20 ceiling designs – gorgeous decorative ceilings for the living room

by Kremy

amazing ceiling design ideas home decor sectional sofa

Sometimes, the decoration of the ceiling is the last decision we make when we arrange the design of our new home. Why this should be so?

impressive ceiling designs contemporary ceiling ideas modern home decor


Modern methods and ways of construction enable us to create amazing ceiling designs in all shapes and colors. After all, the ceiling is a part of our living space and its visual appearance is as important as the wall decoration.

spectacular ceiling design family room decorating ideas

We have collected 20 unique ceiling designs which will make your living room a real work of art!

Ceiling designs – individuality and aesthetic value

ceiling designs ideas coffered ceilings living room design ideas

Are you looking for the perfect design of your living room ceiling? You want to give more individuality to the room? Do you have a high ceiling or problems with the acoustic comfort? Have you checked the coffered ceiling design?

wooden ceiling panels spectacular ceiling design ideas


An effective design and ceiling crown molding ideas serve as a long-term investment in our well-being. Ceiling systems are among the most important elements of contemporary interior design.

spectacular ceiling design living room decor ideas beige brown colors

Aesthetic and practical ceiling designs can also be a special challenge for the designer. Whether round, square, wavy, zigzag, shiny or matte – the diversity of ideas opens up new design possibilities.

modern living room design decorative ceiling false ceiling ideas

A modern living room ceiling should meet the high demands on function and design.The designs allow an individual room design that achieves amazing light effects.

living room interior ceiling designs ideas decorative ceiling designs

Ceiling systems guarantee a lasting quality and a classy look. Modern living room designs are made from non-toxic materials – plaster, plasterboard, minerals and many others.

 Living room ceiling designs – individual concepts

modern ceiling design ideas room decoration chandelier

Creative design ideas combined with high quality materials give a timeless design and modern functionality. The room acoustics play an important role in the living room.

ceiling decoration traditional decor living room ceiling ideas

The effective sound insulation has a positive impact on our comfort and well-being. Living room ceiling designs improve the room acoustics and sound insulation and accent on safety and user comfort.

 ceiling lighting ideas modern home decor

Suspended ceilings on several levels, especially with different geometric shapes, complement the idea of ​​the interior and even become the focal point of the interior design.

ceiling panels decorative ceiling ideas home decorating ideas

Stretched are a modern alternative to the usual designs and offer more freedom for creative design, they can be integrated in any room and formed in any shape- sloping ceilings, curves, etc.

 ceiling design ideas elegant interior ceiling light

Lighting is another important feature. Whether it is LED or some other kind of lighting, it is an element that can achieve unique effects in the overall impression.


home decoration ideas classic ceiling design big chandelier

interior ceiling design ideas home ceilings

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ceiling design ideas modern interiors

Ceiling design ideas decorative ceilings ceiling lighting ideas

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