What mineral deficiency causes GRAY hair? Find out if there is a way to reverse it!

by Gabby

We women are constantly under daily stress. You know it’s very damaging to our mental and physical health, but with hectic lifestyles it’s sometimes unavoidable. Like it’s inevitable for our hair to start turning gray. Discovering your first white hair is not the most pleasant experience. But faced with the law of Mother Nature, we are not all equal. In other words, we can see his mane turning gray at any age. Yes, even at 20! There can be many causes for this, however today we are going to talk about mineral deficiency. What mineral deficiency causes gray hair? How to treat it? What is the solution to camouflage your hair? We are going to tell you today!

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What causes gray hair?

The loss of melanin, which is a pigment-producing component that creates melanocyte cells, causes your hair to become gray or white. Our natural hair and skin color are made up of these cells, therefor the lighter your hair color, the less melanin you have. White hair has no melanin, whereas gray hair has a little. It’s normal to lose melanin in our hair as we get older. The likelihood that your hair will get gray is thought to rise by up to 20% every ten years after you turn thirty. Due to their health and heredity, some people begin to show signs of graying a little earlier. These are the other causes that are not related to aging:

  • stress
  • genetics
  • autoimmune disease
  • smoking
  • thyroid disorder
  • mineral deficiency

why do we have gray hair mineral deficiency how to prevenet it tips advice 2023


What mineral deficiency causes gray hair?

Copper, zinc, iron, and calcium are a few of the essential minerals that are necessary in order to maintain healthy hair. Selenium and magnesium are also crucial nutrients. All of these elements are the ones that create pigment in your hair. Therefor, if you are deficient, you are more likely to develop gray hair. Iodine is also a crucial component of thyroid hormones, which are involved in the color of the hair. Numerous thyroid conditions might cause hair to gray more quickly.

What nutrients stop gray hair?

Gray hair is an inevitable thing that everyone will face sooner or later. Once gray hairs appear, they are very difficult to go away forever and this should be clear to you. It is almost impossible to reverse the effect if it is an aging or other problem. It is very important to first establish what the nature is and why did the gray hair appeared. And if it is something to do with your health, I advise you to see a specialist first. However, during this time it will be good to include some foods and vitamins that will reduce the risk of premature gray hair. Let’s see what they are!


Include more protein in your diet since it is known that meat and fish are rich in B12, zinc, and iron, which are essential if you want to keep your natural hair color. Vegetarians are often at high risk due to their vegetarian diet. This can also cause early bolding to some male vegetarians. Also remember that eating too many animal products will not be good for your health as well, because too much animal food overstimulates aging pathways. Avoid foods that can shorten your life and try to eat healthy.


Vitamins are one of the most if not the most essential thing when it comes to hair problems. The food in nowadays unfortunately has chemicals and it is not enough to provide minerals and vitamins for our health. Therefor, it is good to take supplements such as B complex vitamin, which is one of the most well-known vitamins for hair. For hair strength and color, B complex vitamins including B12, Biotin, and B6 are crucial. Any of these vitamin deficiencies are known to hasten graying of the hair. Also think of taking some multivitamins that contain vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, iron and copper.

How to reverse gray hair?

You want to know how to reverse gray hair, if the reason behind it is stress? According to some scientist it is actually possible. Many people in the comments of this video can confirm it as well. Watch it and learn all the information you need. Keep in mind that no matter what, gray hair is beautiful and there are many hairstyles that can give it a new life. Do not worry too much if you do not see any results at first. Be consistent and try to lower your everyday stress.

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