Yellow kitchen ideas – design techniques for bright and sunny interiors

by Kremy

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Yellow kitchen ideas are just perfect cheerful and confident optimists. This is a bright and sunny color. It is ideal for the kitchen because it has a special effect on the person. The color is associated with sun, warmth and joy – that’s why many people think about this color when decorating their home. Why choose this sunny color for the decor of your kitchen?


Yellow kitchen ideas – how to choose the right shade?


yellow kitchen cabinets white countertop modern furniture ideas


On the first place, it stimulates the appetite, which for a kitchen is, undoubtedly, the main plus. A yellow kitchen will help improve the digestion of home occupants. It improves the mood, stimulates intellectual activity, gives courage – all this is ideal for breakfast before working day. These shades brighten the room and fill it with warmth – this property of the color is especially important for dark kitchens facing north. In addition, light shades can visually expand the space.

However, this is one of the most dangerous colors in the spectrum because the abundance of too bright tones can become bothering and it is essential that it should be used in the right proportions, combinations and shades. Neon or acid shades can cause irritation and it is necessary to choose the right shades so that the interior is balanced and harmonious. All shades of yellow can be divided into warm, cold, soft, etc., but here are the main groups:

  • Bright shades: lemon, egg yolk, curry, etc. These are to be used as accent colors, so make sure you do not use them too much.
  • Moderate shades – mustard, sand, straw, sunny, peachy, etc. These are calming shades and even when used in large quantities, they will not cause irritation.
  • Light shades – champagne, custard, pastel, etc. ate suitable shades for the kitchen in any style from classical to traditional and from modern to minimalist.


Yellow kitchen ideas and design tips

Yellow farmhouse kitchen design creative decorating ideas

How to introduce this sunny color in kitchen interior design and how to combine it with other colors? These are the most important questions that need to be answered. As we mentioned, if you overdo the kitchen with bright colors, the atmosphere can become annoying and irritating, instead of sunny, light and cheerful. Yellow does not work harmoniously with every color, so you need to select combinations that complement each other. Here are some options:

  • bright canary yellow and gray (both light gray and graphite);
  • yellow and white;
  • pastel yellow and turquoise or blue;
  • yellow and black;
  • light sandy shades and red or brown;
  • yellow and green.

If you choose yellow for the decoration of walls, then preference should be given to light colors, for kitchen furniture – moderate shades are a good choice with bright accents of accessories and textiles. If you really want to see a bright cheerful tone on the wall, you can opt for an accent wall and paint one wall with a bright saturated lemon or mustard color, and the rest of the walls in neutral gray or white.


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Yellow kitchen cabinets ideas round dining table

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