The beauty and advantages of coffered ceilings in home design

by Kremy

Living room design coffered ceiling lighting ideas chandelier suspended lighting

It is often that people decide to design or decorate a room in their house and somehow they forget about the ceiling. The fact is that the ceiling designs with molding is an integral part of the home interior and a decoration element that should not be overlooked. We have collected 50 examples of coffered ceilings to show you how a decorative ceiling completely transforms the room and can add a style, elegance and a whole different twist. Such ceilings can be constructed to fit to different design styles – modern, classic or traditional.

What is a coffered ceiling?

spectacular coffered ceiling design Fugger castle


In architecture, the term “coffer” is used for a sunken panel in a ceiling. The word has originated from ancient Greek word “kophinos”, which means “basket.” A coffered ceiling is a grid of squares or rectangles that is applied to imitate the effect of crisscrossing beams. Usually, after completion of construction, crown molding is applied to the inside of each of the panels to create a richly elegant appearance. The panels can be in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon.

Coffered ceiling design ideas

coffered ceiling design home office

Coffered ceilings have been used for centuries as they are a spectacular feature which accents on wealth, elegance and style. Nowadays you can find unique ceiling ideas in many commercial and public interiors – hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, government buildings, etc. These ceilings have found their place in residential design too. It looks good in a large formal room, modern living room, kitchens, bedrooms, home offices and certainly adds a distinction to the atmosphere. Very often coffered ceilings are referred to as “panel ceilings”. The panels can be manufactured from various materials – wood, fabric, metal or even customized with laser cut decorations. We shall say a few words on the basic types of the design.

decorative wooden panels coffered ceiling

Wood coffered ceiling – for one that type of design allows to show the natural beauty of wood. A full coffered ceiling system looks luxury and shows the refined taste of the homeowner.

coffered ceiling tips and design ideas


Coffered panels and wood trim – only parts are covered with panels. You can opt for square panels, or a center oval or octagon. This type of design gives the opportunity to reduce the cost and still look classy. The cheapest and the easiest design is to use tiles and wood trim moldings.

Coffered ceiling lighting ideas

Modern dining room coffered ceiling glass panels

Most popular lighting solutions for coffered ceilings are suspended lighting, recessed lights and chandeliers. Some modern designs feature original LED lighting and combinations of different lighting fixtures. If the room has enough height, a large chandelier will be the perfect complement to the coffered ceiling. In large rooms you can install two chandeliers and you will have a double effect. Crystal chandeliers look dramatic and add incomparable elegance to the interior. Wrought iron chandeliers are suitable for rustic decors while modern pendant chandeliers can be used in contemporary interiors. In combination with recessed lights and other light sources you will have not only a beautiful ceiling but you can make it a focal point.

wood coffered ceiling walnut home office idea

 Decorative ceilings easily fit in modern interior

coffered ceilings lighting ideas suspended lighting

Beautiful living room with elegant interior

decorative ceiling designs white coffers

Classic decorative wooden design

wood coffered ceiling decoration and lighting ideas

 Dining room with awesome design

Dining room ceiling ideas coffers iron chandelier

Add character and ambiance in the room design

traditional living room decorative ceiling design ideas lighting

 The lighting features different type of fixtures

spacious living room decorative ceiling designs ideas

Contemporary living room design beautiful ceiling coffers

spectacular coffered ceiling oval and square panels formal dining room

living room ideas ceiling design ceiling lighting

Living room ceiling design white coffers suspended lighting

living room ceiling design crown molding decoration white panels

Photo Courtesy of Tilton Coffered Ceilings

home office with ceiling coffers leather sofas fireplace

Family room with coffered ceiling suspended lighting chandelier



decorative ceiling ideas ceiling panels recessed lighting

contemporary family room white ceiling coffers

Cofferred ceiling crown molding and recessed lighting

coffered ceiling lighting ideas living room inteior design hidden lighting

Coffered ceiling lifhting design ideas

 home office interior wood floorin fireplace

classic living room interior wood modern ighting

ceiling design ideas wooden beams recessed lighting chandelier

Bedroom design white coffer panels pale blue walls

beautiful ceiling design living room interior fireplace recessed lighting

White kitchen design ideas recessed lighting

Traditional kitchen design panels recessed lighting

open floor plan kitchen living room design ideas coffers

modern home design ceiling ideas lighting

kitchen pendant lighting

kitchen dark wood panels white grid

kitchen design ideas white cabinets ceiling panels recessed lighting pendants chandelier

Kitchen ceiling design skylights coffers

Dining room design ideas dark paint white grid

contemporary kitchen  lighting pendants

 ideas kitchen white cabinets

Traditional bedroom four poster bed ceiling panels

spectacular ceiling design white brown bedroom interior ideas

Luxury-bedroom design awesome lighting chandeliers

bedroom with beautiful white chandelier

Contemporary bedroom lighting ideas

ceiling design ideas bedroom white wood coffers

bedroom design white panels

Beach style bedroom interior design wood


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