Decorative wood stoves by La Castellamonte with romantic appearance

by Kremy

la castellamonte traditional design wood stoves dark blue

Long before the wood stoves of La Castellamonte people have been using ceramic stoves. For centuries this was the main way of warning during the cold time of the year. Keeping the tradition and developing it, Roberto Perin and Silvana Blacks are creating marvelous stoves with historical design.

Wood stoves with classic design and detailed finishing


classic wood burning stoves modern technology


Since 1980’s La Castellamonte brand produces a range of wood stoves based on the traditional techniques and at the same time using modern technology. And winning the “Piedmont Handicraft Award of Excellence” in 2001 was well deserved.  Their products are not only decorative but fully functional.  Processing of clay and using natural raw materials has always been used for the manufacturing of functional and decorative objects. The relief finishing of the design with floral or traditional motifs are an eye catching detail and you could still see the cracking fire through the curved front door. The ceramic stoves work with wood and except warming the house they would be a precious piece of artistic furniture. The shapes would blend with the interior in a harmonious way and add a romantic feeling in any room.

Modern technology in combination with traditional wood stoves


wood burning stoves traditional design ceramic tiles blue

The wood stoves are manufactured with cast iron or steel hearths, lined with refractory material, easy-view doors in cast brass and fire-proof glass. They allow a load of woods which will keep you warm for six to twelve hours depending on the model. The combustion system provides up to 80% efficiency with very low carbon monoxide emission. The tiled models are available in 12 different options as well as 2 pellet burning. A vast range of 32 colors ceramic tiles is at your disposal to choose so that the stove matches your interior.

efficient wood burning stove with traditional design

A combination of classic design and modern technology

ceramic stoves white tiles traditional style decoration


A large variety of tiles color options

ceramic wood stove white tiles floral ornaments

Available in models for smaller space

small stove white tiles blue decorations

A spectacular focal point in the interior

wood stoves ceramic tiles rustic interior

 A big stove will keep you warm for hours on end

traditional wood burnings stove ceramic tiles black gold finishing

decorative wood stoves white ceramic tiles red decoration



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