Snezhana Besarabova

Snezhana Besarabova is a writer in Deavita.net website, covering mostly gardening, healthy lifestyle, and housekeeping topics. She is also concerned by ecological issues and sustainable way of life.

Author’s experience:

S. Besarabova has worked as an editor, and six years as an executive editor of the international magazine Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science in Agricultural Academy, till 2022. Her recent working experience includes also being a writer in SBB - Journal for women (Actual and Health topics), Ezda (magazine for riders and horses), and Ingener.bg website (concerning engineering solutions). Additionally, she used to contribute as a freelance journalist in Bulgarian-Swiss Biodiversity Programme, like an author in news.bg site (art, science and history topics), and some other websites, as well as magazines. Along with author’s articles, she used to make interviews and essays.
In her free time, S. Besarabova is engaged with a little bit of gardening in her yard, birdwatching, hiking, travelling abroad, or gazing on some sea beach.

Author’s education:

S. Besarabova graduated from the St. Kl. Ohridsky University, Sofia, with Master’s degrees in both specializations, Biotechnology and TV Journalism.

What is her expertise: Gardening, Healthy lifestyle, Ecology

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