Trendy hairstyles 2022 for women over 50: Cool haircuts for thin hair that make you look younger

by Kremy

Too old for a cool haircut? Never! Even at 50 you can look young, fresh and cheeky. The next trendy hairstyles 2022 for women over 50 are clear proof that you can also be top styled. Short, medium or long, with layers, fringed or rather straight – we show the trend hairstyles for thin hair, which also make you look younger.

Medium-length hairstyles over 50 for fine hair: the shag haircut

Haircuts for women over 50 thin hair shag cut hairstyle

The shag haircut is the coolest hairstyle for women with medium-length hair. The haircut is casual and chic at the same time. The modern variation reinterprets the classic from the 70s. Similar to back then, the hair is layered. The tips and the uneven layers give the charming look of the trendy hairstyle 2022.

Shag haircut as anti aging hairstyle for medium length hair


The shag haircut can be adapted to the shape of the face and can conceal problem areas with wrinkles. Women with a round face should wear their mane of medium length. Women with a heart-shaped face can wear the shag cut with curtain bangs. Ladies with an oval face should opt for bangs. It creates volume in the hairline and gives the hair an undone look.

Medium length hairstyles for women over 50 shag cut with bangs and waves

The playful combination of a shag haircut with subtle waves and a long fringe is particularly popular. It also looks very nice when the hair is a little more layered. This makes the hairstyle look light and airy.

Short hairstyles for women with glasses: Asymmetrical pixie haircut

asymmetrical pixie cut Cool hairstyles for women over 50

Another hairstyle that is super versatile is the pixie cut. This year, the short haircut is worn asymmetrically. It lets facial features stand out and can subtly conceal problem areas. The hair length differs in accordance with the individual needs. The following applies: ladies with fine hair should opt for a short pixie.

Super short pixie cut for women with a round face

Hairstyles for round faces women over 50 ideas

Women with a round face in particular often have problems finding the right cut for their face shape. The pixie with an asymmetrical fringe is a great choice. Side bangs gently frame the face and visually lengthen it. Depending on the thickness of the hair, the number of levels can vary.

hairstyles for women over 50 short haircuts that make you younger

A super short pixie creates volume, is super easy to style and still looks stylish even when grown out. It is therefore the perfect hairstyle for anyone who wants a feminine and upbeat look at the same time.

Trendy hairstyles 2022: The short blunt cut is a cool chin-length haircut

chin length bob for thin hair with waves and layers for women over 50

Chin-length hairstyles that combine two trendy haircuts are all the rage right now. In 2022 we wear a short blunt cut (combined bob with a shaggy cut). Blunt cut hairstyles are actually more for women with long hair. The step cut can be easily adjusted to the hair length. In contrast to other trendy hairstyles, the hair is not layered, but is cut in a straight line. If you make several waves in your hair, you can give the cut a romantic “70s” look.

Hairstyles 2022 for women with short hair: Layered bob with oblique bangs

Trendy hairstyles for women over 50 layered bob makes you younger

Layered cuts with bangs are very trendy at the moment. This also includes the next hairstyle. The hair is shortened at the front and merges into a side fringe. Subtle layers add volume to the sides. The back section of hair is slightly longer, adding more structure to the cut. The hairstyle looks young, fresh and cheeky.

The Stacked Bob with Side Bangs: Sassy Hairstyles 2022

bob haircut for thin hair hairstyles for women over 50

The stacked bob combines the stylish bob haircut with a layered cut. This successful combination creates more volume and the hairstyle still looks super “sleek” and glamorous.

The Choppy Bob: The perfect chin-length hairstyle for round faces

Pixie Bob hairstyle for women over 50 before and after

What the classic pixie cut can do, the long pixie can even do better: to emphasize facial features and create more volume in the hair. The haircut offers versatile styling options.

Hairstyles for women over 50 with bangs for oval faces

If you have thin hair, it is advisable to thin out the ends a little. The layers soften the curves of the face and conceal the cheekbones. The full back of the head and the strands that are longer at the sides also lengthen the face.

Trendy Haircuts 2022 Wedge Cut with side parting

This is the perfect chin length hairstyle for anyone looking to let their hair grow out. The upbeat cut is super easy to care for and you can bring the hairstyle into the desired shape in just a few simple steps in the morning.

Hairstyles 2022 for women over 50: The medium-length feathered haircut is back!

Hairstyles medium length layers for older ladies

The feathered haircut we know from the 70’s and 80’s is making a real comeback. This upbeat hairstyle looks young, fresh and brings out the best in the face. At the front, the hair is styled with curtain bangs that transition into longer layers. At the back, the hair is layered from around the shoulders. The hairstyle is super stylish and romantic-playful at the same time. The cut is especially good for women with gray hair.

Hairstyles for women with straight hair that make you look younger: Sleek Wolf Cut

Shag cut for ladies over 50 with fine hair medium length

The wolf cut is a haircut that features a heavily layered front section of hair. For women with thin, straight hair, however, the cut is a little more sophisticated: the top hair looks voluminous, but the layers are hardly visible and merge into one another.

Hairstyles 2022 that make you younger: what should you pay attention to when cutting your hair?

Trendy hairstyles for women over 50 haircuts to make you look younger

The trendy haircuts for 2022 are new interpretations of the classic short hairstyles and layered cuts from the 70s that are making a comeback. However, in order for the cut to really make you younger, it should be adapted to the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. You should not overdo it, especially with layers, because otherwise there is a risk that the hair will look too thin and lifeless. The right hair color is also important as it can complement the complexion.



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