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New Years Eve is the most important day on the calendar! This is the time when we look back and sum up the results of the past year. But, at the same time, it is a magical moment, when we can wish for something new, something better, something new. New Year’s Eve is the time for a positive look towards the future.

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New Year’s Eve is always associated with twinkling lights, burning candles and glittering garlands. Light and glitter are never too much for this feast and the most pleasing is the fact that you can plan a great party or a romantic New Year’s Eve, you can celebrate with colleagues, friends or family and have a wonderful time.

 party ideas dance party ideas how to organize new years eve party

How to celebrate New Year’s Eve? If you have not decided how to spend the holiday you can choose one of these ideas:

  • Organize a New Year’s Eve party at home with party food, champagne, TV shows, music and fun games.
  • Organize a romantic evening with candles and quiet relaxing music.
  • Travel to the country or out of town. Clean frosty air, snowmen and a sparkling decor will make your trip unforgettable. A cozy cottage with a fireplace and dinner will bring the family closer even more.
  • Go on a journey or at sea. This is original and unusual and you can take the chance to make a dream vacation come true.
  • Got to a restaurant where you will have a great dinner in a pleasant festive atmosphere.
  • How about a street party? People having fun, firecrackers, fireworks, music , bright lights and an exciting feeling of something great – the New Year!

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Whichever option you choose, the main thing for a great New Year, as well as any other holiday, is to plan and prepare in advance and save yourself the trouble of last minute shopping, reservations, bookings and decorating. After all, on a festive day you’d want to enjoy yourself and have a great time, right?



New Years Eve party themes ideas – organize a special and festive party


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There are no rules and restrictions when it comes to New Years Eve party themes ideas. You can choose anything that comes to your mind – from a color theme to something unexpected and totally fun like a black light party.

party theme ideas karaoke party ideas fun activities

New Years Eve karaoke party theme is a cool idea, especially if you plan to celebrate with the kids. You can organize your party as a “rock star”, “Latino star”, “Retro music” or “Coolest pop star” and choose the music with compliance to the theme.

party theme ideas las vegas casino party ideas

Las Vegas casino party theme – put green felt on your table, get several decks of cards and poker chips and you are ready to go. Plan some cool cocktails and easy to eat food served on platters.

party theme ideas glitter party theme gold party

Sophisticated New Years Eve party theme will require some elegant dinner setting, candles, fine tablecloth and of course, evening dresses for women. What a better chance to look amazing and glamorous?

party theme ideas gipsy night fortune telling

Gypsy themed party for New Years Eve can also be a lot of fun. Besides the bright, colorful gipsy costumes, you can organize fortune telling, ask every guest to write predictions for the New Year.

party theme ideas Paris themed party ideas

Do you like to travel? Which is your favorite destination? What is your dream destination? You can organize a great New year’s Eve party and choose a theme based on your favorite city. A midnight in Paris, for example, is a great party theme and you can serve elegant French food – cheese, eclairs, fruit, Champagne and French wines.

party theme ideas dance party ideas

A dance party for New Year’s Eve – dance the night away with friends. Get a disco ball, arrange garlands, colorful balloons and have a ton of confetti at hand!


New Year’s Eve party is a great opportunity for a masked ball and a bit of mystery or a carnival party in a Rio de Janeiro style. Have a hot salsa night, decorate in bright festive colors, tropical flowers and plenty of balloons and streamers and with some good amount of margaritas your party will be a hit!

party decor ideas black white party theme decor ideas

Color themed parties are the easiest to organize. You only need to announce the color theme – black and white party, fire red party, elegant pink and black party, silver, gold – anything that you like. Choose the decoration and your outfit accordingly and there you are!

party theme ideas photobooth

Think about New Years Eve party fun and games to add to the atmosphere. You can arrange a photo booth and everyone can have a lot of fun posing. If you add some fun props – scarfs, hats, balloons, masks, everyone will have a lot of fun!

party noisemakers party decor

Noisemakers are also a lot of fun for both adults and children. You can ask your guests to bring as many different noisemakers as they can think of and shoot fun videos.


New Years Eve decoration ideas – make it glittering and festive


decoration ideas table decorations white silver decoration

New Years Eve decorations are more modern and glamorous than Christmas decorations, where the focus is on tradition, warmth and coziness. New Year’s Eve is more cheerful, glittering, sparkling and shining and the atmosphere is vivid and cheerful. You can decorate for the party as per the theme or the colors that you chose. You can use some of your Christmas decoration or opt for an entirely new festive decor.

decoration ideas window decorations string lights

String lights are very festive and if you have decorated your windows for Christmas with glittering lights, you can use them as a decoration for the New Years Eve party as well. Change the Christmas wreath on the front door with a “Happy New Year” sign, spread confetti, hang streamers on the walls, banners with New Year congratulations and your home decor will be ready in no time.

decoration ideas table decorations festive table

New Year’s Eve is a special night and the festive theme must be present in food and every element of the table decoration. Originality, style and elegance are the three rules that will help you create a glamorous table decoration. When we talk about New Year’s Eve party, it is obvious that the celebrations are about dancing, music, entertaining and fun. A wonderful table decoration for New Year’s Eve would make the atmosphere in the last minutes of the passing year more glamorous. Everything shines and sparkles on New Year’s Eve. The festive table decoration should not be an exception. How to decorate the table for New Year? Here are some great ideas and useful tips which will help you arrange a fascinating table. It is best if you keep to some simple rules for decorating the table in a harmonious and elegant way.

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Choose your color scheme and decorations but do not forget to leave enough room for cutlery so that your guests feel comfortable at the table. Select one main color and add elements in a contrast color as accents. Do not use more than three colors for the table decoration or two or three shades of the main color. Otherwise the table will look messy and chaotic. Here are some tips for the color options of the New Year’s Eve festive table.

decoration ideas table decorations white silver table decor

White and silver table decoration, unsurprisingly, is one of the most popular table settings for New Year’s Eve parties. Shining porcelain, silver and glass accents underline the effect of the decoration. The shine is reflected in the glassware and the table looks elegant, sophisticated and very, very festive!

decoration ideas easy DIY table decorations

Red and white is a classic combination and a white tablecloth combined with red accents like placemats, candles, accessories and napkins. Red works very well with wood and if you have a wooden dining table you can leave it without a tablecloth. Just arrange a table runner in the center and individual placemats. Golden accents also work with red and add a shine and festive mood to the table.

decoration ideas table decorations gold table decor

A feast of gold on New Year’s table – what decor could be more glamorous? Select white or creamy dishes decorated with gold, candlesticks and cutlery in golden color, tablecloth or napkins in gold tones, candles, yellow and gold decorative elements – place cards, garlands, napkin rings, etc. If you prefer to keep it simpler, yet show your good taste, arrange a table centerpiece in gold and tie the napkins with gold ribbons.

decoration ideas table decorations blue white

If you prefer a modern chic table decoration crystal, porcelain, white tablecloth and napkins, white dishes in a modern style, white candles and candlesticks would be a good choice. Add accent colors like gold, pink, red, purple, turquoise, etc.

decoration idea centerpiece ideas red white gold balls

Classic New Year’s table also suggests the presence of crystal, porcelain, silver and gold but without any accents of bright colors. White can be complimented by soft shades of beige and cream colors.


Last minute DIY New Year’s Eve decoration ideas


decoration ideas last minute DIY decorations table decor

It could happen that you have millions of other things to do or you just decided to organize a New Years Eve party at the last minute and there is no time for planning, shopping, decorating in a particular color or theme. Some creative DIY New Years Eve decoration tips and ideas will help you create a festive atmosphere quickly and effortlessly.

decoration ideas last minute DIY decorations table decor candles

Candles – they are a must on any table, but as a last minute festive decor, candles are a priceless accessory. Arrange candles of various heights and shapes, combine tea candles and pillar candles, if you have the time – glue some glitter on them for additional glamour and arrange your decor as a centerpiece, on the mantel, on a side table. Add some ribbons, scatter silver or golden stars and your table will look like the ones in magazines.

last minute DIY decorations confetti eggs

Confetti eggs – another original and quick idea for the New Year’s Eve table decoration. Fill egg shells with confetti, add some party hats, garlands, streamers, a few balloons, choose the best party music, recharge the batteries in your camera, keep the champagne cool and have a very special evening with your friends.

decoration ideas last minute DIY decor ideas blackboard

Place a blackboard in the center of the room, where all guests can write a greeting or New Year’s resolutions. It will make the party even more fun. Keep the decoration practical and original and you will have a great party time!


New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids


party ideas for kids costume party noisemakers

Kids love celebrations and would be delighted to celebrate the coming year with you. You can either organize a special New Year party for kids or invite friends with kids. Both ways, you will need to make some preparation and organization. If you organize a party for kids, it will have to be in the afternoon, for example, between 16 -17.30. If you want to make New Year a family party, you should think of some fun activities for the kids, suitable food and drinks. Ask the children for ideas and to help with the decoration and with the party accessories. Get New Year’s theme wearables and favors – Happy new Year tiaras, top hats, noisemakers, etc. For a family party, you may consider separate tables for kids and adults. Let them decorate their table with a DIY centerpiece, handmade napkin rings, etc. Sprinkle some star confetti, tie balloons on the chairs and your festive decor is set! You may even organize a themed party – pirates, Minions, Star wars, Harry Potter, Winter Wonderland and get the kids dressed in costumes. Think of simple food for the kids, they are not impressed by salmon and blue cheese. Hot dogs or cheese burgers, mini sandwiches, fruits on sticks will be a good idea.


New Year’s Eve party favors – cool ideas for your party


DIY party favors ideas bells to ring at midnight

New Year’s Eve party favors are the special treat, the little sign of attention and personal gratitude towards your guests. The main thing is not the content of the box, or the gift itself, but its original design and the personal attitude. To buy or not to buy New Year’s Eve party favors? It depends on you and your budget. If you choose to make the party favors on your own you can use some of the ideas below. Wrap the party favors in transparent fabrics, holiday wrapping paper, brown paper bags, decorate them with beads, rhinestones, lace and the like. These materials can be purchased at any stationery, book stores, s and even hypermarkets. If you haven’t got the time to make the party favors, you could buy boxes of sweets for every guest and just print a gift tag.


How to present the New Year’s Eve party favors?

party favors ideas personalized milk bottles

The simplest way to give your New Year’s Eve party favors is to place them on the festive table near the plate of each guest. New Year’s Eve party favors may become an additional decoration on the table. Use the party favors as place cards with the name of the guest that will greatly simplify the process of seating the guests and each guest will easily find his seat.

DIY party favors ideas masquerade party favors

Another option is to give the party favors personally, but if you have many guests, this may take quite some time and relatives and friends waiting for their turn can get bored. It is possible to arrange all the party favors on a separate table and the guests will pick one when they leave the party.

party favors ideas quiz mini champagne bottles

Another way to make the most of the New Year’s Eve party favors is to include them in the fun activities. For example, think of a fun quiz and simply print and cut funny questions. This will add to the mood of the party and your guests will appreciate your creativity.

party favors ideas symbol of the coming year

A great idea for New Year’s Eve party favors would be the symbol of the new year. For example, 2017 is the year of the Rooster and you can use the theme for your party favors. You can find suitable poems, lines and make a beautiful and memorable gift.

party favors ideas confetti tubes

Personal confetti packs are another cool idea for DIY New Year’s Eve party favors. You can even play a little trick on your guests and mask sweets or fortune cookies into a confetti pack.

party favors ideas decorated champagne bottles

Mini bottles of alcohol are always a good idea. You can decorate and personalize the bottles with tags, ribbons, glitter paint, etc.

party favors ideas hangover kits easy DIY party favors

Mini hangover kits – well, if you know you will have a crazy night, a mini hangover kit might be the best party favor and come especially useful! You can buy ready-made kits or craft some cute kits on your own by simply tying a ribbon around a bottle of water.


New Year’s Eve party menu ideas – keep it simple and elegant

party menu ideas food platters buffet table

When you plan a New Years Eve party at home, you need to think not only for the decoration and the party theme, but for the menu as well. We will help you with some New Year’s Eve party menu ideas and some simple rules that will let you serve tasty dishes without spending the day in the kitchen. How to plan a New Year’s menu and what to cook? How to create a festive menu for the New Year?

party menu ideas what type of food to serve

Plan the menu for the New Year’s Eve party in advance so that you can get prepared. It is better not to leave this as a last minute task and spend a day running from one shop to another. The menu for the New Year should be based on a variety of easy to prepare dishes, fresh fruits, steamed or fresh vegetables, snacks, hot dishes, salads, meats, as well as a dessert.

party menu ideas buffet table decorating ideas

Salads can be prepared in a wide variety, depending on your taste. Be sure to offer meat dishes or fish dishes. It is best to choose from fish or seafood. For example, you can cook salmon – it is quite tender and tasty and will not disappoint even the most demanding guest. It is not a good idea to serve chicken, as the coming year is the year of the Rooster. Replace the chicken with pork, beef or lamb. Think of the drinks – champagne, whiskey, vodka, tequila, water and soft drinks. Serve the food in platters on a buffet table so that every guest can choose as per his personal preferences. You can arrange a separate dessert station which will be the greatest delight for the children!

party menu and drinks ideas drinks

Before cooking you need to make a detailed plan for menu. The New Year’s menu should include:

  • Hot dishes
  • Salads
  • Snacks
  • Meat and vegetables
  • Dessert
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

party menu ideas finger food party food ideas

New Year’s Eve party outfit and make-up ideas


party outfit ideas

Whether you host a New Year’s Eve party or attend one, you need to think of your festive outfit. When it comes to the best New Year’s Eve party outfit, make-up is an inseparable part of every woman’s perfect look as well. The good news is that everything is allowed for New Year’s Eve party. There are no limits and rules and the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and comfortable. Of course, if you go or host a themed party, you need to choose the relevant outfit, but if you go to a street party with friends or at a dance party, make sure you choose an elegant and glamorous outfit for a striking and attractive look. Long-lasting make-up is preferable. Do not forget to correct it from time to time. The colors you choose should fit with the color of the outfit.

party outfit ideas little black dress

Your appearance should be completed and not create an impression that you dressed at the last minute. You can choose an extravagant outfit but at the same time, it should suit you. It is best to choose natural fabrics – silk, satin, organza, etc. Light, transparent and brilliant – they are great for evening dresses.

party outfit ideas elegant party dress

Dress length can vary from mini to maxi. Choose the one that makes you feel comfortable. Knee length dresses emphasize the body, mini is attracting the eyes to the elegant ladies’ legs while official gowns are especially glamorous. Pay attention to the hair style. It must be in harmony with the dress, and the same can be extravagant and unusual. New Years Eve party allows you to get out of the usual.


Brilliant ideas for New Years Eve party favors – add fun to the party

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