September Gardening Tips: Begin Your Care with Perspective for Spring! What to Plant in Fall?

by Snezhana Besarabova

September gardening involves a mixture of wrapping up the current season and preparing for the next. Performing tasks like tidying up, harvesting, dividing and transplanting plants ensures a smooth transition into autumn. What are the valuable September gardening tips you should know? Which plants to grow in fall?

What Chores Do You Do in the Garden in September?

september gardening tips collect your vegetables

What is the difference between September gardening tips, in comparison with the previous months’ care for your green area. As the summer vibrant colors starts to wane, and the fresh cool air of autumn begins to set in, the first autumn month notches up a turning transient period for gardeners. It’s a time to start the process of getting ready for the summer growing season and prepare your garden for the following cooler months. Begin with tidying up the soil, and finish with planning ahead. There are some substantial chores to cope with in your garden this September:

  • Cleaning your garden beds. As summer flowers are already gone, it’s time to deadhead faded blooms and cut away any yellowish or diseased leaves. Clearing out these old plants parts not only increases the aesthetic view of your garden, but do not allow the spread of pests and diseases, which are ready to overwinter otherwise. Don’t forget to pull out any weeds that have grown – they can quickly reproduce, if left to spread free.
  • Separate and transplant perennials. Look for ones, which have outgrown their territories, to transplant them. September is also the perfect time for this. By this action in early autumn, you give enough time for the plants to accommodate their roots before the frost comes. The rest of the task is to water new plants abundantly, and a good practice is to apply a layer of mulch to preserve them from temperature drops.

september garden tips divide and transplant plants

  • Regularly picking ripped vegetables. When you have vegetables in your green area, picking them becomes your first task in fall. It is the best time for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and beans to ripe, and they are in their peak just now. Picking them every day foster the plants to go on producing and do not allow them to overripe. Ensure that you carry the harvested vegetables in the right way to elongate their shelf life.

Gardening Tips for September

september gardening tips water the plants deeply

As the hours of daylight begin to shorter and the weather becomes cooler, your garden’s activities start to change. There are some September gardening tips to make the most of your plants in this period:

  • Deep watering. It’s evident that the power of summer heat reduces, though plants still need water. Keep an eye on rainfalls, and be sure your garden plants have at least one inch (2.5 cm) of water weekly. The rule is to water deeply and in the first hours of the day to lower evaporation.
  • Lawn tips: The first month of the autumn is an ideal time to aerate and overseed your front lawn. Aerating is useful as it allows the water and nutrients to transport to the grassroots. At the same time, overseeding turns back the greenery in bare spots and gets ready your lawn for stable growth in the coming months.
  • Pruning branches: Trim regularly the overgrown branches, which are able to stop the sunlight or reach your home’s exterior. Pruning foster the airflow and lowers the risk of injuries from falling branches because of winter storms.
  • september garden chores prune the branchesSlow-release fertilizing: If you are determined to fertilize your lawn, trees, or shrubs, September is the best time to perform this. A slow-release fertilizer gives essential nutrition, which will support your plants all winter long.
  • Enriching with compost: While you clean your garden, pick the leaves, plant debris, and other organic stuff for your compost pile. This prepared plant fertilizer will benefit your garden for the next spring.

What to Plant in Your Garden in September

gardening tips for september plant carrots

There are some September gardening tips to consider adding to your garden this month:

  1. Autumn vegetables: Suitable vegetables are lettuce, spinach, radishes, and carrots. All they grow well in lower temperatures and are able to bear light frosts.
  2. Spring-flowering bulbs: It is just the time to plant bulbs that will burst into colors early in spring. Tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths can be placed in soil in fall for a stunning flower show after months.
  3. Herbs for winter: Chives, mint, and parsley – fall is a good time for them to be planted. They’ll develop until the first frost, and it’s a good practice for herbs to be taken indoors to continue growing through winter.
  4. Shrubs and trees: It’s important to choose varieties that tolerate your local climate. Planting shrubs and trees in fall allows them to have a good start for spring growth.

september gardening tips plant herbs and take indoors for winter

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