How to Organize Cans in Pantry? 8 Easy & Practical Steps

by Kristiyana

How to organize cans in pantry so you can easily find anything you need at the time and reduce food waste? 

how to organize cans in pantry simple practical solutions

You can’t always be in the mood for cooking a fresh and elaborate meal, and that’s when canned food comes to your rescue! A pantry full of canned tuna fish, cooked beans, tomatoes, and pickles is at the heart of my kitchen, but I myself am a bit of a mess and often neglect to neatly organize my canned goods. However, this task shouldn’t be avoided for long as a disorganized pantry can mean stocking food that is already experienced, leading to food waste and loss of time and money. Let’s learn how to organize cans in pantry with ease to avoid any mishaps!

How to Organize Cans in Pantry? 8 Easy & Practical Steps

how to organize cans in pantry guide

Everyone has canned food at home, even people who least like to cook. My mother is constantly sending me homemade canned goods, and as you know, these containers can take up lots of space if not organized efficiently. Today, at, we are here to offer you practical tips and creative solutions to help you master the art of organizing cans in a pantry!

How to Organize Cans in Pantry

canned food storage ideas
  1. Begin the organization process by first taking inventory. Take stock of your canned goods by grouping similar foods together. Check the expedition date of each item to identify if any can needs to be used as soon as possible. Discard such that have passed their time for safe consumption.
  2. Now you should categorize your cans by type. Create separate piles for vegetables, beans, soups, sauces, fruits, etc.
  3. Note! It’s essential to organize your canned food based on the organizer you have at hand. It largely depends on how much space availability you have and on the amount of your cans. Some people use Lazy Susans, some stackable can organizers. I personally store my cans on shelves in the cabinet under the sink.
  4. Once you’ve categorized your cans, and have an organizer, it is time to arrange them! Do so based on how frequently you use each item. Place everyday staples on eye level and within easy reach, while such more rarely opened can be stacked on higher or lower shelves.
  5. Labelling your cans can come to be quite helpful! As an example, if you have homemade canned food that don’t have any name on them, you can use a label marker, chalkboard label or simple adhesive labels to minimize confusion and help to maintain the order you’ve established.
  6. Make the most of your pantry by utilizing the vertical space and installing adjustable shelves. Taller items like canned tomatoes or bottles can be accommodated on the higher shelves to prevent overcrowding and allowing for a more visually appealing arrangement.
  7. Embrace the FIFO (First in, First out) inventory valuation method! Once you purchase or make new cans or jars of food, store them at the back, pushing older cans to the front, to ensure that nothing goes to waste!
  8. For people who buy their canned food in bulk, you should allocate a specific section of your pantry for these items. This will not only streamline your organization but prevent overcrowding in your main canned goods area. Or, if you lack the space in your pantry, you can always move the bulk of cans to a different part of your home, like to a storage closet or in the laundry room space.
storage solutions for cans

By following these 8 simple steps on how to organize cans in pantry efficiently, you will transform your pantry into a well-oiled machine that not only saves you time and energy, but makes the cooking experience much more enjoyable!

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