20+ Creative Wine Cork Crafts for Adults & Children

by Kristiyana

What can I make from wine corks? Where to find wine cork crafts suitable for adults or children?

wine cork crafts for adults wall art

If you are one of those people who almost never throws anything out because they believe a day will come when they can use this saved item for a greater purpose, I salute you! Wine corks, for example, are super easy to come by and collect, as who doesn’t love to open a bottle of wine after a long day at work? The corks are small and can easily be stored and reused later to create something practical and unique. Are you looking for a weekend project to do on a night-in? Find more than 20 easy and creative wine cork crafts suitable for both adults and children!

20+ Easy & Creative Wine Cork Crafts for Adults & Children

wine cork crafts cool unique ideas

Personally, I love to indulge in creative DIY projects where you get to work with recycled materials that you have been collecting for quite some time now. Can you really compare anything to that feeling of creating something new and original with your own hands? And all the better if it’s an eco-friendly craft! Today, at Deavita.net, we’ve gathered for you the best wine cork crafts you can find on Instagram, some best suited for adults, other for children. Scroll down to find your inspiration!

Do You Need to Boil Wine Corks for Crafts?

Contrary to some popular beliefs, boiling wine corks can sometimes result in them becoming mushy. Long soaking can have the same outcomes. You can still sterilize your wine corks by simply rinsing them. If the wine corks are heavily stained, a solution of hot water and hydrogen peroxide overnight might do the trick, but be advised that this can still ruin their previous stable state.

Cute Pumpkin Wine Cork Decoration for Fall

pumpkin craft with recycled wine corks

If you love fall-inspired decorations, or generally enjoy the look of a cute orange pumpkin decoration, you might get a kick out of this easy wine cork craft! I know fall is far away, but it’s my favorite season and I take delight in anything fall-related, whether it’s a spicy pumpkin lattes or rewatching Gilmore girls until my eyes hurt. Today, I want to share this adorable idea with you, provided by thestudio614. 

What you will need:

how to make a fall wine cork craft

  • At least 20 clean wine corks
  • Orange paint & brush
  • Decorative rope
  • Hot glue gun
  • Light & dark green felt
  • Scissors
  • Pencil (optional)

How to make a DIY pumpkin decoration with wine corks:

wine cork decor ideas for fall

Start your craft by gluing the wine corks together with the help of a hot glue gun. A hot glue gun galore is your best option when it comes to cork projects. Compare the pattern of your glued wine corks to that of the picture above to get a pumpkin-resembling shape. Once you have it, paint one or both sides of the corks in orange. Leave the paint to fully dry before proceeding with the craft.

how to make autumn wine cork craft

Once the paint has dried, it’s time to create the pumpkin leaves! To make it easier on yourself, you can outline a leaf shape in the light and dark green felt with the help of a pencil before cutting the leaves out with the scissors.

With the hot glue gun, first attach the light green felt leaf to the top of the wine cork pumpkin, then the dark green one over it. Create a pumpkin stem by gluing one wine cork on top of both felt leaves. Finish the craft by attaching the decorative rope like it’s coming from the felt leaves. Now you have a chic DIY pumpkin wine cork decoration! You don’t even have to wait until fall, but can display it now by your window or on your coffee table or desk. Enjoy!

Wine Cork Crafts for the Kitchen: Hanging Door Garden

wine cork tags for herb garden

Want to create something practical and unique for your kitchen with wine corks? I fell in love with this hanging garden with wine cork tags idea! Often, when you are in a rush and something is boiling hot on the stove, you can accidentally take and use the wrong herb or spice, resulting in a ruined dish.

hanging herb garden with wine cork tags

But with this clever wine cork hack, you won’t have to experience similar troubles ever again! You can easily set up a hanging garden on your kitchen door for quick and easy access to the ingredients you will need to prepare your meals. Write down each of their names on wine corks, insert sticks into them, and place these tags where your herbs or other kitchen ingredients are displayed. Enjoy efficient and successful cooking with this neat idea!

Amazing DIY Mirror Made with Wine Corks


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Love eco-friendly chic decorations? Add to your collection of Boho items, this DIY mirror made with recycled wine corks! Watch the video tutorial provided by sara_ryan_hill for a super easy and quick, stylish craft.

Adorable Minions Keychains Made from Wine Corks

cute wine cork minions keychain craft

Enjoy some family time with your children this weekend by creating adorable minions keychains out of wine corks! You don’t need much to complete this project other than a few paints and a brush, a chain, googly eyes, glue and of course, wine corks. Have fun!

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wine cork tray

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