake decoration Cinderella carriage

Mini Mouse cake girls ideas birthday party theme

easy DIY castle cake for girls princess birthday party ideas

DIY pink white girl birthday cake ideas

cute pink birthday cake for girls DIY castle cake

Castle birthday cake for girls princess theme


birthday party ideas theme for girls smarties cake

birthday cake ideas for girls party theme

birthday cake children colorful rainbow cake

beautiful princess cakes ideas for girls

awesome purple three layer cake for girl with flowers

amazing birthday cakes ideas princess theme

amazing ballerina cake girls birthday party theme ideas


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