Dark kitchen cabinets – bold ideas for rich shades in the interior

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dark kitchen cabinets ideas pros and cons

Dark kitchen cabinets always look rich and exceptionally chic. Dark wood looks expensive and luxurious. For some reason, dark colors are still associated with a lot of stereotypes: some people considers them boring, some think that they are suitable only for large rooms or that deep dark shades are out of fashion and not suitable for contemporary interiors. We shall break these myths and will show you a great selection of kitchen designs in dark colors and, without any doubt, these photos will show you that the dark shades are modern and stylish

Using dark tones in the interior of rooms requires skills and knowledge. First of all, dark colors look better in large sized rooms, but this does not mean that they cannot be cleverly used in rooms with modest space. Even small kitchens can be designed in dark colors if you follow some basic design techniques and rules.


Dark kitchen cabinets – exceptional and striking black kitchen design ideas

stunning black kitchens modern home interior design


Black is a deep independent color and it is the perfect choice for modern designs, especially if you want to play with contrasts. Many people want to get a dynamic and even slightly dramatic kitchen interior whether with the help of a professional designer or as a DIY project. Black is special and you may even hear that is is described as “a lack of color”. True, it is at one end of the spectrum and is referred to as “neutral” so homeowners who plan a kitchen remodel and want to use black in their kitchen will find out tips quite useful.

Black kitchen cabinets are a luxurious choice. Dark shades as a color solution for kitchen furniture are not uncommon for designers and for interior decorators. Black cabinets bring a dramatic appearance to the interior. Very often designers use black color when they want to add a touch of glamour and elegance to the interior but black kitchen cabinets should be carefully chosen as the extensive use of black can visually reduce the space. It is important to understand that the effort and time to care and maintain such surfaces will be more than the time needed for their light counterparts. Fingerprints, water stains, dust, crumbs and dirt are even more noticeable on dark surfaces.

Black cabinets are a great choice for kitchen interiors designed in modern or industrial style, as well as high-tech style. Very good options for kitchen sets with black facades can be found among the classic models. Designers often choose black furniture for open plan areas which unite the living room, kitchen and dining room.

A monochrome black interior is unacceptable, but dark colors may well dominate, if you have a large and well-lit kitchen, and you are ready for a very extravagant atmosphere. In the interior of a small kitchen dark kitchen cabinets are quite appropriate but experts recommend choosing dark shades only for the upper cabinets or for the low ones and add a complementary color. The basic rule when you use two colors is to add a third one – a balancing or a contrast shade. For example, a red-black dinterior design needs contrasting white, and black and white kitchen can be complemented with any other color, but some combinations will be especially successful. Here are some good color combinations for kitchens with black cabinets:

  • Black and white – white color is one of the best choices to neutralize a black interior and compensate the visually weight of the furniture.
  • Black kitchen cabinets will become even more stylish and luxurious if you add gold accessories.
  • Combination of black with brown, beige and wood is very successful and that is why these combinations are widely used.
  • Combination with gray shades – black and gray work harmoniously with each other, but they require additional color accents like white, pink, blue, brown, gold or red.
  • Combination with blue is a rarity although it can look quite impressive. Accent colors like white would be a good idea to balance the dark shades.
  • Metallic and chrome accents in combination with black look organic and effective, so choosing stainless steel appliances is the best option.

modern kitchen with dark cabinets black color in interior design
impressive black kitchen cabinets in contemporary home
dark kitchen cabinets contemporary kitchen design ideas
black kitchen cabinets exposed brick wall whitewashed

Dark kitchen cabinets – the elegance of deep brown shades


dark kitchen cabinets brown beige interior design

The noble shade of oak, delicious chocolate, coffee, espresso, wenge … Do you still think that dark kitchen cabinets are boring? With the right selection of colors, you can create a unique design and we shall look at the advantages of dark brown shades.

When planning the interior of their home, most of the owners have certain concerns when it comes to dark shades of brown as they cannot imagine the final look of their kitchen. However, this color scheme offers the richest possibilities and is one of the most universal palettes which creates a feeling of peace, tranquility, security and genuine coziness

The secret of the brown palette is in its naturalness. Neutral in itself, it does not suppress, it does not irritate nor distracts attention during routine kitchen work. When decorating a kitchen, you need to consider the effect of colors on the appetite. The “edible” shades of brown – espresso, chocolate – are one of the best choices. Versatility is one of the undeniable advantages of dark brown kitchen cabinets. Based on the rich tones in the brown palette, you can create an interior in a many different styles – functional contemporary or simple, practical rustic, a refined retro or a chic ethnic. The texture of brown surfaces can be smooth or covered with a carved pattern, glossy or matte and you have many choices to complement the interior – glass and stone, metal and brick – all these naturally fit into the design of a kitchen with dark brown cabinets.

What are the suitable color combinations with dark brown? The dark brown palette is suitable for kitchens with good natural light, which is the general rule for kitchen interiors in dark colors. Wenge, espresso, chocolate brown make the interior luxurious and elegant. Dark brown cabinets work harmoniously with all other natural colors – terracotta, sandy shades, bright yellow, orange, red, green, etc. The neutrality and versatility of brown allow you to include it in a variety of combinations which will create a unique interior. Beige is one of the best options and it blends with dark brown shades in the most natural way. Cream, almonds, caramel, walnut tones will also be a grat complement to dark cabinetry and will help you avoid a monotonous look.


pros and cons of dark kitchen cabinets

modern kitchen with dark cabinets and copper pendant lamps

modern kitchen design with dark cabinets

contemporary kitchen gray wall paint dark brown cabinets



Dark gray kitchen cabinets in contemporary interior designs


unique kitchens gray cabinets wood flooring

Gray, along with black and white, is one of those colors that will never go out of fashion and will always be very popular when decorating homes since these colors are universal. The gray palette offers homeowners and designers the choice of a wide range of different tones and shades. Many people are convinced that dark gray kitchen cabinets are boring. However, in the photos below you will see how designers use the rich and bold dark tones to create unique and very interesting interiors. Of course, monochrome will not be to everyone’s liking, but if you take gray shades as the main ones and pick up suitable complementary colors, then a very attractive design will come out.

Gray comes in numerous shades, but we shall focus on the dark ones – slate, graphite, asphalt, anthracite, lead – these are just some of them. There are many advantages of using dark gray shades in the design of the kitchen. On the first place, this is a neutral color and can be combined with almost any other shade. Every homeowner can add a bright accent without the help of the designer. Gray color is suitable for both large and small kitchen interiors and makes the interior look noble, luxurious, sophisticated and chic. The gray palette is at the peak of popularity and is suitable for almost any decor style.

The opponents of gray color point out that it looks gloomy. Of course, the beauty of colors is always a personal perception, and even if you are not a huge fan of dark gray, you can choose partner colors which will transform the look of the entire design. For example, dark gray cabinets are often complemented by a bright red backplash or a red fridge.

Dark gray and white are ideal companions and this is one of the always winning combinations. Dark kitchen cabinets will look great against a background of snow-white walls and the overall atmosphere will be calm and cozy.

Gray and red is a bold and interesting color combination. Scarlet accents are ideal for a kitchen with dark cabinets. Make sure you do not use red excessively. Keep to the general rule – the smaller the kitchen, the less accent colors.

Gray and green create a feeling of softness and lightness to any interior. Shades such as mint, turquoise or emerald are especially interesting and remind for the beauty of Nature.


retro style kitchen design gray cabinets red refrigerator

modern dark kitchen cabinets stylish interior design

dark kitchen cabinets wood countertops tile backsplash

contemporary kitchen design ideas with dark gray cabinets


Dark blue kitchen cabinets – amazing kitchen interior solutions and color combinations


dark kitchen cabinets galley kitchen design ideas breakfast nook

Dark blue kitchen cabinets are considered to be an extraordinary solution but they can create a relaxing environment. The darker blue tones are considered to be cold but the combination with a warm shade changes the temperature and the appearance of the interior. Many people prefer the lighter shades like turquoise but cabinets in dark blue can be a real eye catcher and can be used even in a small kitchen. The main rule for good lighting, which is valid for any dark kitchen cabinets, is valid for the deep blue tones as well. Proper lighting will allow you to visually expand the kitchen area.

Dark blue interiors create and impression of nobility, reliability and strictness and the color can be used in many décor styles – Mediterranean, Provence, some ethnic, Scandinavian, it is essential for nautical style interiors, etc. In addition, blue has a calming effect and creates a feeling of coolness, because it is associated with sea and sky which makes the interiors an excellent option for relaxation from busy everyday life. A combination of dark blue tones with warm bright colors creates an atmosphere of summer freshness in the kitchen.

How to combine dark blue kitchen cabinets with other colors?

A classic combination is a blue and white kitchen interior. This duo can use dark blue colors and snow-white surfaces: chairs, table, ceiling, walls, curtains, etc. The style of a blue and white kitchen can be modern, classic, minimalist and even rustic.

Dark blue in the interior of the kitchen is in harmony with light gray shades and combinations with other cold shades look very refined. Typically sich combinations are used in contemporary styled interiors with strict, straight lines and simple geometry.

Dark blue kitchen cabinets will appear warmer and cozy when combined with beige, cream and sandy shades. If you prefer a cozy and inviting environment choose bright warm accent colors like yellow, orange or peach which will dilute the coldness of the blue and make the interior very cheerful.

Blue cabinets and wood accents – this is also a harmonious combination and a suitable choice for rustic and country style interiors.


navy blue kitchen cabinets white quartz countertops modern kitchen

dark kitchen cabinets modern interiors white countertops

amazing blue kitchen dark cabinets ideas

amazing kitchen designs blue cabinets exposed brick wall


Dark green cabinets in kitchen interiors


modern dark green kitchen design in minimalist style

Noble dark green is more often used for classical interiors but it is a good choice for rustic and bohemian styles as well as for designs in Mediterranean style. It all depends on your imagination and the ability to find harmonious combinations. Even a small kitchen will look luxurious if you get cabinets in dark green but in this case you need to find a suitable complementary color. This may be difficult especially for some of the more specific shades of dark green so stick to proven combination of green with small blotches of white which look stylish and harmonious.

Green color fills the space with energy. It is associated with spring, nature, hope, renewal, growth, development, prosperity and longevity. A kitchen in green, according to psychologists, is a home remedy for stress. The color is very friendly, so it blends perfectly with the most diverse colors and shades.

  • White color can be combined with any other shade and dark greens are not an exception. Cream, beige, coffee-with-milk tones are a safe choice.
  • The combination of green and brown colors is classic. After all, these are the colors of nature, which always create a good mood.
  • Green and gray can be a good combination, but the most successful option is to choose stainless steel household appliances which will perfectly separate and emphasize each compartment of the kitchen.
  • Purple and green is another combination but you need to be careful with the amount of purple and the particular shade, since not all the purple hues are suitable. To avoid a ridiculous look, it is best if you consult with a professional designer or decorator.


striking kitchen design with dark green cabinets

exclusive kitchen designs with dark green cabinets

elegant dark green kitchen cabinets apron sink wood flooring

dark kitchen cabinets ideas green and white interior



Stylish dark red kitchen cabinets in noble burgundy shades


burgundy kitchen cabinets white flooring modern interior

The noble dark cherry shade, also popular as burgundy, is one of the richest and most interesting colors for kitchen cabinets. Designers distinguish burgundy as one of the most representative colors, associated with power, prosperity and stability. This is quite a calm, balanced shade of the passionate and aggressive red color which has a soothing effect on the psyche, helps to relax, improves mood and increases appetite during dinner. Burgundy kitchens are always practical and functional and these characteristics are highly appreciated by housewives.

Beauty is not the only reason to use different shades of burgundy in the design of your kitchen. Another amazing feature of the color is that it fits harmoniously into almost any style. In the pjoto selection you will see exceptional kitchen designs in modern, minimalist and classic styles. You need to remember that this color belongs to the warm palette but due to its richness it can visually diminish the space. Designers advise not to forget that the burgundy shades should be used in small kitchens only in details, rather than on large surfaces. Even in a spacious kitchen, unsuccessful combinations with other colors can make the interior look dark and cold and insufficient lighting will only enhance the unpleasant feeling and deprive this color of all its advantages.

How to combine burgundy kitchen cabinnets wih other colors? The splendor of burgundy color is especially impressive when combined with light tones, glass and shiny metal surfaces, natural stone and wood. Using the right approach when choosing additional shades, you can create a spectacular kitchen design.

Combining burgundy with white is a true visual pleasure. White successfully emphasizes the depth and richness of the main tone. More often burgundy is used for the low kitchen cabinets and white for the top row, as it is both practical and fashionable.

  • When burgundy color is combined with beige and other neutral shades, the combinations fill the space with warmth. The neutral colors make the dark red look really exquisite.
  • Burgundy and gray is a combination of aristocratism and tranquility. Designers advise to complement such kitchen designs with as much as possible light details.
  • Black and burgundy is not often used as a color combination in kitchen interiors as both colors visually narrow the space. As an accent color, for example, in a white-burgundy kitchen, black will be just perfect.
  • Kitchen cabinets in burgundy color can also be combined with orange and green – such combinations will be appreciated by those who prefer originality and creative use of colors.


dark red cabinets in modern kitchen design

dark red cabinets color stylish kitchen design ideas

contemporary kitchen burgundy cabinets glossy finish

beautiful kitchen design with burgundy cabinets



Purple kitchen cabinets – splendid color combinations in the interior


contemporary kitchen in purple and white

Purple color has always been a symbol of charm and beauty, and nowadays the kitchen is not only a food preparation area but also a place for rest and spiritual balance. This color has a calming, relaxing and relaxing effect, it improves sleepand these are just some of the reasons why purple color in the interior of the kitchen has become especially popular. Purple can be a really difficult color but rooms in dark purple look impressive. As many advantages these rich shades have, using purple in the kitchen may lead to fatigue and anguish, sometimes even a depression so if this is not your favorite color or you are not sure how to use it, think of some other option for dark kitchen cabinets.

Cold shades of purple in combination with different shades can create an unexpected effect, but these color combinations need to be carefully selected.

In large kitchens, deep, almost velvety shades are suitable. Some people choose the dark purple color as a spectacular accent and choose it for the kitchen island while others opt for the cabinetry along the walls. Please note that deep dark shades look best in monochrome interiors.

Purple cabinets with glossy finish are ideal for modern kitchen designs but keep in mind that in small areas the abundance of dark tones is not recommended because the room will seem even smaller. Experts advise to use gradient shades in small areas – for example, upper cabinets can be finished in glossy lilac, the backsplash – in a blueburry shade and the bottom row – in black. The gradient colors can hide the shortcomings of a small room and give it the missing volume.

Obviously purple cabinets can be combined with the two neutrals – black and white.

This color looks especially well when combined with yellow, gold and bronze. As you know, each color has its opposite in the color circle and when combined they make the brightest pair. For purple this is yellow, but this combination appears too sharp and contrasting in interior designs, so yellow can be replaced with slightly saturated, creamy hues. If you want to use some other shade, it is better to consult with a professional designer.


purple kitchen interior design modern cabinets

purple cabinets modern kitchen design ideas

dark kitchen cabinets ideas purple color

dark kitchen cabinets ideas purple cabinets white countertops


In conclusion we can say that dark kitchen cabinets are exceptionally attractive and their striking appearance is appealing to many homeowners. When choosing the colors for your interior, keep in mind that dark shades can make the space look smaller and narrower and if you want to use them in a small kitchen it will be a good idea to consult with a designer or decorator in advance.

One of the great options for dark kitchen cabinets is to choose solid wood since the natural rich color of wood is very beautiful. You can even stain your old cabinets in a rich deep dark shade and give your kitchen a completely new look. Solid wood cabinets are suitable for many décor styles – from classic and rustic to contemporary and minimalist.

dark kitchen cabinets review color options and combinations


Combining dark shades with lighter ones – white or shades of beige – will create a softer appearance and a cozier atmosphere in the kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinets design in dark colors features both glossy and matte finishes and the market offers a wide choice for every taste. Whether you select green, blue, gray, burgundy or other dark color, a background in neutral shades will make them stand out and your cabinets will be a real decoration of the room.




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