20 creative ceiling design ideas

ideas living room contrast color

Gone are the days when you only see white painted rooms. With some cool and trendy ceiling design ideas you can creatively decorate your home. Tall walls make the room look more spacious, while low ceilings give a sophisticated and cozy look.

Ceiling design ideas with wooden beams

ideas wooden beams

Create a contrast in your room with bright wall colors and dark ceiling color or vice versa. This gives a classic look to your room. If you do not want to paint with bold colors, then you can hang a lamp or an impressive chandelier on the top. The best ceiling design ideas can be performed on tall walls in your dining and living room. Suspended ceilings with many lights look wonderful as an interactive game created with light and a great room  looks stunning. So, embed small lights in the suspended ceiling in a chaotic arrangement, and you will create a stunning effect.

Ceiling design ideas with contrast colors

ideas wooden beams living room

The various creative ceiling design ideas which you can choose from are suspended, sculptural and vaulted ceilings, wood beams, Tudor-style, etc. You can also continue elements of the wall decoration, or even lead them to the ground.

Cloud painting in the nursery room

ideas clouds painting

The ideas in the baby room are particularly diverse and various. Paint beautiful pictures on the top such as flowers, butterflies, lions, clouds. You can use many colors so that the decoration looks cheerful.

Night sky

kids room night sky

nursery room fabric cover

Blue and pink clouds

creative blue pink clouds

teenager room lines lights

Colored areas create contrasts

gray walls bright ceiling

colored edges contrast color

living room lighting

A swirl on the top

suspended swirl living room
living room suspended

ideas different colors

Continuation of the decoration – wall, top, floor

ideas mosaic dining room

black white suspended

ideas black white

decoration living room ideas


ideas stripes dining blue

decoration ideas yellow stripes


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