Foods that SHORTEN your life: Learn more about what foods to absolutely avoid!

by Gabby

With the holidays and all the delicious food, we forget that we need to lead a healthy lifestyle to feel good. The New Year is coming and we are making new resolutions to exercise, eat well and avoid junk food. But have you thought about what those foods really are and how bad they are for your health? Today we’re going to ask ourselves what are the foods that shorten your life. As scary as it may sound, believe me eating them excessively leads to just that. Let’s waste no more time and find out!

Foods that SHORTEN your life: Make sure to avoid them!

foods that shorten your life how to eat healthy what to avoid lifestyle junk food

I know you are tired of hearing that junk food is bad for you and you shouldn’t eat it. It really is, but you wouldn’t believe how many of the foods you eat every day are almost as harmful and can lead to serious illness. I’m glad that in recent years more and more people are thinking and reading the packaging before they buy something. Sometimes what is written there is really frightening. There are so many harmful chemicals and substances that you don’t even think you are ingesting when you eat your favorite food. Today we will talk about all the foods that can lead to shortened life and serious consequences if you eat them. Prepare yourself and let’s dive right in!

Sweets and sugary drinks

how to stop eating sugar drinks and sweets foods that will harm you and shorten your life


We’ll start with the obvious and what you already know, but we have to mention them. Sweets and sugar-filled drinks can have serious consequences on your health. Eating habits are very important. When we’re hungry many of us look for something to fill them up quickly, like something sweet wrapped in a noisy packet. You eat a Snickers and you feel good, but only for a little while! Think about how many calories are in that bar before you eat it, and not only that. There are countless amounts of sugars that can lead to diabetes, heart problems and whatnot. Sodas are just as full of sugar. Buying juice from the store to stay healthy and avoid soda? Well, next time look at what it says on the label of that juice. How many chemicals are inside and how little real fruit is actually in it. Not to mention that sometimes there isn’t even any!

Fruits that are high in sugar

fruits high in sugar what to eat to be healthy nutrition lifestyle

You think eating a lot of fruit is good for your health? In fact, they contain a lot of sugar and eating too much of them can lead to diabetes. Choose fruits that are low in sugar such as blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and all the berries in general. They are very rich in antioxidants.

Fried food: Foods that shorten your life

fried food can harm you avoid it what not to eat lifestyle healthy choices oily

We all love fried food like French fries, fried wings, crispy chicken nuggets and whatnot. But think realistically about how much oil is used to deep-fry these foods. Even if you cook them at home then you have to pat them dry with a paper towel in the hope that you can remove some oil. Well that doesn’t help as most of it has already soaked into the food. Too much oil can lead to heart disease, hormonal problems and more. If you still want some fried food from time to time, just use an air fryer and don’t use any oil. You will still get that crispiness.

Red meat

red meat why is it bad for my health cholesterol heart problems how to avoid it food choices

Why is red meat bad for you? Red meat consumption excessively may be harmful to your health and it is one of the foods that shorten your life. Burgers and steaks are common foods in many people’s diets and their “healthy” eating. However, studies have indicated that consuming red and processed meat on a regular basis can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and several malignancies, including colon cancer. People with a higher risk of these diseases should really limit their intake of red meat. According to Dr Hu, a cardiologist at Scripps Clinic Carmel Valley, cooking red meat and fish at high temperatures can generate hydrocarbons that are carcinogenic and have been linked to stomach cancer. Keep in mind that you can still eat red meat, just now on daily basis.

Food with refined grains

refind carbs grains bread and pasta why should you avoid them diet advice

When compared to whole grains, the refined grain product can swiftly elevate blood sugar levels. That in turn may result in higher insulin levels, which in turn may eventually induce metabolic dysfunction and an increase in belly obesity, both of which are risk factors for heart disease.

Processed food

processed foods that are harmful for your health avoid them to decrease chance of heart problems

We consume a lot of processed food without even realizing it. This food ranges from canned food to cereal, ready-made sauces, sausages, bacon, salami, ham, cheese, milk, microwaved food, frozen snacks, chips, sweets, cookies and whatnot. Why are they so harmful for your health? They are filled with preservatives which keep the food from spoiling, artificial flavors, food coloring and sodium nitrite which can cause cancer. These are all terrible chemicals that you unconsciously put in your body.

Other drinks and foods that SHORTEN your life

best diet advice how to eat healthy what foods to avoid harmful belly fat

I should also mention that there are many more foods that can be really harmful for your health. For example, if you consume a lot of dairy products are a source of saturated fat, which can lead to serious heart diseases and Alzheimer. Instead, try to go for something like oat milk, almond milk and avoid eating a lot of cheese. I am not going to explain what alcohol and energy drinks can do to you. I am pretty sure you know to absolutely avoid them! Check out why the American diet is not healthy and learn more about healthy eating.

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