Rock garden – How to arrange, design ideas and helpful tips

by Kremy

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The design of a rock garden and the arrangement of the stones are so subjective and individual, that it is difficult to give a piece of advice but here is one good tip we can give you:

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Before you make a decision about your rock garden, you should see many inspiring ideas, in order to compare properly.

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When designing a garden featuring rocks you need, of course, attractive rocks which are the main element of the landscape. An impressive effect is achieved when they are placed around plants.

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It is advisable to use local plants which are much better used to the climate conditions. There is a wide range of special rock garden plants.

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In principle, they say, it is better not to use too many different plants. Selecting a larger group of the same plant is really better.

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Of course, the size of the garden is important. In addition, all plants should match in color, even if that limits your selection a little.

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Let the garden look natural. Low and medium-high shrubs add color and life in every design. Perennials spread over the years and grow in all directions.

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Rare plant species can also be found, and they usually look striking and beautiful. These rarities often have the disadvantage that they require more care.

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To create a garden with rocks, you need a slope or a hilly terrain, but if that is not the case, you could arrange your stone garden on a flat terrain using some simple techniques.

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Use garden rocks, which are in harmony with the paved or gravel paths in your garden. Groups of stone or large rocks are so attractive and immediately become an eye catcher in the garden.

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Remember that the plants that grow among the rocks need soil, mixed with fine gravel or sand, and a bit of clay in the garden soil which will hold water.

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Landscape ideas small rock white gravel tree grass

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