Creative vintage teacup upcycling ideas – give new life to old china

by Kremy

creative vintage teacup upcycling ideas

How to give new life to old china? We found the best and most creative vintage teacup upcycling ideas to inspire you. Do not throw away your grandmother’s cups and saucers! With a bit of imagination and creativity you can use these beautiful items even in modern homes or in the garden.

Did you know that the earliest evidence that people started drinking tea dates back to the 10th century. BC. Since that time, many interesting myths and legends have appeared about the origin of the fragrant drink. Ceramic teapots and cups have become an integral part of tea ceremony and besides the practical function they have a great decorative value.

Transforming vintage teacups into useful objects does not require large financial expenses or physical efforts. Even if you have not inherited old and beautiful cups you can find them at flea markets or yard sales. It is a pity to throw them away even if they have minor cracks, but this should not stop you to create eye-catching handmade masterpieces. It will take a little patience, imagination, some glue and some additional materials.

Creative vintage teacup upcycling ideas – where to start from?

beautiful vintage tea cups and creative craft ideas


Have a look at these creative vintage teacup upcycling ideas and make a list. Choose the ones that you like best, even if you are not very good at DIY projects and crafts. We are certain that you have seen beautiful chandelier and lamps made of tea and coffee cups, but not all of us dare to drill a hole in a porcelain cup which is really difficult. If you are looking for an easier DIY project, you are on the right place. For most of the ideas you will only need glue!

How to make vintage teacup candle

DIY tea cup candles upcycling ideas and home decoration crafts

One of the easiest and most popular vintage teacup upcycling ideas is to make a candle. You can change the color of the candles by simply adding dye to the melted wax. Aromatic additives will give your candle any flavor you want. Until the wax has not set completely, you can decorate your candle, for example, with coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, cloves, dried flowers, etc. With the help of dyes, fragrances and decorations, you can create a candle in any style for any event or interior. Vintage teacup candles can be an elegant party favor for your guests as well!

What you need:



Dye (optional)

Tea cup

Saucer (optional)


Essential oil (optional)


DIY teacup candle new life for old teacups


Cut the wick a little longer than the height of the cup.

Put a skewer across the cup, place the wick to the bottom of the cup, lift one end and tie it to the skewer.

Melt the wax, optionally add color and scent, and pour it into the cup.

Wait until wax is set.

Remove the skewer and trim the wick.

How to make a teacup wreath?

vintage teacups crafts ideas how to make wreath

Are you planning a tea party? What could be a better decoration for your elegant event than a fantastic teacup wreath! It is not necessary to have cups from one set. Take different ones, it will be even more interesting.


Plywood round

1 Plate or saucer


Hot glue gun

Instant glue


Use instant adhesive to glue the plate to the center of the round.

While waiting for the glue to set, position the teacups on their side around the circle. Make sure handles are resting on the plate.

With a hot glue gun, glue the sides of the cups to the plywood base.

Use instant glue to fix the handles to the plate. For extra security, add a few drops of instant glue to the spot where the cup is attached to the wood.

Let all the glue dry completely.

Add hanging hardware or glue a ribbon to the edge of the plywood base. Make a decorative bow and attach and your wreath is ready!

Creative vintage teacup upcycling ideas – how to make teacup pincushion?

vintage teacups craft ideas how to make a teacup pincushion tutorial

An unusual pin cushion can be used to store needles and pins, as well as to decorate the interior. A teacup pincushion can be the perfect handmade Mother’s day gift. It will take you very little time to make one of those and you can be sure that your Mom will love it! You can use an embroidered fabric or a piece of satin fabric with floral print. Polka dots pattern will also look beautiful. Satin roses, satin and organza ribbons, pearls, rhinestones, and other decorations will add extra charm, so you could use any embellishments.

What you need:

a piece of fabric, about 4cm wider in diameter than the saucer

cotton for filling

a tea cup and saucer

a needle and thread


super glue

DIY mothers day gift ideas upcycle vintage teacups


Cut out a circle from the fabric. Make sure it is wider than the diameter of the cup.

Thread the needle and make a stitch around your circle, 1cm from the edge.

Pull the thread carefully to gather the circle together, leaving a small opening to add the cotton.

Put the stuffing in the circle and sew the opening.

Add a layer of superglue around the inside rim of the tea cup.

Place the pin cushion into the tea cup and allow the glue to set.

DIY floating teacup – easy home decoration ideas

floating teacups craft ideas DIY home decorations

A floating cup is an insanely beautiful craft that many fans of original decor will like. As a rule, it consists of two components – a cup and saucer, fastened together by a solid base. A variety of objects can be used as a decoration – flowers, coffee beans, gold coins, butterflies, birds, Christmas or Easter embellishments, etc. A floating teacup can be a wonderful table centerpiece or an adorable gift! We shall give an example how to make a floating cup and decorate it with flowers and if you follow the same principles, you can use any type of decorations.


A teacup and a saucer

A fork, wire or cable.

Artificial flowers, beads, pearls

A hot glue gun or strong instant glue


Bend the fork (wire or cable).

Position it on the saucer and glue one end with hot glue gun.

Then glue the top of the fork to the teacup and let it dry.

Make sure the construction is stable before you start decorating. Here is a useful tip: if you place the cup lower on the fork, the construction will be more stable. In case it is a bit off balance, glue some coins to the base of the saucer and it will prevent your construction from falling over.

With the help of instant glue fix the flowers to the fork. Remember to cover the back and sides as well.

Glue flowers to the saucer and fill the cup with as well.

Adding small pearls, beads, sating ribbons or lace to add a vintage charm to your floating cup!

DIY Teacup bird feeder ideas

How to make a teacup bird feeder tutorial repurpose vintage china

Probably everyone has a cup or saucer with a crack and feels reluctant to throw it away yet they cannot be used any longer. You can find them another application and make a teacup bird feeder. To make a feeder from a saucer and a cup you do not need any skills or DIY experience. You can craft a fantastic garden or balcony decoration, which is also functional, in a matter of minutes! These bird feeders can be hung either on a wire or on hooks or simply on a strong rope.


An old teacup and saucer

Instant glue or hot glue gun

Masking tape


Tea cup bird feeder ideas DIY easy teacup crafts


Wipe and de-grease the saucer and cup.

Place the teacup on the saucer and use masking tape to hold the cup on position. Make sure the handle is straight up.

Use superglue or hot glue gun to fix the cup on the saucer.

Attach a cord, wire, rope or a chain to the ear and hang the bird feeder on a tree branch or on the balcony.

DIY teacup clock in white photo frame

These are just some of the many creative vintage teacup upcycling ideas. In the photo gallery below you will see how to use old teacups for a mini herb garden, for succulent planters, jewelry organizers, you can even make a spectacular clock! Transforming teacups into a magical fairy garden is another great idea. Why not make a cake stand? Teacups can be used for your vintage or Shabby chic wedding decor! Enjoy the photos and get inspired!



how to make cake stand vintage teacup upcycling ideas easy crafts

upcycle teacup ideas DIY fairy garden thanksgiving table decor

how to repurpose and upcycle old teacups DIY wall clock tutorial

DIY teacup garden ideas beautiful herbs and succulent planters

DIY jewelry organizer from teacups

diy fairy garden from old teacup miniature garden ideas

creative herb garden ideas DIY mini garden from old tea cups

mini garden succulent planters ideas creative teacup crafts



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