Tuscan kitchen design ideas – fabulous interiors in Mediterranean style

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mediterranean kitchen Tuscan style interior design ideas

Tuscan kitchen design ideas are fascinating as they represent some of the most eye pleasing features of the Mediterranean style. We shall have a detailed look at the basic characteristics, decorative elements, accessories of the Tuscan style and will show you 50 magnificent Tuscan kitchen designs to inspire you create your dream kitchen!

We mentioned Mediterranean style as all its varieties have common features and besides Italy, it includes Greece, Spain, France, Morocco, etc. The interiors in each country have their own special charm and characteristics, very often they are blended and, for example, French country style has a lot in common with the interiors in Tuscan style. Generally, Mediterranean style has a lot of rustic elements and is based on natural materials, specific color palette, finishes, fabrics, etc.


Tuscan kitchen design ideas – understanding the basics

Tuscany landscape inspiring colors


So what is Tuscan style? The main reason for the huge popularity of Tuscan style designs is very simple – it is associated with the unique southern atmosphere of Italy and creates a feeling of warmth. A special energy of fun and romance is very characteristic for the Tuscan style and that is why it is often chosen by people who like combinations of natural shades and a touch of antiquity.

Italy has long been famous for its designers, artists and sculptors, so it is no surprise that a number of interior styles refer to this amazing country. The legendary region of Tuscany is famous for its beauty, food and wine culture, original architecture – a mixture of rustic style with natural elements and sunny colors. Tuscany is all about bright sunlight and fresh green of the hills. A house in this style is always filled with sunlight, peace and warmth, and each of its rooms is furnished beautifully, simply and functionally. The kitchen is, perhaps, the heart of every home and it is the place where the family meets every morning for breakfast and gathers after a day’s work, it is the place to gather with friends and prepare tasty and healthy food.

A kitchen in Tuscan style is quite simple, but amazingly beautiful and is distinguished by warm tones and furniture made of natural wood, emphasizing the direct connection of the interior with nature. The surrounding area is saturated with the Italian sun and fresh green Tuscany is famous for a lot of light and peaceful atmosphere, with the aroma of morning coffee and rosemary. Rustic-style furniture is a must in Tuscan-style kitchens. Over time, wood gets even more beautiful. An Italian country house style is flexible and leaves you plenty of of options. You can modernize your rustic kitchen and stay true to your individual taste. If you are a fan of this design style, then you will definitely find our tips useful. With the help of these simple techniques, you can create the summer atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Designers distinguish three major types of kitchen interiors in Tuscan style:

  • Kitchens decorated in the original Tuscan style – Color design, material for finishing the floor, ceilings and walls, furniture design – everything corresponds to the atmosphere of Tuscany.
  • Kitchens decorated in rustic style with Tuscan elements – these designs mix elements from traditional rustic style with a Tuscan touch.
  • Modern kitchens with Tuscan accessories and decor elements – these designs feature separate pieces of furniture and characteristic elements of the decor – exposed wooden beams on the ceilings, chic chandeliers, tiled floors or a massive wooden hood.


Tuscan kitchen design ideas – decoration techniques, elements, materials and finishes

tuscan landscape color palette for Mediterranean interiors

When we talk about interior design in any style, we have to follow the rules and use the elements, materials, finishes, colors and accessories which define the style. Often, the small details that people tend to neglect make all the difference. Let’s have a detailed look at the basic features of Tuscan kitchens.

Tuscan kitchen design ideas – color palette

Color palette for Tuscan style kitchen design

The color palette of the Tuscan style is quite rich and conveys the mood of Tuscany itself – sun-scorched soil, soft green, sand, rocks. Warm, natural shades, corresponding to the climate of the Mediterranean area, the light shades of the classical and antique style, neutral shades presented by nature itself, the magnificent green of the cypress and olive trees that grow along the country roads – all of these options are available to choose from when you want to create a welcoming and cozy kitchen atmosphere, typical for the Apennine peninsula.

  • Terracotta;
  • Ochre;
  • Orange;
  • Pale and golden yellow;
  • Light cream;
  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • Maroon shades;
  • Wine red;
  • Brownish;


Tuscan style kitchen designs – ceiling, walls and flooring materials and finishes


Mediterranean kitchen design Tuscan style decorating ideas

Tuscan style can not be created without adequate materials for walls, floors and ceilings. Traditionally, the ceilings in the kitchens, decorated in a Tuscan style, feature wooden beams which are the perfect contrast to light ceilings and walls. As an additional decoration in the gaps between the beams, there may be ceiling murals depicting angels or simply clouds in blue cobalt color.

Walls – nowadays materials imitating old plaster and mural are widely used. The decoration of the walls is reminiscent of aged and faded plaster which gives the interior a look of an old rural house. Often one of the walls is left in its original form, lined with stone. To accent the contour of walls plaster moldings (gypsum stucco molding) decorated with gold leaves can be used. Ceramic tiles are also typical as wall decoration and widely used for as backsplash. Stone and bricks, if used, are left exposed which adds texture to the interior design.

Flooring in a Tuscan kitchen is typically made of natural stone, terracotta tiles or natural wood. It is better to avoid modern materials and if you work on a budget, try to use materials that imitate the appearance and texture of natural stone or wood.


Tuscan kitchen design – how to choose the right furniture

best Tuscan kitchen design ideas Mediterranean style interiors

When selecting furniture, it is necessary to follow the rules common to all varieties of rustic style. Tuscan style is characterized by solid furniture made of natural wood, preferably artificially aged. Quite often it is decorated with carved elements. The facades are mostly solid, but glass elements can be used as inserts. Usually, the furniture is made of dark wood but depending on the overall design concept of your home, you could opt for off-white kitchen furniture which will make your kitchen visually more airy, neat and light. Open shelves are another typical element from the furniture in a Tuscan kitchen. If you are planning to buy antique furniture, you can search for it at flea markets where you can find a variety of pieces and decorative items. In general, pine or oak and neat, simple, uncomplicated lines will help emphasize the Tuscan style. All surfaces in the kitchen should be with a matte finish, avoid smooth and glossy furniture finishes.

Work surfaces must be artificially aged. The countertops for a kitchen in Tuscan style should be made from natural stone (marble, granite), although the traditional material is wood. The backsplash is typically mosaic or ceramic tiles, often hand painted.

Large home appliances must be carefully selected. It is recommended to purchase stylized antique stoves or think of built-in appliances. To keep the authentic appearance and overall impression the refrigerator needs to have the same face as the cabinets.

Traditional for the Tuscan style is the unification of the working and dining area in the kitchen. In open plan areas you can add a large dining table, wooden dining benches or comfortable chairs that can accommodate all members of your family.


Tuscan kitchen designs – choosing lighting, decoration and accessories


tuscan kitchen wood cabinets mediterranean style decor ideas

Lighting – Natural lighting is extremely important in the Tuscan interior so do not use heavy dark curtains on the windows. Let the natural light into the room, use light translucent curtains or leave the windows without any curtains. Lighting fixtures – chandeliers and pendant lamps – should have an antique look. Choose massive ceiling chandeliers with a wooden or metal frame, decorated with gilded medallions, pendants and other elements, as well as lamps shaped as candles. Such details will emphasize the authentic atmosphere of Italian country house.

Any interior needs accessories and when it comes to decor, there is only one rule – do not save on decor and try to choose high quality items as they will give the real character. What you need to remember is that Mediterranean style is characterized by its own asceticism so do not litter the kitchen with accessories. So, let’s talk about accessories and decorations suitable for a Tuscan kitchen.

Metal elements are usually present – bronze, copper, tin and brass, as well as wrought iron which is typical for chandeliers and furniture.

Kitchen appliances – Tuscany is famous for its attitude to cooking, so cooking appliances should visible – a pizza oven, stove, etc. They create an atmosphere of a place where food is important. A comfortable yet stylish interior will not allow your kitchen to look like a place where only preheated ready-made products are bought and all that happens in the kitchen is a quick cup of coffee in the morning before running off to work. Remember that this is the heart of the home and especially in an Italian home!

Paintings – Another element of decor, which can be used in Tuscan style kitchens- hand-painted murals on the walls or on the furniture. Just do not overdo it. The painting should not attract much attention.

Tuscan style dinnerware kitchen accessories

Tuscan tableware – let it be a little rustic. Earthware, ceramic tableware, copper – this is what you need. Terracotta pots, decorative bottles and jars filled with rare oils – all this, definitely, will add color to the interior.

Fresh flowers, dry herbs, fruits and vegetables – grapevines, sunflowers, fruits, olives, bunches of dry herbs – all these are traditional and should be present in your kitchen as separate elements, or as a part of a composition.

Textiles are the source of comfort in the kitchen and Tuscan kitchens are not an exception. Handmade napkins, tablecloth, towels, curtains, chair covers and pillows with a rustic look will help you create the warm atmosphere of an Italian kitchen. Choose natural materials like cotton, bleached and unbleached flax, chintz, etc. Embroideries and prints with floral patterns are also suitable.



tuscan kitchen with pizza oven and large island

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