Garden water features – 75 ideas for the design of water oases

by Kremy

Water wall garden design ideas evergreen plants trees stone wall

Nothing creates more relaxed atmosphere than the fountains in the garden. They provide cooling during the hot summer days and soothe the senses after a long day at work. The water basin in the garden can be a fountain, a small decorative pool, a pond or a beautiful waterfall which has a decorative function. The water basin in the garden can completely transform the atmosphere and natural landscape. It can soften the harsh textures such as stone, ceramic or marble. But with the wide variety of garden water features, it can be really difficult to choose the one that will look well in our garden. There are many things to be considered – the decor of the garden, the available space, the types of plants, etc.

small garden design ideas stainless steel garden water features


Many manufacturers offer different garden water features – magnificent fountains, waterfalls, and even a steel fountain. Whichever design you choose depends on the available space and budget. We shall give an overview of the possibilities. The fountain is a space-saving alternative for gardeners who have limited space but still would like to have one of beautiful garden water feature. A stone fountain requires a little effort and money.

stylish modern garden stone wall waterfall basin with stones

The lucky owners of a larger outdoor space can opt for a garden water feature which require more space. These include, for example, a waterfall and a swimming pond. Nature bathrooms with a shower zone also provide cooling during the hot summer days. Those who choose to arrange a garden pond, should expect more costs for water and electricity. The construction of the pond is a time consuming work, which should be planned carefully. From excavation, over the pond seal – all construction work should be coordinated with the function of the pond. Fish ponds are quite different from natural ponds and swimming ponds – so you should check the details in advance.

Water oasis waterfall modern pond high privacy fence wall

Decorative fountains are traditionally used to decorate the outdoor area of the home. In addition, they create an extra coolness, which is so necessary in the hot summer months. Modern garden fountains made of durable fiberglass material are very popular as they are extremely reliable. These fountains preserve their brightness and color with time. Waterfalls and cascades into the garden add the sound of running water. Modern materials and technology allow create waterfalls and cascades suitable for completely flat areas. One has only to sit down a while, listening to the sound of the moving water to feel revitalized.

Water fountain small stones palm tree patio flooring

vertical water wall bench modern garden design wooden fence

slope garden landscape design asian style garden water features stainless steel

Roof terrace design ideas wooden flooring bench Feng Shui pond

Pebble flooring pond stainless steel basins table bench

patio landscaping natural stones water feature pebbles

modern patio features stone wall decorative rocks

modern patio concrete pond waterfall koi fish LED lighting

modern garden design stainless steel fittings waterfall concrete pool

patio design garden water features black stone fountain bamboo trees

patio ideas wooden fence garden water feature deck

patio decoration raised garden pond design wood bricks decorative plants

old bath garden pond decoration country style landscape design

modern patio landscape design stone terrace lily pond small waterfall

patio landscaping garden water features basin cacti succulents

modern minimalist garden design concrete retaining wall water basin

modern house entrance ideas fountains pebble flooring

modern garden water features rock fountain iron patio furniture

modern garden water features natural stone basin garden path

modern garden design small garden vertical nozzle fountain

Landscaping ideas garden water features high perennials privacy garden fence

landscape ideas garden water features small watewrfall natural stones

landscape design ideas water cascade fountain pebbles

landscape design ideas small garden water fountain wood pebbles

landscape design ideas retaining wall water features waterfall wire fence

landscape design ideas natural stones waterfall wooden deck outdoor furniture

landscape water features lily pond natural stones

Japanese garden design gravel path moss fountains

Home decorating ideas basin stainless steel decorative stones

home exterior ideas small pond

home exterior terraces pebbles

home exterior design ideas concrete wall waterfall basin

stone wall water fountains high palm trees

modern fountain minimalist design

 water features lily pond waterfall flagstone path

lily pond fontan beautiful landscape design idea

 fountains stainless steel round stone wall

fountain curved wall hedge plants

 modern pool waterfall built in ligting

 country style basin landscape design ideas

garden concrete wall palm trees

asian style landscape deasin small fountain

 a marble plates Koi pond

 pond ideas water cascade stairs terrace bridge

 pond ideas modern concrete basin rocks pebble path

garden landscape design natural stone footsteps garden rocks

 terrace deck flooring variety of plants

rocks fountain natural stone

garden fountain lily pond

 ideas water basin waterfall wooden bench fence panels

 ideas terrace plants waterfall feature

 rain shower outdoor patio pergola wooden roofing

 fountain rustic style steel stones

 ideas Asian style landscape

 decoration ideas water cascade old water cans

 decoration ideas water basin planters fountain

 decoration ideas small pond design stones

 country style design evergreen plants rocks wooden fountain

exterior decoration ideas modern

English style stone slabs grass border waterfall basin

modern patio design pond concrete slabs

DIY design ideas freestanding bath plant container

courtyard landscape natural stone pond

contemporary patio minimalist design high fence

contemporary patio concrete basin waterfall

contemporary landscape waterfall small pond

 landscape terraces marble tiles pond

contemporary home exterior fountain stone basin wooden fence stone slabs

beautiful stone wal koi pond waterfall

asian style design Koi pond wooden bridge garden rocks






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