About Us

Deavita.net is an Online magazine, born on June 1, 2017  . We are devoted to share the latest projects in minimalist architecture, modern furniture design and creative decoration ideas. We also emphasize on environmental awareness and sustainable architecture. By now, we have created more than 3000 unique articles . The goal of Deavita.net is to spark your imagination and to make your own world a better place for living. Discover the best design ideas with us and share it with others.

Deavita Team

Kremena Ruseva has a Master degree in International tourism. Furniture design and trends in interiors have been amongst her interests for the last 10 years. Having had an extensive career in the energy business field, she has now joined the team of minimalisti seizing the opportunity to work in her main field of interest.
She is also interested in classical music, impressionism and modern art and finds inspiration in the works of Mozart, Monet, Degas, etc.