Concrete kitchen cabinets – bold and unusual ideas in modern homes

by Kremy

custom made concrete kitchen cabinets and wood doors in modern kitchen

Concrete kitchen cabinets are not the first choice of homeowners although the material is widely used in industrial and contemporary interior designs. Many people think that this is a building material for foundations or constructions but we selected some surprising and interesting kitchen designs which will show you original, bold and unusual ideas in modern homes.


Pros and cons of concrete kitchen cabinets


concrete shelves and cabinets kitchen furniture ideas


Why choose concrete kitchen cabinets? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the material? How to incorporate these cabinets in the overall design concept of the home? At first glance, it seems coarse, cold and completely unfit for furniture making. But is it really so? Let’s look at its advantages:

  • The price of the material is relatively low and all the components for its manufacturing are easily available for purchase;
  • It can take any form and with the help of this material it is possible to make furniture suitable for a variety of design styles;
  • It is easy to handle and it is an excellent material for numerous DIY projects, from flower pots to garden walls;
  • It is not necessary to have complicated and expensive equipment. All you need is a frame and this technology is available to everyone;
  • Concrete furniture is sturdy and durable, it can last for many years. Moreover, it is resistant to mechanical impact, which is also important;
  • The material is environmentally friendly and can be recycled;
  • It is resistant to corrosion and other biological damage. It is not afraid of weather conditions and that is why outdoor furniture, made of concrete, is so popular;
  • You can combine it with other materials like wood, metal, glass, etc. to add extra visual appeal of your kitchen. In addition, it can be painted in almost any color and shade;
  • You can choose different type of finish – polished, matte or textured;
  • Maintenance of the cabinets is very easy.

Like any material, concrete has its disadvantages.

  • On the first place, it feels cold to the touch. It is advisable to combine it with natural wood elements which will add warmth to the kitchen interior.
  • Another disadvantage is that this material is not lightweight. It is a very difficult task to move heavy and massive furniture pieces.
  • Due to the specifics of concrete, kitchen cabinets are usually made on site. It is much more difficult to make them in a workshop and then transport them.


Concrete kitchen cabinets and design styles


concrete kitchen cabinets original interior design ideas

When we talk about concrete kitchen cabinets, we have to mention the design styles. Such cabinets will look great in a minimalist kitchen, in a contemporary interior as well as in rustic designs when combined with natural materials. You can choose different options – make the low cabinets from concrete or opt for a concrete kitchen island which will be the bold and unusual focal point in your kitchen. Look at the gallery below and see which idea you like best.



original concrete kitchen cabinets ideas rustic decor

modern kitchen island with concrete waterfall countertop

modern kitchen design concrete cabinets and flooring

kitchen furniture ideas concrete and wood island polished floor

kitchen design ideas tile flooring concrete kitchen island with storage space

kitchen design concrete flooring cabinets worktop

kitchen design and furniture concrete island with seating cabinets ideas

eclectic kitchen design concrete cabinets brick backspalsh

creative kitchen ideas concrete cabinets industrial style design

contemporary kitchen large concrete island with seating and storage space

contemporary kitchen design industrial decor ideas

contemporary kitchen design concrete walls floor and cabinets

concrete kitchen island with storage space original furniture ideas

concrete kitchen islands with cooktop and sink

concrete kitchen ideas DIY cheap cabinets

concrete countertop and cabinets kitchen design ideas

concrete and wood kitchen storage cabinets worktop ideas


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