The beauty of the garden path – 112 exciting design ideas

by Kremy


tropical plants garden with pool sandstone path

If you want to create a garden path, there are a few things you need to think of in advance. First of them is the purpose of your path –  is it going to be a decorative path, what materials to use, as they should be resistant to weather conditions.  Garden paths can be designed very differently. If you need suggestions, look  through our photo gallery and find the best solution for your individual garden design.

 How to create a garden path?

tips ideas for the garden paths


Design your garden so that it is attractive in all seasons. An important component that affects the visual effect of your garden, would be the plants and tree species. The important for the garden paths is the location and the relationship with the plants. A question that often comes up when creating a garden path is, should the plants stand close to each other. And the answer is that this depends on what effect you want to create in the garden.

 Tips and ideas on garden path design

 stylish garden design gravel path garden fence

High hedges and screening walls seem monotonous and narrow the garden path visually. Areas with plants and perennials, however, give a clear view of the garden. This design is appreciated by most people to be quite attractive. The width of a garden path depends on whether you want a relaxed stroll or to awaken the desire to discover in the garden. The asymmetrical garden paths have an exciting appearance. The design of the garden path affects the entire garden picture. The garden can be divided from the path into two equal areas. Some find this design rather boring, but it is quite suitable for a minimalist architecture. Skillfully placed arches, pergolas, water features provide exciting vies.

zen garden design water plant stepping stones

There is no strict classification for the type of garden paths. Depending on the material they can look very naturally, as they appeared by themselves without any special planning. Spectacular garden paths made of stone can be made from the material remaining after the construction of the house or backyard decoration. Picturesque paths can be designed with stones of uneven shape and different sizes. Brick, concrete pavers, stamped concrete, gravel – all these materials can be used for garden paths. The basic rule when choosing the material is that its texture and color should be in harmony with the house and complement the overall exterior design.

 Asian style design

asian style curved path stones design


Modern landscape concrete path steps

minimalist concrete blocks contemporary landscape

 Beautiful gravel path with blooming flowers border

wild ideas plants perennials

 A green curved path attracts the eyes

traditional landscape design ideas lawn romantic path

  A paved garden path is suitable for various weather conditions

pavers green plants border

 A gravel path is very convenient for stralling

Strolling gravel large park

 Modern garden with a path of tiles

Stepping stones path geometric shapes design

 Sandstone is a durable material for path construction

Sandstone landscape design ideas

 A path made of stones

round stepping stones wood gravel eclectic style garden path

 Natural stone is a popular material for garden paths

romantic natural stones design

Concrete and river stones are popular in modern minimalist designs

stones ideas creative garden design

playful design garden path stepping stones potted plants

paving stone concrete blocks garden path

patio design gravel stepping stones privacy garden fence

modern landscape garden path perennial lush garden paths

modern garden natural stone path swimming pool

modern garden design natural stone path gravel

modern garden design gravel path tree shade

minimalist landscape architecture design garden pond rocks lawn

minimalist garden landscape gravel path stepping stones

minimalist garden design concrete blocks stepping

Lawn path garden landscape architecture

landscape romantic path pictures

Landscape country house decorative metal gate stone wall path

landscape design path natural stone steps

landscape design ideas natural stone retaining wall

landscape design curved gravel perennials

landscape architecture stone wall gravel wood path ideas

Landscape architecture fountain path ideas flowers plants

house with garden design Mediterranean plant species

green privacy fence stepping stones

gravel paths stepping stones design minimalist

geometry design ideas paths gravel and tiles path

geometric design path stepping stones lawn

geometric design gravel water feature fountain

garden retaining wall natural stone

garden planting landscape gravel path lush plants

stone gravel rectangular stepping stones lighting

 sandstone landscape architecture

sandstone big stones

Garden landscape ideas romantic path stone plates

garden landscaping path ideas romantic curved path

privacy protection fence landscape architecture

 pictures natural stone retaining walls gravel

 landscape ideas pictures stone path water features fountain

natural stones design

 ideas natural stone path potted plants

modern landscape architecture forest pathway

landscape design plants gravel

 landscape architecture natural stones lawn

gravel wood stairs plants

gravel blooming flowers border

 curved gravel path lush plants

 decorative path artistic design large lawn area fountain

 traditional stones path

romantic stones blooming flowers

 landscaping path design ideas stones

stepping stones ivy wall

 landscape ideas gravel plants border

 landscape ideas country style covered wooden pergola stone

gardening flowerbed fringe rush stones modern landscape

 green hedge plants decorative ornaments

garden design stepping stones path lawn

 design ideas sculpture paths stepping stones

 design ideas Mediterranean garden perennials lush vegetation

garden design ideas lawn green mowed stepping stones

garden landscape paths design ideas natural stone lawn

 curved path small fountain

Garden decoration ideas country style gate stone pathway

 deck ideas pavers gravel path patio furniture

Garden cottage pergola rustic style lawn

 cottage design natural stones

front design ideas modern flower beds stone

front design ideas concrete tiles potted plants

flat path gravel stones landscape ideas

modern design concrete paving stones flower bed

DIY rectangular tiles irregular line

decorative design

decorative path design ideas ornaments

decorative gravel design

curved white river stones beach style landscape

curved garden ideas pavers privacy fence natural stone

curved landscape ideas

Creative landscape ideas lawn romantic

Creative garden design pond

landscape ivy climbing plant

cottage garden design landscape rock design

contemporary landscape stepping stones stairs

contemporary landscape ideas wooden

contemporary landscape design concrete pavers gravel

modern landscape curved gravel flowerbed fringe

contemporary design ideas gravel path

Concrete paving stones ideas gravel border

Concrete blocks stepping stone decorative design

backyard design wooden chairs stone ideas

asymmetric design stone

Asian style deas gravel geometric forms

  landscape design decorative ideas

 Zipper patio landscape ideas decor

stone decoration ideas landscape

Stepping stone landscape ideas wooden privacy screens

small decor ideas stepping stones flowers

garden decor blooming flowers

garden landscape ideas path wall ivy

 landscape ideas flower beds winding

garden ideas decoration ideas DIY stone

 decor ideas pavers lawn

beautiful decorations rose garden arch











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