How To Clean White Converse? Find 5 Methods that ACTUALLY Work!

by Gabby

You know what people say – “every woman needs to have a little black dress in her closet”. However, what I think is that every woman needs to have at least two pairs of white sneakers! Why, you may ask? This is probably the type of shoes that we wear the most on daily basis, since they go with our casual outfits, dresses, jeans, pants, and sometimes with our office wear. One pair of white sneakers has stood out the most in the last 20 years and that is the classic white Converse. You can see that even some celebrities are wearing them, because they are comfortable and super stylish. The only con is that they can get dirty super easily. That is why the question today is how to clean white Converse? How to make sure that they are always looking fresh?

How to clean white Converse? Check out the methods that ACTUALLY work!

what is the best way to clean white converse 2023 hacks methods ideas

Let’s face it! Nobody wants to see their shoes looking like that! I know that once there was a trend where you had to wear your white shoes, while they are looking super old and dusty. Even some luxury brands came up with designs that were already looking like they were worn for years. But, this trend is long gone now, thankfully! So, we are going to learn how to make our trendy white Converse seem like we just got them from the store!

How to clean white Converse? Method 1!

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You probably know that your toothpaste is not only good for your teeth. It can be used as a cleaning product that will help you fight with the rough stains. It is super easy to clean your white sneakers with it and it has a whitening effect. What you will need is your old toothbrush and a bit of the paste. Start by cleaning the rubber toe tip gently and continue with the sides. Then using a damp cloth remove the toothpaste. If needed, apply more water to the cloth so you can wash it off completely.

Cleaning hack for white Converse: Method 2!

how to clean white sneakers with soap and a brush method ideas

If you want to clean the vamp of the sneakers, I recommend grabbing a soft-bristle brush and a bit of a gentle detergent mixed with water. Don’t put the mixture directly onto the shoes, instead dunk the brush into the solution and start rubbing it on the shoes with circular motions. This helps a lot if you have really dirty white Converse. You can also rub the laces, or take them off completely and dunk them directly into the solution. Let them there for about 10 minutes and rub them with the brush again. After you are done, rinse off the laces and the sneakers completely with water.

Cleaning solution for white Converse: Method 3!

Sometimes, we need something stronger to help us in the fight with the stains. This is where baking soda comes in! As you know, it has a lot of cleaning purposes that can really help you out on daily basis. For this method you are going to need a soft-bristle brush, baking soda and detergent. Now watch the full tutorial, and thank us later for the results!

What is the best way to clean white Converse?

The best way to clean your white Converse is to use the classical method with the washing machine. You have to remove the laces first and grab a mesh wash bag. The bag is essential, since you don’t want the sneakers to go everywhere while you are washing them. This can be damaging for your machine. There is another trick that will prevent anything from happening. If you have any old pillows, towels or clothes, put them inside the washing machine. Now, keep in mind to set it on gentle cycle. I recommend 30 minutes and the water should be cold. If you wash them with hot water, they can fall apart. You can put the laces inside the mesh bag as well, or wash them separately.

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Method 5: Make your white sneakers look brand-new again!

If none of these methods help, which I doubt, you can go to a shoe store and buy sponges, magical erasers or sprays that are specially made for white sneakers. These type of products can help you with the whitening and to make the toe top really shiny.

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