Amelie Lafon
Amelie Lafon

Amelie is a person in love with nature and pays close attention to the sustainable way of living. As a child, she spent the summers at her grandparents’, who taught her how to take care of the garden and how to cook. That became a way of living for her. She graduated Biomanagement and sustainable development and spends her free time cooking. In addition, she loves travelling, especially around Europe, exploring new cultures, cuisine and finding little tricks from the daily life of the locals.


Amelie is a part of the team of Deavita.fr since 2020 and recently joined Deavita.net as well. She’s responsible not only for writing articles, but also for the education of the newbies in the teams. Closely working with data analysis and research, Amelie is always up-to-date with the new trends and readers’ needs in terms of gardening, fashion, way of life, health and even design. As a creative person, she also loves searching for different DIY solutions to daily problems. Let’s not forget that Amelie is a proud Virgo, that can organize not only your home, but all your ideas in the most practical way.

Before that, she has a significant experience in Tourism industry, working for large 5* resorts as a marketing specialist. Working for TripAdvisor is also a proud part of her CV.
During her University years, Amelie was working as a volunteer in ESN which expanded her horizons in various ways.
Participating in EXPO Milano 2015 was also an incredible experience that acquainted her with the new technologies and innovations concerning the future of people and their role in the world. Some of them are still developing but she’s happy to share them with you in her articles.


As a bachelor in Biomanagement and sustainable development, Amelie is aware of the environmental problems that we face every day. She’s been studying zoology, soil science, botanics, hydrobiology, biotechnology and many more. So be sure she’ll answer all your questions regarding composting and gardening.
Her master is in Tourism management and she has a deep knowledge in economics and marketing.
In addition, Amelie graduated from Software university as a specialist in Social Media Marketing.
Currently, she is studying for a PhD in the department of Applied Hydrobiology. Her field of study is “Circular economy solutions for the management of tourist resorts, with a focus on decarbonization and sustainability.”

Email : [email protected]

Twitter : https://twitter.com/AmelieLafon