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Black and white living room interiors will never go out of fashion. The combination of these colors is one of the most popular design techniques for decorating an interior in a modern house. A room, decorated in black and white will always attract the attention of guests. The right proportion will make the design of any room stylish and original and demonstrate the excellent taste of the owners. However, when combining contrast colors, it is important to find the right proportion and balance so that your interior is harmonious. Choosing the right wallpaper, furniture, curtains and decorative accessories will allow you create different atmosphere – elegant and strict or calm and very cozy. We shall look at the pros and cons of black and white interiors, we shall give you some useful tips and will show you some design techniques which will help you arrange the best interior that expresses your individuality.


Pros and cons of black and white living room interiors


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Why choose a black and white living room interior? There are many reasons for this and many advantages:

  • The home gets a stylish, modern and refined look. This is a time tested combination which does not have to be changed in accordance with the trends. And you can be sure that your decor will be fashionable for many years.
  • With a few bright color accents, the room can be an elegant entertaining area where the whole family and guests will be happy to gather.
  • When white color is dominant, it expands the space and makes the space visually larger. A living room with white ceiling and walls, decorated with dark elements, gives a feeling of weightlessness, but at the same time the solid black color anchors the design.
  • These interiors can be very relaxing as they do not create tension for the eyes.
  • The contrast, created by these two opposite colors, allows you to highlight interesting details of the interior.

However, such designs can be tricky. Proportion is essential and if it is wrong, the room may appear tasteless and dull.


How to choose the main color for black and white living room interiors?

Modern black and white home interiors open plan space

Black and white color scheme is a canvas providing a lot for your creativity. It can be the base for modern styles in which the main colors are widely used in combination with simple and bright colors. As we mentioned that proportion is essential in such designs and here are some tips and techniques which will help you determine the main color for your interior.

When you choose black as a main color the space becomes modern with powerful atmosphere, a real bold statement. It is advisable to use a combination of glossy and matte surfaces as the black gloss will make the overall appearance less gloomy.

You can experiment with the ceiling and decorate it with wallpaper where white dominates.

It is not recommended to use black color as a main one in small rooms, as it visibly reduces space. This is a good option for large open plan living spaces with abundance of natural light.

Before choosing the dominant color consider the intensity of light. If there is only one window, then it is better not to choose black color, since the room will become quite dark.

An interior with white ceiling, furniture and walls makes the room spacious, free, lively and light.

A living room design with a predominance of dark color needs more lighting fixtures at different levels. It is not recommended to limit lights to only a ceiling chandelier or pendant. Add table lamps, a floor lamp, additional spot lighting with bright bulbs, which will help you divide the place and the functional areas.

Avoid black as a ceiling color as it makes the room appear lower which will significantly affect the psyche and mood.


Black and white living room interiors – color accents and furniture ideas

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According to experts, black and white interior design is universal. Such interiors can be both strict and expressive, and soft and soothing. Due to the fact that both black and white are neutral colors, they can be combined with any other color depending on the design concept and the atmosphere that you want to create. Use bright details in small quantities. A few spots of scarlet, yellow or green make the interior bold, lively and more dynamic. The main colors are perfectly combined with the following shades:

  • Red gives energy;
  • Green is a vivid and vibrant color accents that adds a fresh touch;
  • Yellow creates a feeling of warmth and coziness in the interior;
  • Brown adds a peaceful touch to the overall appearance;
  • Blue makes the design more refined and elegant;
  • Gray softens the sharp contrast between black and white.

contemporary interior ideas black floor white walls

Furniture can change the color balance. When choosing furniture for a living room in black and white you need to observe the rule that it should contrast with the shade of the walls and the floor. If the color scheme is dominated by black, you can choose furniture in white, which visually makes the room more spacious and lighter. Black sofas in a white environment will enhance the feeling of a large volume and height. However, keep in mind that furniture pieces in black color must be chosen with care. It is better to combine them with items in light colors. White furniture in a black room immediately attracts the eye.




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