Modern pendant lighting – Swarm lamp by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

by Kremy

 swarm lamp by jangir maddadi bureau modern pendant lighting

The Swedish studio Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau has created an original design of a modern pendant lighting with an interesting name – Swarm lamp. Combining three basic elements – wood, metal and glass it strongly resembles a flying bee. Living in a world when we try to find the beauty of nature in everyday objects, this design comes as a revelation with the simplicity, creativity and functionality.

Modern pendant lighting with organic shape

swarm lamp by jangir maddadi bureau creative home lighting


As per the designer the shape of the swarm lamp is so organic that it easily could be a work of Nature itself. And this statement is quite true. The elegant silhouette of this modern pendant lighting dazzles with purity of lines and shape. The body of the swarm lamp is crafted from custom-cut wood which is carved in such a way that the glass bulbs. The pointed tip reminds of a bee sting and the illusion that you see a bee in flight is really impressive.

Perfect harmony of light with the modern pendant lighting design –Swarm lamp

swarm lamp by jangir maddadi bureau wood glass metal basic materials

The feeling that you are watching a suspended motion when looking at the swarm lamp is stronger, especially when the lamps are in a group.  The bodies hang freely and due to the cord they could swing as if communicating with each other. You could arrange swarm lamp as a singlebody or in a cluster of three or five, or as many as you wished. Since the angle of it is easily adjusted the result will be a dynamic composition of light with strong presence. Еntirely made in Sweden, this modern pendant lighting is suitable for modern home interior, restaurant or bar area.

 contemporary lighting swarm lamp made in sweden natural materials

 Swarm light can be arranged in a group

contemporary interior lighting swarm lamp by jangir maddadi bureau


The angle of Swarm lamp is easily adjusted

modern interior pendant lighting swarm lamp by jangir maddadi bureau

 The shape reminds the silhouette of a bee

original interior lighting ideas swarm lamp ambient atmosphere

Suitable for home or public interior design

swarm by jangir maddadi bureau adjustable angle wooden body


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