Provencal bedroom interior – great ideas for authentic French atmosphere

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French provence bedroom furniture and decoration ideas

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Provencal bedroom interior must be light, airy and gentle. Provencal style is the most gentle and romantic of all the varieties of rustic style and it the perfect choice for every romantic soul. Inspired by the Mediterranean sun, the magnificence of lavender fields, the sea breeze, Provincial style is a unique combination of rural simplicity and luxury.

The romantic and gentle interiors showcase all the refinement of southern France. Rooms decorated in this style have a cozy, dreamy, sensual and relaxing atmosphere and that is why most often the style is chosen for the interior of the bedroom. Despite the tenderness and softness of the design concept, Provencal interiors are liked by men as well as they create a feeling of leisure and a slower rhythm of life.

Provencal bedroom interior designs – basic characteristics and features

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This French style is born in the southern region of Provence where the main attractions are the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, grape valleys and meadows with an abundance of wildflowers. The color palette reminds of the fragrant lavender fields, of olive trees, of the amazingly azure sea of the south of France, of the light sandy beaches of Nice. The dominant details in French provincial bedroom interior designs are natural motifs which create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The atmosphere is created by natural textiles with floral ornaments or stripes. When you plan the decor of the bedroom you need to remember that this is a country style and there is no place for excessive pomposity. Let’s look at the main characteristics of Provencal style which will help you create the perfect bedroom design.

Color scheme – Since this trend in interior design originated in the south of France, its color scheme reflects the warm atmosphere of the seaside. The dominant colors are gentle and warm from the calm pastel palette – soft creamy, light blue, light pink, light green, light yellow, milky, beige, light gray. Bright contrasts must be avoided and when you want a color accent you can use soft shades of lavender, terracotta, ocher, turquoise, etc. You can combine the following shades to give the bedroom a gentle and romantic mood:

    • Cream, beige, white;
    • Gentle green, olive;
    • Turquoise, soft blue;
    • Light pink, light lilac;
    •   Coffee, yellow, other.

Floral prints should be small, delicate and unobtrusive and you can use them for curtains, wallpaper, bedding or furniture upholstery.

Natural materials – the aesthetics of Provencal style is based on simplicity and natural materials, delicate pastel colors, floral motifs, and aged furniture. Floors and furniture are made of natural wood like oak, beech, ash, birch, cherry, walnut, alder, etc. Everything should be simple, with a touch of rustic charm.

Furniture – a bedroom designed in the style of Provence has a special atmosphere of antiquity, family traditions, continuity of generations. Furniture can be rustic or classical, elegant without glossy finishes. Patina gives the desired effect of natural aging. Wooden chairs, armchair, ottoman, dressing table, chests of drawers – these can have small cracks and peeling varnish, irregularities and surface roughness. The bed is the centerpiece in any bedroom and French provincial interiors are not an exception. It is simple, with a wooden or metal frame. It is decorated with embroidered pillows, a canopy, floral ornament, as well as lace in bed linens. For furniture upholstery, preference is given to such fabrics as: tapestry, cambric, chintz, decorated with flowers or stripes.

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Textile – fabrics add texture and comfort in the interior. Textiles made of natural materials are one of the main features of Provencal decor. Curtains and bed linens in pastel colors create a sense of weightlessness and lightness. Linen, cotton, cambric, satin, tulle, organza, silk – all of these are a good choice. A canopy bed is typical for a Provencal bedroom, so the canopy should be chosen in accordance with the overall design concept. Window treatment should be natural fabrics as well: flax, silk, moire, muslin, etc. When choosing bed linen, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the fabric, its color, and ornamentation.

Lighting is essential in Provencal style. A huge amount of light – this is the basis of the interior. Large windows, sometimes from floor to ceiling allow an abundance of daylight into the room and in combination with other elements of the interior creates even more coziness and romance. As an artificial light, you can use chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, and built-in lamps. The main thing is that they give a soft and diffused light. Floor lamps with fabric shades of green, cream, or sandy color, sconces shaped as climbing ivy, lily bud or rose, lighting fixtures and chandeliers made of natural materials – wood or wrought iron – are ideal.

Accessories – details and decorative elements give the character and individuality to any interior. You need to choose carefully the decor elements so that will complement the entire design. The details can be made of wood, glass, ceramics, porcelain, beads, etc. forged lanterns, statuettes, angels, original photo frames, lamp shades, birdcages, old books, vases with flowers – all of these will perfectly blend into the interior. Be careful not overdo the decor and create an antique shop in the bedroom.

Provencal bedroom interior designs – chic, romantic and pleasing to the eye

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Provencal bedroom interior designs are characterized with sophistication and simplicity. All the charm of old France, with its grace and rural flavor, is embodied in the Provencal style. A cozy bedroom, decorated in this style, will give a feeling of peace and tranquility. With very little effort you can transform your bedroom into a Provence-styled bedroom. Look at the photo gallery, choose the color shades that you like best, keep in mind the main features of the style that we listed below and if you follow the above rules, which are fairly simple and understandable, you can create a special place having the authentic French chic and charm.

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Provencal style bedroom design colors furniture materials tips

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Provencal bedroom interior metal bed frame accent wall floral wallpaper

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French country bedroom decorating ideas with pale blue floral wallpaper shabby chic decor

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