Waterfall countertop design ideas –modern kitchens with sleek appearance

by Kremy

waterfall countertop ideas white kitchen cabinets

Waterfall countertop design ideas come in different materials and although many people consider this concept as a fashionable trend, it is widely popular for years. A decade ago these worktops were considered to be an ultra-modern choice for the decor but nowadays we see them in a variety of styles and materials.

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What is waterfall countertop edge? In simple words, unlike the traditional counter which surrounds the kitchen sink, oven or stove, this one does not stop at the edge but flows all the way down to the floor hence the name. The simplicity of the shape accents on the beauty of the materials and this type worktop can be used in any interior style- rustic, traditional, contemporary, minimalist, etc.

Waterfall countertop design ideas – a centerpiece in the interior

waterfall countertop ideas modern island

Waterfall countertop design ideas with a streamlined and graceful form visually have a monolithic surface and can be made of composite stone, granite, onyx, marble, stainless steel, plastic and wood, even glass. They can be used not only to emphasize the modern interior. They will look great in an eclectic decoration, combined with traditional and classical elements. We have selected some exceptionally looking waterfall countertops with great visual appeal, in different colors, sizes and materials to inspire you for the creation of your dream kitchen! A cascade counter top is one of the coolest options for a unique kitchen island but even if you do not have one you can still incorporate it into the interior. You can use a waterfall countertops to “wrap” the low cabinets and thus incorporate it in your place.

Waterfall countertop design ideas – an excellent accent in the kitchen

waterfall countertop exclusive

Waterfall countertop design ideas give an opportunity to make a statement. Many people are searching for an alternative to traditional worktops and add a modern touch to their home. Waterfall counters can successfully hide appliances and give a clean and tidy feel to the space. Further to that, installing a ”cascade” top is an elegant way to hide the end panels of the cabinetry damaged or scratched by small children or pets. Another good reason to install it is to accent on the beauty of the material. After all, when you have spent time to find the most beautiful stone or exotic wood for your countertop you would be proud to display it. That is why these counter work most successfully in modern open plan interiors.

countertop wood countertop modern

Waterfall countertop design ideas are the perfect choice when you want to create a focal point with bold, strong and clean lines. Depending on the particular design of your kitchen you can have a waterfall countertop down one end of the island or  down both sides for a more powerful statement.


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waterfall-countertop white modern kitchen

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