Wednesday Addams hair: How to do the hairstyle of the trendiest girl at the moment?

by Gabby

I am pretty sure you’ve already heard about the new Netflix series dedicated to Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family. If you’ve even watched it already, you can’t help but be inspired as it’s currently doing so with millions of people around the world. As you already know on TikTok her iconic dance has become a huge hit among teenagers and adults. The series created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are the least to say brilliant. The way they have shown this character is on a whole different level. Her style, her sense of humor and even the hair are currently what everyone is trying to adapt. Today we are going to talk about Wednesday Addams hair. How to achieve her hairstyles? Let’s find out!

Wednesday Addams hair: Why is it such a huge trend?

wednesday addams hair hairstyle how to achieve these bangs

When we were little we all watched The Addams Family and let’s be honest Morticia was the one everyone noticed. However, the creators of the Wednesday series have managed to capture the charm in her character and portray it so well that they have achieved incredible success. I myself who was never that much of an Adams fan, watched the series on Netflix in one breath. Wednesday is now the star of the show and is remarkable for her dark humor, sarcasm and emotionless face. However, that’s far from the only thing we gush about. Her sense of style, even dressed only in black gray and white, has become one of the reasons everyone is running to the shops looking for similar clothes. But her hair is what stood out the most! How to achieve the iconic Wednesday Addams hair? Let’s find out now!

Wednesday Addams hair: Everyday hairstyle

wednesday addams movie Netflix hairstyle hair clothes gothic


There’s nothing complicated about two braids and bangs right? But Gina Ortega who plays Wednesday in the show makes them look like the coolest thing in the world. If you already have bangs like this, you just need to divide your hair into two equal parts and make two braids. Such bangs will be very trendy especially after everyone has watched the show, and 2023 is shaping up to be the year of bangs. However, is it possible to adapt the same hairstyle if you don’t wanna risk cutting your hair and doing bangs?

Fake bangs

If you’re not going to get bangs, then there’s an easy way to fake your hair without having to cut it. To reassure us all, you can easily achieve the desired effect of Wednesday’s hairstyle with this hack you’ll watch in the video. For example, if you’ve always wanted to diversify a bit and get bangs before you book an appointment, try doing it like in the video to see for yourself. Not all face shapes go for this type of bangs, to be completely honest. This shouldn’t make you despair and make you give up on being reincarnated as Wednesday Addams, at least for a day.

Fake bangs extensions 

fake bangs extenstions for hair Wednesday Addams hairstyles how to do it

Fake bangs extensions are still a thing if you are wondering! There is no doubt that from time to time we want to experiment with our appearance and especially with our hair. If you don’t feel so daring as to cut it, try bang extensions to see how it stands up. As you saw in the previous video, you can make bangs out of your own hair by tying it in a certain way. However, if your hair length doesn’t allow it, then try these extensions which were a super hit a while back. They attach using bobby pins and it’s nothing painful or difficult. If you see extensions like this anywhere that come with glue, I advise you to avoid them if this is your first time. With them, your look as a Wednesday is guaranteed!

The hairstyle from the dance scene

wednesday addams dance scene rave'n school hairstyle makeup outfit

If I had to say what my favorite scene from the show is and pick just one, it would be the one with the trendiest dance. This dance has filled social media and young and old are dancing it. Gina Ortega mentioned that she made it up on the spot which makes her an even more great actress. Now, how do you do your hair? It is very simple. All you need to do is separate your hair in two parts. You should then do two braids just like previously for Wednesday everyday hairstyle. Now what you need to do is put them up on your head creating something like a headband. Check out some gothic fashion inspiration to match it with your hairstyle!

You can watch the video for more detailed explanation. If you don’t have bangs, this is will show you how to make ones using your hair without cutting it.


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