Crown molding ideas – fabulous ceiling designs and decorations

by Kremy

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Crown molding is one of the most sought ceiling decorations. As the name implies, they are a graceful decoration and an elegant finish to the top edge of the walls. These molding designs are applied between the seams of the vertical and horizontal planes of the walls and ceiling and emphasize the architectural appearance of the room.

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Installing a such a molding design can be quite a challenge for the homeowners. Before even starting thinking of the design, you need to consider the material and there is a variety in that, and in addition, every material has its pros and cons. Plaster crown molding is usually custom made and comes at a high cost as it needs to be installed by professionals. It is a perfect material for unique designs and is most often used with plaster walls. Wood, just like plaster, is a very popular and traditional material for the warmth and beauty it adds to the interior. The profiles are offered in a wide range of wood species, including mahogany, oak, and pine and can be stained, veneered, or painted. Natural wood is, however, sensitive to temperature and humidity, which can cause it to expand, shrink, or crack. MDF is a composite material and moldings are offered in various profiles. It can be painted or have a wood veneer. MDF is a low-cost alternative to solid wood. Polyurethane is very durable and it is not susceptible to temperature or humidity alterations. It is cost effective but is only available painted.

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This molding designs adds a great visual appeal to the home. It can be installed in any room, provided the homeowner has chosen the right material. The molding has a significant decorative value as it visually makes the walls taller and unifies the room. Adding crown molding is an excellent idea for people who would want to renovate their home or add value to it. When choosing your style, design, material and profile, you need to match them with the room. Try to figure out beforehand what is your idea for the proportion, style, and the visual effect that you want to achieve.

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