Recycled decor: 20 DIY ideas how to upcycle empty wine bottles

by Kremy

Are you looking for recycled decor ideas to personalize your interior without breaking the bank? Why not use empty wine bottles to create decorative items with a retro, vintage or bohemian look? Of course, recycling used materials into art objects is not always easy, especially if you are a beginner in this field. However, it is only a matter of time and practice to master the art of recycling. So, instead of throwing away your wine bottles, we invite you to personalize them to give them a new look! Discover our DIY wine bottle decor ideas and transform your empty bottles into artistic creations!

DIY wine bottle decor – discover our favorites!

DIY ceiling lamps upcycle wine bottles

Instead of sending your empty wine bottles to the recycling bin, use them to create a unique and economical recycled decoration. Get inspired by these original ceiling lamps to make a vintage pendant lighting fixture or hurricane lamp!

DIY decoration with empty wine bottles to personalize the interior!

DIY wine bottle hanging lights recycled home decor


What could be better than a simple ordinary light bulb transformed into an original hanging lamp to spice up your recycled decor! For a more artistic look, do not hesitate to make several suspensions with colored glass wine bottles!

Recycle used wine bottles and create awesome light fixtures

how to recycle wine bottles home decor

DIY wine bottle decoration ideas can be very helpful for your garden, patio and balcony to create a cozy atmosphere! Here’s a great idea to copy: use light bulbs of various sizes to make beautiful pendant lights and hang them up to create a vintage chandelier!

How about a lantern like no other?

DIY hanging lantern recycled decor ideas wine bottles

Throw away your old candle holders and hang this wine bottle lantern to light up your garden! Also consider attaching a metal chain to boost the DIY decoration while installing a few personalized bottles with accessories according to your tastes.

DIY wine bottle decoration for the outdoor space!

DIY garden decoration upcycle wine bottles


If you don’t have colored bottles, you can use paint to transform your handmade creations by writing a message on them with a felt pen or chalk. Here is a beautiful hanging lamp to fix outside to create a vintage style decoration.

Make an original watering can from an old bottle of wine!

original watering can from an old bottle of wine

Here is a great idea to water our plants when we go on vacation! Thus, you will transform old wine bottles into water dispensers which will bring even more character to your recycled home decor.

DIY wine bottle decor to create a festive atmosphere

recycled decor empty wine bottles holiday table

Brighten up your table decoration with these wine bottles transformed into candle holders. Do not hesitate to go even further with the transformation of your wine bottles to embellish your recycled decor.

Upcycle wine bottles and turn them into candle holders!

DIY home decor ideas reuse empty wine bottles

Placed on the dining table to liven up the outdoor decoration or scattered all over the living room, these wine bottles transformed into candle holders will surely liven up your home decor!

Recycled decor ideas – DIY wine bottle glass holder!

Recycled decor ideas DIY wine bottle glass holder

For a 100 percent handcrafted decor, you can make a wooden glass holder with a simple bottle of wine and a solid wood shelf. The proof is in the photo above.

Multicolored wine bottles to brighten up the recycled decor!

transform empty wine bottles into home decorations

If you want to add a festive atmosphere to your Halloween, country chic or vintage decor, take wine bottles and repaint them in a sparkling color. Customize them with designs, rhinestones, beads or other accessories according to your preferences.

Festive decoration with wine bottles – DIY colorful vases

recycled decor ideas empty wine bottles decorations autumn halloween

A good selection of personalized wine bottles to create a colorful recycled decor: this is the recipe for creating an interior that is both festive and welcoming. You can even make a few small embossed decorative additions yourself to give character to these multicolored vases.

Unique wine bottles decorated with colored yarn

Festive decoration with wine bottles DIY colorful vases

Do you dream of a recycled decoration full of life? All you have to do is wrap colorful yarn around an empty wine bottle and turn it into a lovely vase. Choose bright colors to create stripes, and then add a fabric flower or a large colored glass bead.

DIY a medieval castle from empty wine bottle

recycled decor ideas original medieval castle door

An alternative to traditional table decoration, a recycled wine bottle decoration can easily dress up your dining table to give it a look that is both aesthetic and fun!

Dining table decoration with recycled empty wine bottles

how to upcycle empty wine bottles DIY ideas

For a chic country-style recycled decor, nothing beats the elegance of a bottle of wine decorated with an exotic, graphic or rustic motif!

Wine bottle transformed into a bedside lamp

Recycled decor empty wine bottle black lamp shade

Chic and elegant, this wine bottle lamp base could also be used as a vase or simple upcycled decorative object. If you put fairy lights inside, you will transform the bottle of wine into a bedside lamp which will create an effect that is both intimate and romantic.

Handcrafted bird feeder personalized with copper plated elements

wine bottle bird feeder recycled decor ideas

If you want to make a bird feeder to feed these cute little creatures, we suggest you turn an old bottle of wine as a refill!

DIY wine bottle bird feeder for your garden

upcycle wine bottles DIY bird feeder ideas

And to enhance your recycled decor, there’s nothing better than choosing a flashy color to transform your creations!




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