Antique stoves in contemporary kitchen interiors

by Kremy

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Antique stoves in contemporary kitchens are not just a functional appliance, they are a statement! To many people antique and contemporary is an impossible combination but when you want to add character to a minimalist kitchen or a modern kitchen, the easiest way to do it is to make a striking focal point and create visual contrasts. Modern kitchens are characterized with clean, straight lines, lack of ornaments, functionality and efficiency. Glossy surfaces, glass cabinet fronts and granite countertops are typical for almost any contemporary styled kitchen. How to incorporate an antique stove in a glossy, sleek, shiny kitchen, and more importantly – how to do it in a way that the kitchen looks harmonious, welcoming and inviting?

How to incorporate antique stoves in contemporary kitchen interiors?

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Those who are interested in antiques are aware of the fact that authentic antique stoves are not so easy to find, especially if you want one in a perfect condition and moreover – functioning. For example, stoves in the Victorian era were made of cast iron, richly decorated and with an enormous weight, burning wood or coal. Restoring such stoves is laborious task, it takes a lot of time and hard work which pushes the price of antiques up to the skies. Most antique stoves which are restored to be used in modern kitchens are equipped with burners and thermostat and you still have the look but at the same time you enjoy modern technology. Luckily, manufacturers offer an opportunity to have vintage kitchen stoves which blend beautifully in modern kitchen designs and complementing the straight lines and the minimalist look.

Contemporary kitchen designs with antique stoves

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You do not need to have e retro kitchen if you are a fan of antique stoves. Contemporary kitchen designs with antique stoves combine the classic look of the stove and the clean lines of modern interiors. You can choose an AGA stove, for example, which is still manufactured today and its beautiful appearance is not in conflict with modern style but blends beautifully with handless cabinets, modern countertops and backsplashes and the fact that you can choose from a variety of colors, gives you many design opportunities. For example a red stove works beautifully in a modern grey kitchen and is a vibrant and eye catching accent. Black and white stoves perfectly fit in modern interiors and you can enjoy a fantastic kitchen and a chef’s stove without being worried whether an authentic antique piece will work properly. As you see – it is not as difficult as it may seem to have comfort, pleasure and style, safety and vintage charm in a modern kitchen and a splendid compromise between old and new!

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