Fat burning breakfast? Here are the healthiest slimming foods to include in your morning menu!

by Kremy

Did you know that boosting your metabolism can help you lose weight by burning body fat? However, most “fat burner” supplements on the market are either dangerous, not very effective, or both. Their rather high price is not to be neglected either. Fortunately, several natural foods and drinks have proved their ability to boost metabolism and fight weight gain. And what could be more beautiful than starting the day with a clear conscience and full of self-confidence? So welcome to the gourmet universe of the fat burning breakfast recipes that you can include in your weekly menu!

The omelette as a fat burning breakfast

omelette fat burning breakfast healthy slimming foods weight loss menu

Everyone knows that eggs are delicious, versatile, and packed with healthy protein. In addition, they are among the top satiating natural products that are able to ward off the feeling of hunger. Their consumption not only prolongs satiety and stimulates fat loss, but it also benefits heart health. Well, friends, what more could you want?

weight loss menu scrambled eggs breakfast burn fat food


Although egg yolks should be avoided due to their high LDL cholesterol content , studies published on the United States National Library of Medicine website have shown that whole eggs help improve heart health in overweight people and obese people who are generally at risk. So the next time you’re wondering what fat burning breakfast to prepare this morning, immediately think about eggs.

toast egg avocado breakfast burn fat food slimming weight loss

Scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, fried, boiled, shakshuka style, cloud eggs, frittata or tortilla, there are dozens of ways to prepare eggs! And whichever you choose, the end result is always super-delicious! For best results, combine them with other foods that stimulate weight loss. A few that you could easily include in your morning omelettes include olive oil, leafy greens, avocados, and chili peppers. Mmm, a fat burning and gourmet breakfast!

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Whey Protein Pancakes

whey protein pancakes recipe fat burning breakfast healthy foods

The whey protein is quite impressive! Its consumption has proved beneficial to the growth of muscle mass when combined with physical activity. What’s more, according to scientists, whey protein appears to be even more effective at suppressing appetite, increasing feelings of fullness and boosting metabolism than other protein sources.

fat burning breakfast healthy slimming food pancakes whey protein


It helps preserve muscle during the weight loss process, which means you can use it to prepare a fat burning breakfast. For example, to make whey protein pancakes, whisk together 2 eggs (or one egg and two egg whites), 1 tablespoon (30-35 g) of protein powder, a small ripe banana (overripe banana is even better), a tablespoon of nut butter, a pinch of cinnamon and a drop of vanilla or almond extract (if desired).

fat burning breakfast healthy slimming foods whey protein pancakes

You can also use a blender to make your job easier and speed up the process. Then, dilute with water to obtain the consistency of pancake batter, stir very well and fry in a dry pan preheated in advance over medium heat. Finally, all you have to do is garnish your pancakes with a few red berries or a little sugar-free maple syrup and you have a finger-licking fat burning breakfast!

Bulgarian Yogurt Fat Burning Breakfast

fat burning breakfast healthy slimming food bulgarian yogurt fruits

The benefits of Bulgarian yogurt are many, for example, it is very nutritious and light at the same time. It is an excellent source of protein, potassium and calcium which, in addition, contains extremely beneficial probiotics for your intestinal flora. Natural Bulgarian yogurt can even reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, like constipation and bloating! Rich in conjugated linoleic acid, it reduces appetite and facilitates weight loss, including abdominal fat.

fat burning breakfast consuming healthy slimming food bulgarian yogurt

Pair a cup of full-fat plain yogurt with a handful of small red berries of your choice or strawberries cut into small pieces and you have not only a fat burning breakfast, but also a low-glycemic slimming dessert that you can eat 2 or 3 days of the week without remorse. If you want to slightly increase your intake of carbohydrates, but also dietary fiber, add a spoonful of rolled oats.

What to drink in the morning to lose weight?

healthy slimming foods and drinks

Both coffee and green tea are good for weight loss and you can easily include them in your daily morning routine. The same goes for oolong tea which is one of the top 5 teas for weight loss. So add one of these aromatic hot drinks to your fat burning breakfast and expect instant results!




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