73 ideas for modern stairs design which enhance the home individuality

by Kremy

modern stairs design zigzag staircase ART house

The staircase is no longer just a functional element of architecture, but a beautiful design object and impressive lifestyle trend. The aesthetics, quality, creativity, design and innovation are critical factors for the overall impression. Now you’re probably wondering, what is the perfect design that would ensure absolute harmony of your room? Or you already have ideas of stairs or railings that you want to arrange in your home? If you are looking for unusual solutions for modern stairs design, then get inspired by these amazing ideas.


Arched staircase solid wood staircase design ideas curved railings House on the Cliff


Modern stairs design embodies a clear design and high artistic standards. The contemporary design, the appropriate stairs material, as well as the flights of stairs and railings are created by designers and artists to provide a cozy and stylish ambience. Cantilevered structures accurately reflect the spirit of time. Modern glass stairs visually enlarge the space of the rooms. The glass walls provide transparency and lightness. Metal stairs and wooden steps, however, ensure a high stability.

home interior modern stairs design glass staircase Loft in Kungsholmen

The balanced combination of different materials results in perfect harmony. Whether mounted, free standing or suspended – the angle, the length and the width of the stairs are planned individually. Staircase is the classic solution with high comfort and a long life. Staircases that have no additional wall mounting and the load is carried by a single central beam are characterized with delicate steps. Depending on design and material, the varieties in contemporary stairs design are practically unlimited.

wonderful interior stairs design the left over space house

When planning the design of the staircase you need to harmonize the elements of the staircase with the overall interior design and if you wish, look at some runners for stairs ideas. For example, in a minimalist interior, an ornate staircase will look out of place. On the other hand, if you wanted to turn your staircase into a focal point you opt for a spectacular artistic design with unusual shape, color or interesting railing. Remember that safety is an important issue and the design of your staircase should be convenient and safe for young children or elderly members of the family.

black and white modern stairs design Espace Le Moyne

glass staircase modern staircase design loft apartment Hunlegarden

contemporary home interior modern stairs design House G

white massive spiral staircase interior design Casa Bilbaina

Space saving staircase spiral staircase design coeur dalene

Space saving staircase cantilever staircase design modern loft Milan

wooden structure interior staircase Jln Angin Laut

wooden stairs design wooden staircase structure

Staircase wood laminate railings of glass house in Tollegno

 with central beam wooden stairs apartment interior fittings

Staircase design white modern staircase Casa Siete

Spiral with white modern metal railing house in Wondelgem

Space saving staircase ideas interior design wood stair railing

Space saving spiral staircase modern stairs Jln Angin

Solid wood stair railing design ideas indoor Boyer

 interior stairs design ideas contemporary home M House

contemporary apartment modern indoor staircase Cary Bernstein

original interior wooden stairs design Costa Azul House

modern wooden staircase dark brown  modern stairs design wooden steps ornated metal railings

modern stairs design spiral staircase metal penthouse apartment Moscow

modern stairs design spiral and white railing

modern space saving staircase transparent railings

modern space saving staircase

Modern laminate wood zigzag Casa Lomas Altas

modern laminate floor material ideas

modern glass Home in Outpost Estates

modern metal stairs massive granite walls

modern cantilever staircase

modern cantilevered wooden interior

modern staircase with central beam wooden steps metal rail

modern wood concrete walls

modern staircase design glass railings perfect aesthetics

modern outdoor spiral glass railing

Modern interior design stairs glass railing wooden steps

modern home interior lighting staircase

modern home interior design wooden staircase

modern home interior metal staircase

Modern floating wooden stairs Astley Castle

minimalist house interior white wall railings wooden steps

minimalist concrete

Minimalist cantilever wooden staircase interior

metal and concrete interior design

massive outdoor stairs without railings

interior glass wood

interior metal railing pendant

interior design ideas wooden steps white railings

Interior modern wood stainless steel

interior metal ideas

Interior wood panelling wall

Interior design ideas wooden railings

indoor design ideas modern home Arbucies

indoor apartment loft A Renovation in Arbucies

house interior indoor glass railings

home interior

hanging staircase home interior

Glass staircase stainless steel railing interior design solutions

Glass banister material in house C 11

floating concrete

double cantilevered staircase design wood glass

Designer stairs space saving ideas duplex apartment

contemporary ideas white and wood

contemporary architecture wooden

Cantilever wooden steps elegant stairs Igualada N1

Cantilever ideas stairs wood material

Cantilevered wooden apartment

Zigzag wooden steps architecture

wooden shape railing concrete walls

wooden interior design ideas






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