Pros and cons of monochromatic color scheme in interior design

by Kremy

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What is monochromatic color scheme and how to use it in interior design? A single color and numerous shades – this is one of the simplest descriptions of monochromatic color schemes. The first thing that people notice when they enter a room is the combination of colors. It is a subconscious reaction, but we all feel the influence that colors and decorations of the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture and upholstery have on the environment and that is why the choice of colors for interior design (and not only) has to be done very carefully.

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The main idea of monochromatic color scheme in interior design is the competent combination of many shades of the same color. Using shades and halftones allows you to achieve the required depth and volume and the overall design becomes unique and expressive. The use of a single color in its infinite number of shades creates a pleasant visual effect and a relaxing atmosphere.


Monochromatic color scheme – understanding the power of single color interior designs


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When we talk about monochromatic color scheme in interiors, one of the questions that people ask is how many colors can you have? Many people believe that monochromatic colors in the interior are only black white and gray but this is wrong. You can create unique interiors using yellow, green, blue, violet, etc, and take the opportunity to surround yourself with your favorite color. Monochromatic combinations are typically based on one color and its shades which differ in lightness and saturation (tones and tints).

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Despite the fact that such color combinations are calm, balanced and restrained, when used incompetently, the interiors can look monotonous, even boring and may cause a feeling of and even frustration. That is why you need to add elements to improve the dynamics and the depth of the design.

The first step is to understand what style of design you want for your home. Do you prefer light or dark tones, calm or saturated colors? Calm tones create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, a gentle and airy appearance and are the perfect choice for rooms with insufficient light. Darker tones such as black, green or blue are also very popular as the interiors have a certain strictness and solidity. Adding accessories and decorative elements in neutral shades softens the atmosphere.


Monochromatic color scheme – how to choose the right tone

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Interiors designed in monochromatic color scheme can be based on a variety of colors. White is one of the favorite choices of professional designers as it gives volume and visually adjusts the dimensions of the room. Depending on the desired effect, you can choose a cold light to create a strict interior or yellow light to soften the room and give it coziness.

Gray is one of the trendiest colors and its rich palette of one halftones is used to create some of the most noble interior designs. It is the perfect choice when you want a calm and balanced room to relax after a hard day. A monochromatic interior is incredibly elegant and the perfect background for stylish furniture pieces.

Bright monochromatic interiors can create a cheerful mood throughout the house. Try to decorate the room in shades of green. This is a very positive color and one of the few that can be used in the interior in large quantities and in a variety of textures.

Purple shades look exceptionally noble and luxurious. This deep color is considered to be cold so you need to use it carefully.


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Monochromatic interiors ideas choosing color palette tips

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