13 inspiring garden design ideas with rocks

by Kremy

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We give you 13 inspiring garden design ideas with stones. In every garden style, stones can be used as decoration – and we’ll show you how!

Zig Zag pattern garden path stone tiles pebbles


The inspiration for garden design ideas with stones start with a traditional idea – a garden path made ​​of natural stone. You can create a garden path imaginatively – the base can consist of small pebbles. Put stone tiles or wood boards, so that interesting zig-zag patterns are formed. Fans of country style can create a garden path with small stones – so it looks more natural. Stones can highlight and compliment the design. They are very often used for the edge of the beds. For more effect you can combine natural stone, pebbles and river stones – so the garden looks interesting. Coastal stones can set the tone and be used as a decoration.

Natural stone evergreen plants garden design stones ideas

Stones covered with moss, are a compliment to the garden in the country house style. Plant the soil with evergreen plants and arrange the stones so that interesting geometric forms arise there. Flowers and grass can be accents. Low evergreen plants and pebbles may form interesting geometric pattern. Pebbles are not suitable for flooring as patio furniture needs a solid ground, but you can still surround the wooden terrace with stones. If your garden is on a slope, you can build a retaining wall with garden stones. Be inspired by our suggestions for garden design ideas with rocks!

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You can use different types of stones, different shapes, size and colors to create a design which will be pleasing to your eye and taste. Do not be afraid to experiment and combine different stones. Remember that Japanese gardens feature rocks of various shapes and sizes and look stunningly beautiful and harmonious. It is important to arrange you garden in a way that it makes you feel good and allows you to relax.

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