What hair color for women over 60? – Here you will find the most beautiful hair colors that make you younger!

by Kremy

No matter how old we are – every woman wants to look good and style knows no age. But while we felt like we tried every hair color and haircut in our 30s, we now know which styles suit us and which don’t look so flattering. At some point we are no longer concerned with trends, but rather that the look suits our style and expresses our personality. Many of us turn to anti-aging skin care products and makeup to look a few years younger. Just as certain hairstyles suit us better after a certain age, there are also some hair colors that make us look younger. Have you been feeling the urge for a visual change lately, but you don’t know which hair color for women over 60 you should choose? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done some research for you and have found the most beautiful shades that are trendy and instantly give you a fresher look. Read on and call the hair salon quickly!

How to find the perfect hair color for women over 60?

Blonde hair with dark highlights what hair colors for older women

First, let’s get one thing straight – everyone, regardless of age, can and should wear their hair however they want. What hair color for women over 60? Well, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. At a certain age we are simply too tired to follow every trend and experiment wildly with our looks. As time goes by, we learn to value convenience and easy care more and more, and the rest just depends on our own style. You already know some of the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older. However, there are also many great hair colors and hairstyles that make you younger.

Brown hair trend 2022 which hair color for women over 60


Warm blonde tones, fine highlights or light brown look very advantageous on older women and make our facial features look finer. Red tones with a fine copper tint are also very trendy this year and give a youthful and modern look. However, you should avoid hair colors that are too dark, because this emphasizes the fine lines and as a result we look even older than we actually are. However, use the following article as a guide only – the most important thing is to find the tone that brings out your best assets and brings out the best in your look.

Warm blonde is the perfect hair color for women over 60

Blonde hair for women over 60 which hair colours make you younger

Timeless, chic and super elegant – for us personally, warm blonde is the most flattering hair color for women over 60 that makes us look younger in an instant. The shade is a timeless classic and looks much more natural than cool, ashy blonde tones. However, not all blondes are the same and with the huge selection of options, choosing the right shade can be a real challenge.

Blonde hair for women over 60 hair colors that make you look younger images

A slightly yellowish golden blonde that shimmers beautifully in the sun and looks wonderfully elegant is particularly popular at the moment. Honey blonde is also a real all-time favorite among blondes and suits absolutely all women perfectly. The hair color is characterized by a more orange-red undertone and is slightly darker than golden blonde. Especially in the balayage look, honey blonde is an excellent hair color for women over 60. To ensure that the hair color flatters your skin type and emphasizes facial features, it is best to get detailed advice from a hairdresser you trust.

Bronde hair color is trendy

bronde hair color for women over 60

Can’t decide between blonde and brown? For you, too, we have the perfect hair color for women over 60. Neither too light, nor too dark, but somewhere in between – bronde hair color is totally hip this fall and gives us the best of both worlds. In addition, the soft shade is used to cleverly conceal some gray highlights and give our mane a refreshing upgrade.

blonde hair with highlights which hair color women over 60

Whether you’re blonde or brunette, bronde always works and the color transition is so subtle it’s hard to tell the difference. Depending on the skin type, the hair color can go both on the lighter and on the darker side. But whatever look you choose, the end result is always stunning and the hair color will make you look 10 years younger.

Strawberry blond for a youthful look

What hair color for women over 60 strawberry blond

Just because we’ve reached a certain age doesn’t mean that we have to settle for a boring and old-fashioned look. Chic, bold and a real eye-catcher – Strawberry Blonde is the ultimate hair color for women over 60 who like to experiment with their hairstyles. The warm, reddish undertone gives our complexion an indescribable shine and literally makes your hair shine. But to keep your hair color looking beautifully fresh, you should definitely pay attention to the right hair care. So that the radiance is not lost, it is best to use hair conditioners with color pigments or treat yourself to a visit to the hairdressing salon every 2-3 weeks for a subtle  touch-up.

Hair color for women over 60: Caramel highlights are en vogue

caramel highlights Trendy hairstyle fall

What hair color for women over 60, if you do not want to dye your mane completely? In this case, caramel highlights are a great option to subtly refresh the hair. The warm hue softens facial features, making them perfect for cheating away a few years. The light brown highlights feel wonderfully light and also smooth out small wrinkles and lines.

Hair color for women over 60 caramel highlights trend color fall

Caramel highlights actually look like they have been kissed by the sun and give our face a great shine. What’s not to love about it? To enhance the anti-aging effect, it is best to use the balayage technique. As you know, with the coloring technique, the nuances are naturally brushed into the hair, which immediately provides a younger and fresh appearance.

Gray hair for elder women

is grey hair trendy 2022 which hair color for women over 60

Gray as a hair color that makes us look younger? Yes, you read it right! If you don’t feel like constant visits to the hairdressing salon, we have a suggestion for you. How about embracing your natural beauty and letting your gray hair grow out? Numerous stars, such as Jane Fonda, have already done it and still look stunning. Such a change would be too drastic for you? Then go slow and complement your current hairstyle with a few soft gray highlights.

Brown hair for elder women

Haircuts to look younger what hair color for women over 60

Are you a brunette and don’t want to say goodbye to your brown hair? Fortunately, you don’t have to, because brown is actually one of the most coveted hair color trends for fall. And here’s a shade that looks as stunning as it sounds – Chocolate Brown. The darker shades of brown with a warm undertone look super natural and make your skin glow. You can further enhance the rejuvenating effect by adding blonde highlights to your brown hair. The look definitely catches the eye and is perfect for cheating away a few years.

Bronde Hair color Trend Fall 2022 which hair color for women over 60 makes you younger

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