Gabby is a copywriter covering nail art, hairstyles and lifestyle. She enjoys being outdoor and discovering new things that inspire her.

Gabby has been a freelance writer most of her life, but her first job official job related to articles is at DeaVita when she started in 2022.
Passionate about different topics, Gabby has learned how to incorporate her experience at Concordia University, where she obtained a bachelor degree in Marketing and International business. Gabby has found that working in the beauty industry previously has helped her a lot with her favorite subjects. Gabby also enjoys reading novels, traveling, exploring new trends in fashion, and horse riding. Being an adventitious person helps Gabby to write about her experiences and inspirations.

Growing up in Canada, Gabby graduated from High School of Montreal. Later on she obtained a bachelor degree in Marketing and International Business. During her studies, she took part in various clubs where she discussed poetry. Gabby also took part in a drama class, because of her love for the theater.

Expertise: Nail art, hairstyle, fashion
Education: Concordia University, Canada
Location: Montreal, Canada

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