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Grey and white kitchen design ideas contemporary kitchen open plan

Grey and white kitchen design ideas can be cozy, modern, sleek, traditional, high-tech, contemporary, minimalist – well, they can be in any style and with a different atmosphere. Why grey and white kitchens have become popular? What makes them so appealing to people? How to choose neutral cabinets? We shall give you the pros and cons of such interiors, we shall talk about how colors work together, how to mix grey and white colors to create a trendy kitchen design which will be a complement not only for your home but for your personality.


Grey and white kitchen design ideas – sleek lines and modern expressiveness or classic splendor?


Grey and white kitchen design ideas minimalist kitchen ideas


Many people find grey and white kitchen design ideas to be too monotonous. In this article we will show you that this combination can be an interesting option. For the last decade grey color, including silver and metallic, is gaining popularity and sometimes competes with the white color. However, when working together, these two colors can create beautiful and stylish interiors. Many people will ask – What is the main criterion for the sophistication of an interior? Is it the aesthetics and originality? Is it the style, the appearance or the atmosphere? Grey and white kitchen designs can successfully express the individuality of their owner as the color offer so many shades which work with almost any style. When you want to emphasize the luxury of a white and grey kitchen, you should look at Rococo or Empire styles. Grey and white kitchens can be designed in retro, vintage, traditional, modern, minimalist or high tech styles and each design should reflect the lifestyle of the person and his taste.

contemporary kitchen grey and white kitchen design ideas

Grey and white are a harmonious combination that would look perfect with excessive sharpness. Designers like to combine them and depending on the desired effect, the final result can be enhanced with pops of accent colors – red, orange, brown, green, purple, etc. There is a certain reason for the popularity of this elegant combination and it is not only a fashionable trend. Grey is soothing, it cools and relieves stress. Both grey and white are neutral colors and can be used in the design of spacious rooms as well as for small kitchens. In terms of color schemes grey and white kitchen interiors provide many opportunities to use bold and unexpected colors as an accent – a backsplash, lighting fixtures, decorative accessories which immediately stand out.


Pros and cons of grey and white kitchen design ideas


grey and white kitchen cabinets stylish kitchen ideas

Introducing this color combination can include many different options – grey wall color, for example, or kitchen cabinets, combined with white kitchen cabinets, grey wall as a background for white cabinets and vice versa. Both colors are universal and neutral. Psychologists have proved that grayscale affects a person in a positive way, giving him a feeling of tranquility. Grey and white kitchen design ideas are no exception.

Grey and white kitchen design ideas kitchen island with seating

One of the main advantages of such kitchens is that the grey color is less susceptible to all sorts of stains, which means you will save time eon maintenance and cleaning. Grey and white kitchen design ideas look more elegant, sophisticated and more luxurious. Moreover they can look clean and sleek or cozy and inviting. Are there any drawbacks in such kitchen design? The only thing that can go wrong with this color combination is the wrong choice of shades and the result will be a dark and gloomy interior. That is why it is best to consult a professional designer who will take into account the size of your kitchen, the type of lighting – natural or artificial, the overall style of the home, or add the right decorative items so that you will be proud of your kitchen.


Grey and white kitchen design ideas – how to choose the right furniture?


Grey and white kitchen design ideas modern kitchens kitchen remodel

The great diversity of grey and white kitchen design ideas and the versatility of the color combination provide unlimited options. You can choose a designer kitchen or opt for custom made cabinets. The second option requires a bigger investment, but people who choose custom made cabinets are sure that they will have a unique kitchen and everything, to the smallest detail, will meet their requirements. However, there are several things to keep in mind if you opt for white and grey kitchen design.

Grey and white kitchen design ideas modern kitchen ideas skylights

Light is essential, especially in small kitchens. If your room is spacious with a lot of natural light, you can choose any shade of grey. Darker shades, even anthracite will work beautifully in a room full of light. For smaller kitchens it is better to choose lighter and softer shades of grey as they will not “close” the space but make it appear visually bigger. Another option is to design the kitchen predominantly white and add grey as an accent, for example, you can introduce grey color in countertops, the island, bar stools, appliances, etc.

 glass front cabintes

The size of the furniture also plays an important role for the final result. Massive furniture pieces will make your kitchen look cluttered, especially if the area is limited. In this case open shelves are glass cabinets are a better option.

grey and white kitchen cabinets remodel backsplash

Decorative items and accessories will add the personal touch to the design. You can use different shades of grey to add depth to the interior or choose a contrast color which will pop out against the neutral background. Orange and red create a great visual effect when combined with grey. A vivid yellow color adds brightness, while green accents create a feeling of freshness and naturalness. Purple is also a great choice as a complementary color in a neutral interior. Choose the color that you like best and we hope that the gallery below will inspire you for your kitchen design.


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Grey and white small kitchen design ideas

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Grey and white modern kitchens minimalist cabinets

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