How to Wash Converse in Washing Machine: A Guide with The Dos and Don’ts

by Gabby

We all love wearing sneakers every day of the year. Normally, we would buy some trendy pair that we can match with everything and that will look timeless and fashionable. That certainly the case with Converse that we can find in any color possible. But, when they get dirty… How do we wash them? How to wash Converse in washing machine? What are the mistakes to avoid?

How to Wash Converse in Washing Machine: A Guide with The Dos and Don’ts

how to wash converse in a washing machine methods dos and donts

We are not going to pretend like we don’t wear Converse even in the Autumn. We love them so much, not only because they are comfy, but because they are easy to style with jeans, skirts, pants, and even dresses. We can say with confidence that almost every girl have them in their collection and wears them with pride. But, the only problem is… How do you wash them and make them looking brand-new again? Washing them in the washing machine surely caused a lot of controversial opinions on the matter. However, today, we are here to tell you exactly how to do it without damaging your shoes. What are the dos and don’ts, you wonder? We are going to reveal EVERYTHING!

How to Wash Converse in The Washing Machine?

Often, when we see our favorite pair of sneakers looking dirty, we simply give up and buy a new pair. Or, people love this new trend where you wear dirty shoes… I mean, how you wear your shoes is entirely up to you, but we like having them clean here. If you happen to have Converse, they are easy to maintain and clean if you know the right method. They are made from a fabric that can be easily washed in the washing machine. However, they are certain ways for you to do that without damaging them at all! Let’s see how by following these steps:

  • First, remove the shoelaces from both of the shoes.
  • Grab a small bowl or a container and put the shoelaces inside. Put a splash of bleach and fill the rest of the bowl with water. Now, wait for at least one hour. The bleach will speed up the process and the soaking method works miracles. Sometimes, when you simply put the shoelaces in the washing machine, without soaking them, you can’t get rid of all the dirt on them.

how to clean shoelaces in a bowl with bleach cleaning converse

  • Now, remove the shoelaces from the bleach solution and put them aside for a while.
  • It is time to prepare your Converse for the washing machine. If there’s any big chunks of dirt on them, we highly recommend scrubbing it off with some water and soap first. You can use an old toothbrush if you want a gentler scrub.

how to clean converse in a washing machine methods

  • If your sneakers are not that dirty and simply need a wash, you can skip the previous step with the scrubbing.
  • You are going to need a washing bang for the shoes. Put them inside with the laces and close it very well. This will prevent for the shoes to go around the washing machine, which can cause damage. For extra protection, you can put some old towels, or old clothes in the machine.

shoes washing bag converse cleaning methods easy simple

  • Close the shoes mag really carefully to prevent the sneakers from getting out in the middle of the washing cycle.
  • Set your washing machine on the shortest cycle. The degrees of the water should not be more than 30 to 40. If you set it on something higher, they might shrink. Also, if there’s glue it might melt from the hot water.  Once it is done, check if the shoes are cleaned well. If needed, set the washing machine on the shortest cycle once more.
  • When it is done, take the Converse out of the bag with the laces and place them somewhere to let them air dry.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Converse in Washing Machine

Here are some basic tips and all the mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to damage your Converse sneakers when washing them in the washing machine:

  • Never wash them in a hot water cycle, because you are risking the sneakers to shrink.
  • Don’t put your sneakers in the drying machine, after you washed them. Let them air dry instead.
  • Always put the shoes in a mesh bag. If you don’t have one at the moment, put them in an old pillow case that you don’t use and tie it.
  • When washing your sneakers, don’t put them alone in the washing machine, because you might damage it. You might also damage your sneakers. Instead, put some old towels.

washing convers sneakers ideas mistakes to avoid

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