Beach themed bedroom design ideas that invite the sea into your home

by Kremy

best beach themed bedroom design ideas blue white color scheme

We have selected some of the best beach themed bedroom design ideas as this decor is one of the most popular ones not only for beach homes but among all people who love summer, the fresh sea breeze, the warm waves of the immense sea and the bright rays of the dazzling sun.

Everyone wants to create a unique interior and a cozy atmosphere. Marine style refreshes the room and brings a pleasant mood and lightness to it. Nautical decor evokes vibrant memories of summer and allows you to dream of travel and adventure. In addition, it is original and cozy, which is so important for the bedroom, where a person rests at the end of the day.

People who are in love with the sea and the coast would appreciate a house decorated with marine motifs and if you are one of those people coastal decor is the perfect option for you. When you plan a beach themed bedroom you need to take into consideration your own personal preferences. For some people, the sea is a holiday on sandy beaches. Others immediately imagine travel, the adventures of pirates and the search for treasure. The sea theme also includes the depths of the ocean, full of mysteries and unusual inhabitants. That is why the color scheme, materials, accessories and interior details are chosen with respect to the particular main theme.


Beach themed bedroom design ideas – what are the specific features of coastal decor?

creative beach themed bedroom design ideas windows shutters floor lamp


To create a successful coastal decor you need to observe a number of rules. Despite the fact that beach themed bedroom design ideas feature a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere, these rules should be respected otherwise you may end up with a cacophony of items cluttering the space. Beach style in the interior is not exactly a separate design style but more of a stylistic concept. The theme can be blended in any other interior – classical, Mediterranean, minimalist or rustic. Let’s have a quick review of the basic features of marine themed interiors and further on we will give you useful and practical tips for the color scheme, finishing materials, textile, accessories, lighting, etc.

When you plan a bedroom decoration, you need to choose the right colors and shades. The main colors in the design can vary within all the shades of the blue palette which can be combined with beige, white, light brown, pistachio and other green shades. These natural colors represent nature and elements, create a feeling of space, and, in addition, perfectly illuminate the room, making it appear airy and light. As accent colors you can use red, coral, orange, black, yellow, etc. which symbolize a variety of things – a reef, colorful fish, lighthouse signal lights, warning signs, etc.

The blue-white or blue-beige combination is the most popular color choice as it is universal. This is a great option for a bedroom as this is the place where a person rests. Depending on the overall design concept and your personal preferences, you can choose more delicate shades like azure or pale blue or more vivid ones like turquoise, aquamarine, blue-green, etc. The harmonious combination of smooth and calm colors has a positive effect on human psychology. A simple decor allows you to create a bright and fashionable interior without spending a huge amount of money. We mentioned that Mediterranean style is perfect for beach themed bedroom interiors, but you need to realize that each country from the region has its own color scheme with certain characteristics and features. For example, the Greek style features blue and white tones while Italian is known for warm and soft shades. Each variety within the main design style has its own features, which differ in special textures, materials and decoration.


How to choose the materials and finishes for your beach themed bedroom?


coastal decor in master bedroom red white striped area rug

In marine design, natural materials are widely used: wood, stone, pebbles, glass. Natural wood is the material for exterior and interior doors, windows, floors, stairs, walls (shiplap, for example), etc.

Bedroom flooring is mainly solid wood, parquet, wide planks, laminate is acceptable as well. In areas with hot climate, tile flooring is a good option and you can add area rugs made of reed or sisal. Wood is the preferred finishing material not only for flooring and walls, but also for the ceiling, which is most often simply painted or covered with plaster. Exposed wooden beams add visual interest to the room.

The walls can be painted or you can opt for a wall paper in appropriate colors or choose a photo wallpaper suitable for the coastal and beach theme of your bedroom decoration. Using photo wallpapers is one of the easiest ways to give the bedroom a special beach atmosphere. Typically, they are used for an accent wall, and the images can depict anything that is connected with the sea – ships, beaches, underwater world, etc.

light and white bedroom with beach themed decor

Furniture – it is advisable to choose wooden furniture with simple lines. Optionally, you could select artificially aged pieces with a worn out look. Depending on the overall design concept, the furniture can be in Mediterranean style or with a more rustic appearance. The marine theme is very popular for kids bedrooms as well and you can use the furniture and decor elements can turn a room into a real playground. For example, instead of a chest of drawers in the bedroom, a pirate’s chest will look more harmonious. Seagrass, wicker and bamboo furniture pieces, whether in their natural color or painted, will be appropriate in any beach themed bedroom.

Textile adds texture to any interior design and is especially important for the overall appearance of the bedroom. Choose light fabrics for curtains and drapes. Bedding sets with nautical motifs can be an accent and an element of the decor. Area rugs in blue, white or sandy shades are a good choice.

The abundance of light is an important feature as it reminds of the sun rays on the beach. Bedside lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and pendant lighting fixtures should be chosen carefully so that they add to the overall appearance.

Accessories and decoration are the elements that give the character and individuality to the beach themed bedroom. You can use numerous decorative elements and accessories. Of course, their color has to work harmoniously with the chosen color scheme – combinations of blue, white and beige shades.

beach house bedroom furniture ideas accessories and decoration

What decorative elements are most popular? All sorts of things related to the sea:

  • Posters and paintings with ships or sea creatures;
  • Old chests
  • Models of old ships
  • Shells, corals, starfish, stones, pebbles and other marine finds;
  • Souvenirs and figurines (ships, lighthouses, fish, dolphins, etc.);
  • Ropes and bottles;
  • Paddles, steering wheels, anchors;
  • Mirrors on a belt or rope;
  • Table lamps with a base in the form of corals;
  • Wicker mats and accessories;

In addition, you can use vintage items which are related to the marine theme. Vintage chests, wicker baskets, roller blinds, photos or paintings, island landscapes, driftwood, etc. can be used to decorate a beach styled interior.


Beach themed bedroom design ideas – common mistakes to avoid

coastal decor beach theme in bedroom interior

Beach themed bedroom design ideas allow a person to realize numerous creative and original solutions as each room reflects the personality and interests of the owner. Marine style is very relaxed, because it is connected with the romance of sea adventures and recreation. The atmosphere has to be light, airy and cozy, which has a beneficial effect on relaxation. Understanding the principles of simplicity and functionality is essential yet it is easy to get all the idea wrong so make sure you try to avoid some of the common mistakes in beach themed bedroom interiors which are usually a result of insufficient knowledge and experience.

  • Avoid dark blue palette as the room may appear too dark. An option is to use dark blue color on an accent wall, but all other walls should be white.
  • Do not use black color as one of the main tones, it is recommended to use it in small details only;
  • Furniture in black is not appropriate for this style and may make the bedroom look gloomy and unwelcoming;
  • Blue-and-white stripes are widely used but too much stripes are unacceptable so be careful when choosing and combining decorative patterns;
  • Avoid furniture from poor-quality materials.
  • Be careful with the decor. The main thing is not to overload the interior with accessories otherwise the bedroom will turn into a warehouse. Simplicity, elegance and details are the key to success.

Look at the magnificent beach themed bedroom design ideas in the gallery below and find your inspiration for the perfect dream bedroom.


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beach themed bedroom design ideas furniture colors accessories tips

Beach themed bedroom design ideas and decoration tips

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