Gemini hair 2023: The latest trend in hairstyles and 15 takes to convince you to try it

by Kristiyana

Ever heard of the Gemini hair colour trend? Why it’s only the hottest new hair trend of 2023! The web has been raging over this hairstyle, as users scroll down TikTok to find many unique and bold takes on this flashy hair trend. Would you like to be a part of it yourself? Keep on reading to find out more about the Gemini hair colour and discover 15 stunning takes on the latest 2023 hairstyle!

What is the Gemini hair color?

hair trends 2023_orange and red split dye

The Gemini hair colour is a two-tone hair colouring technique. This means that the hair is dyed in two different colours that are separated by a line in the middle of the head. You can also be a part of the trend by just combining two different colours in a balayage, or ombre, but the split-dye is the most popular right now. The name comes from the astrological sign Gemini, which represents twins, hence two colours for your hair. This hairstyle is a great way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. The two-tone look allows you to experiment with different colours and combine them in a unique way. Let’s give you some outstanding takes on the hairstyle to get you inspired!

Gemini blue and pink hair colour

blue and pink split dye_blue and pink hair


Singer Kesha’s Gemini blue and pink hairstyle dates back to 2013, but due to the rising popularity of the hair trend in 2023, this particular choice of the two-toned hair colour has been getting a lot of attention. Easily achieved by blondes, but for brunettes the blue and pink split-dye will require more heavy bleaching.

Red and copper balayage hairstyle

copper hair_hair trends 2023

If you are not one for trying the split dye, why not opt for a stylish two-toned balayage? Rusty hair colour shades are currently in, and this fabulous red and copper balayage is one to prove it! And plus, these tones are more close to the natural hair ones, so if you want to be part of the Gemini hair trend, but not go over-the top, go with the more subtle balayage look.

Gemini blonde and pink hair colour

nicki minaj hair_blonde and pink hair

What are your thought on Nicki Minaj’s fab Barbie blonde and pink Gemini hair? I mean, if she can pull it off with her thick hair texture, so can you! You just have to really want it. This hairstyle would be perfect for the summer, woudn’t you say?

Salt and pepper split dye hairstyle

salt and pepper hair_gray an black hair

Speaking of perfect hairstyles, why not combine two major hair trends in one? You heard me! The salt and pepper hair trend has been huge over the last few years, and there are no signs that it is going away anytime soon. Hence, why not opt for a salt and pepper split dye this year, and be the talk of the party?!

Gemini brown to pink balayage hair

brown to pink balayage_gemini hair

Due to the rising interest in the Gemini hair colour trend, the brown to pink balayage has been getting a lot of attention. Maybe because a lot of women have natural brunette hair and want to have a little experiment with it. Opting for a strawberry balayage like this one would look outstanding on any brunette. Worth the try!

Skunk stripe two-toned hair colour

skunk stripe_face-framing highlights

Similar to money piece highlights, the skunk stripe is part of the Gemini hair trend, as many girls can be seen sporting the two-toned look throughout the web. And the stripe doesn’t need to be just blonde, but you can opt for any colour you like, the Gemini way!

Gemini pink and lavender hair colour

gemini hair_two-toned hair

Another super popular choice among those who go for the Gemini look. The pink and lavender split dye is so in, and it will make you look like a mesmerizing siren or enchanted fairy. Just be careful who you enchant with this bold look!

Two-toned dark blue and green hairstyle

green and blue hair_two-toned hairstyles

I just love it when there is a touch of green in a hairstyle, or in this case, a lot of it! Green goes super well on dark hair. You can try dyeing one part of your hair green, and the other can be dark blue, or you can even opt for just your regular shade of black, or leave your natural dark brunette hair. Either way, this Gemini hairstyle will certainly make you stand out in a crowd!

Gemini lavender and blonde hair colour

split dye hair_lavender and blonde hair

What about trying the super trendy Gemini lavender and blonde split dye? The combination of these two lovely colours has also sparked a lot of interest among the fans of the Gemini hair trend 2023. It’s a very feminine hairstyle, and if you decide to wear it short, your hair will appear more voluminous.

Peekaboo black and pink hairstyle

peekaboo hair_hair trends 2023

Ever heard of peekaboo hair? This is a super original hairstyle, that consists of applying colour to the bottom layer of your hair. When you run your fingers through the hair, the dyed layer will “peak”, hence the name. So if you are looking for a different approach to the Gemini hair trend, opt for the peekaboo hairdo!

Gemini silvery and hot pink hair colour

hair color trends 2023_split dye hair

Isn’t this take on the Gemini hairstyle trend breathtaking? The choice of makeup perfectly complements the silvery and hot pink split dye. Plus, this year will be all about the colour pink, so why not get ahead of the game by adding some of its tones to your hair?

Blue and black braids hairstyle

gemini hair_blue and black braids

Gemini blue and black braids are also trending a lot right now. Perfect for girls with thick hair texture.

Multi tone peach pink hair colour

peach pink hair_trendy hairstyles

A super cute and feminine take on the hair trend! Opt for peach pink hair tones and complement it with the same makeup colours for a bold look.

Silvery blue and magenta split dye

silvery blue and magenta-min

Another great option for girls with darker hair. Get the Gemini silvery blue and magenta split dye this year and show off your long locks!

If you’re thinking about giving the Gemini hair trend a try, the best way to get started is to find a stylist who is experienced in the look. They will be able to help you choose the perfect colour combination and provide advice on how to maintain it. Overall, the Gemini hair trend is a great way to add some pizzazz to your appearance without too much fuss. So go ahead, give it a try and rock the look!

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