What Hair Colors Make You Younger: These shades will let you turn back time!

by Kremy

When it comes to aging gracefully, we women should never be too proud to get a little help. Just as it is important to apply sunscreen and night serum every day, it is also necessary to find the right hair style and color. If we choose the wrong shade, even the most beautiful hairstyle can no longer help us. Find out which hair colors make you look younger in this article.

Hair colors that make you younger

Hair colors that make you look younger which are they

You’ll look years younger if you choose the most flattering hair color. First of all, it’s time to leave the monotonous color at the door of the salon and add warm highlights. Because, despite your hair color – blonde, brown, red, or gray – if you lack dimension, you’ll look older.

The goal is to give your face a youthful glow while bringing the same warmth and softness to your tresses. That’s why cool tones are generally not the ticket to eternal youth. Caramel, honey, gold, strawberry and copper hair color impart a healthy brightness that makes us look and feel younger. (Framing your face with lighter tones also distracts attention from skin issues). If you want to take a dip in the fountain of youth, choose one of these hair colors that will make you look years younger in no time.

Caramel for brunettes

Caramel colored highlights add warmth and softness


For brunettes, caramel highlights are the easiest and most delicious way to add warmth and softness to facial features. Not only it is an update that isn’t too extreme, but it can be made even more low-maintenance by just focusing on the tips of the hair and the face. Caramel is guaranteed to make any brunette look fresh and vibrant, any time of the year.

What hair colors make you younger – bronde is suitable for all ages

What Hair Colors Make You Younger Bronde is suitable for any age

With its darker base and warm blonde highlights, bronde is suitable for all ages as it perfectly marks the line between blonde and brunette. You get the youthful radiance of golden blonde without straying too far from your natural base. Face-framing highlights are the key to this fresh shade.

Strawberry blonde gives every woman a youthful glow

Strawberry blonde gives every woman a youthful look

This light blonde with a wonderful hint of strawberry is a vibrant option for blondes and redheads, especially those with cool skin tones who naturally have a light, tangerine undertone. This shade gives every woman a youthful glow and is easy to maintain. A gloss every six weeks keeps the reddish tones alive and fresh.

Golden chocolate is the ticket to eternal youth

Golden chocolate hair color is the ticket to youth

What Hair Colors Make You Younger – We’re pretty sure that layering a chocolate brown base with golden balayage could be your ticket to eternal youth. This creates a shade that catches the sunlight like a blonde without straying from your brunette roots. (That’s the kind of fresh, youthful glow we’re after). Also, framing the face with lighter golden pieces diverts focus from hollow areas, primarily the cheeks.

What hair colors make you younger – champagne blond

What hair colors make you younger champagne blonde

This isn’t your ordinary platinum blonde. This warmer, yellow-based blonde brings out the golden tones of your natural hair color for an overall lighter complexion. The buttery soft color also brings a youthful softness to your face that perfectly counteracts the way we lose fullness and fat in our features with age.

Dark Hair Colors That Make You Younger – Soft Black

Dark Hair Colors Make You Younger Soft Black

For those who tend towards jet black hues – or have a naturally jet black base color – it gets difficult over time as it tends to look a little harsh with age. Instead, tone down the hue to a muted black to create a healthier, shinier hair. Sitting right on the edge of the brown-black spectrum, this hair color is far more flattering than jet black.

Honey blonde brings great dimension

What Hair Colors Make you Younger Honey blonde brings a great dimension

As we age, our skin and hair may lose some of their natural shine, so what better way to regain it than with honey-toned balayage highlights? Adding this epic warmth to blonde hair gives your complexion youthful radiance, enhanced shine and incredible dimension.

Auburn makes your skin look younger

Auburn makes your skin look younger

A rich auburn suits brunettes and redheads alike and makes your skin look younger and more radiant as the warm hue reflects the light off your face. The best thing about deep auburn is that it still has a fiery vibe whether you choose it subtle or extra bright.

What hair colors make you younger – Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell hair color does not look overdone

When in doubt, opt for a multidimensional brown that creates rich bands of color with balayage. Tortoiseshell uses chocolate brown, caramel, and warm gold tones to create a dynamic color palette—but if you keep the look subtle and soft, it doesn’t look overdone at any age. Balayage highlights over a medium brown base create the perfect sun-kissed effect.


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