Laser cut contemporary furniture with unconventional design by Horm

by Kremy

creativity and innovation modern furniture design riddled colelction totem

HORM was founded in 1989 and is known and widely recognized for the production of designer furniture and the slogan of the factory: “Il mobile vive” – Living furniture. A special attention is paid to materials and wood has a special position – solid wood, veneer sheets, molded plates. The designs exude harmony and the Riddled collection is united by invisible style bonds which can be traced and they complement each other providing the opportunity to create different combinations. The aesthetics of minimalism are characteristic for the furniture pieces and offer an enormous visual appeal. The cooperation between Horm and designer Steven Holl has resulted in a series of contemporary furniture and every piece is under the name Riddled. The collection consists of a plywood chandelier, two tables, a cabinet, a buffet and a chandelier. We have gathered all the pieces together as they were designed in a period of time and you can see the collection in its unity.

 Laser cut contemporary furniture which unites wood and light

riddled collection contemporary furniture front storage cabinet


The beginning was back in 2006 with the Riddled Buffet and Riddled Totem design. The bold appearance looks like a piece of modern art that a conventional piece of furniture. Leaving aside the fact that it has a spectacular and innovative vision, this contemporary furniture performs a spectacle itself. It casts beautiful artistic shadows on the floor and the walls and creates an unforgettable impression. The Riddled Totem, is crafted with an aluminum frame and five elements made of 2-mm wooden sheets shaped as sculptured origami thanks to a patented technological process. Same materials were used in the design of the Riddled Buffet.

Contemporary furniture concept developed in time

riddled plywood chandelier modern pendant lighiting fixture

After the Totem and the Buffet, came the first table – created in 2007. It features a thick glass top and two porous legs which continue the origami sculptures vision and when the inner light is on, it pierces into a magnificent game of shadows. The second table is designed in 2013 as a dining table and takes the design concept of contemporary furniture even further as this time the shadow and light game is multiplied by the four legs in more complex and impressive sparkling reflections. Another element of the series is the Riddled chandelier, designed in 2011 which complements any modern interior and combines creativity and modern technology. The LED chandelier keeps the unique design and the unmistakable style of Steven Holl is noticeable at first glance.


collection Steven Holl totem five origami shaped laser cut elements

An artistic composition and game of shadows

riddled buffet casts artistic shadows laser cut technology


The Totem and the Bufet gave the beginning of the Riddled collection

buffet innovative furniture design modern vision

The impressive design of Riddled Totem

original modern furniture design collection totem

A visual accent in every interior

modern interior design collection totem impressive furniture

Artistic shadows on the floor

furniture collection front impressive shadow light cast

 A spectacular show of lights and shadows

spectacular light shadow reflections riddled table furniture contemporary collection

  LED chandelier from the Riddled furniture collection

modern pendant lighiting fixture plywood chandelier collection horm

 The riddled table and chandelier in a minimalist interior

ceiling lighiting fixture LED chandelier Steveh Holl for Horm

The shadows cast by the chandelier

modern lighting design ideas laser cut plywood LED chandelier

 The dining table

Riddled Table modern dining room furniture

modern dining table collection table

living room contemporary table glass top laser cut leg sides

elegant living room collection table dark light shadows

creative innovative modern table collection table

contemporary table living room

tabled living room modern technology creative

elegant riddled totem modern home interior design ideas

contemporary creative buffet folded origami sculptures

amazing buffet modern technology laser cut wood



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