Kitchen Hardware Ideas 2023 – Choose the BEST Handles for Your Cabinet Style!

by Stephanie Yankova

Are you looking for a quick and easy hack that will instantly make your kitchen look brand new? Something just as simple as changing your hardware can turn your kitchen from bland to grand in no time! Here’s how you can elevate your cooking space interior with these unique kitchen hardware ideas! Which one of the latest trends suits your personal style the best?

Kitchen Hardware Ideas for White Cabinets 2023

white kitchen long brass hardware design ideas 2023

White kitchen cabinets are a timeless classic that remains a popular design choice to this day! The simplicity and elegance of an all-white kitchen can inspire anyone to throw an apron on and chef it up! You can easily adapt white cabinets to any aesthetic by simply switching up their hardware. This is a great way for anyone who rents their home to bring a touch of their personal style into their cooking space. What are the most suitable hardware options for white cabinets? Let’s browse through some of the current trends!

Black Stainless Steel T-Bar Cupboard Handles

modern black t bar cupboard handles stainless steel hardware white kitchen design ideas 2023


These cupboard handles are ideal for minimalists who want the kitchen to mimic their simple and clean aesthetic. The contrast between the black T-bar stainless steel hardware and all-white cabinets makes a subtle yet prominent statement. If you’re going after a modern, slightly industrial look – this is a great way to achieve it!

Note: Any hardware with sharp edges is unsuitable for areas that are easily accessible to children. To prevent probable injuries, only choose such handles for your top cupboards or use soft protective covers.

Brushed Gold Brass Half Moon Handles

brushed gold brass half moon handles white kitchen cabinets

The half-moon cabinet pulls will instantly give any kitchen a fresh modern appearance. They work great on both drawers and cabinet doors and have a timeless and elegant design. If you want to achieve a more chic design, go for brushed gold brass pulls. For minimalist decor, choose black stainless steel. If you’re gravitating more towards an organic boho vibe – you can find them made of wood, too!

Modern Polished Nickel Square Handles

modern polished nickel square cabinet handles all white kitchen design ideas

There’s a striking elegance that can be found in a well-executed monochromatic kitchen design. While contrasting details are a great way to decorate a minimalist space, there are other ways you can achieve an aesthetic appeal. When it comes to kitchen hardware, I’m a die-hard fan of the polished nickel finish. It’s like an elevated version of the polished chrome that we’re all familiar with. It’s reflective with a slight matte finish which gives it a really sleek modern appearance! Not only that, but it looks exceptionally well on long square handles. Believe me when I tell you that these handles will turn the regular act of opening cupboards into a luxurious experience.

Kitchen Hardware Ideas for Oak Cabinets 2023

oak kitchen cabinets long brass square handles modern makeover 2023

If you live in a house or apartment that was built between the 70s and 80s, the chances of you having an oak kitchen are pretty high. Oak is a really durable hardwood which makes these kitchens incredibly long-lasting. However, they are not a current popular choice. What can you do to give these vintage cabinets a modern makeover? You’ll be surprised what a set of stylish new hardware can do for these cupboards! Here’s how to give your oak kitchen an unrecognizable upgrade with these trendy handles designs!

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Matte Black Stainless Steel Square Handles

long matte black stainless steel square handles oak kitchen cabinets makeover 2023

Matte black hardware is a stunning option for non-glossy oak cabinets. They’re modern, bold, eye-catching, and nice to the touch. One downside – the matte finish scratches quite easily. If you’re not someone who is going to be bothered with that minor detail, we suggest you give these handles a go! They will make your old cabinets look better than ever before!

Combine Black Cup Pulls with T-Bar Handles

black cup pulls t bar handles oak kitchen cabinets makeover ideas (1)

Mixing and matching your hardware is an excellent way to shake up your kitchen’s design and give it a modern appearance. Cup pulls are super comfortable for drawers and give your kitchen a timeless rustic look. T-bar handles on the other hand bring that little touch of modern style. Both these designs can be tied together with an elegant black stainless steel finish.

Long Edge Finger Pulls

black edge finger pulls oak kitchen cabinets

If you want to give your oak cabinets a sleek, minimalist, and modern appearance, these edge pulls are the perfect choice! They’re really subtle which puts an emphasis on the wood. Not only that, but they’re also really comfortable to hold and work for both cabinet doors and drawers!

Kitchen Hardware Ideas for Dark Cabinets 2023

modern black kitchen cabinets long t bar brass hardware subway tile backsplash

Dark cabinets have been a rising kitchen trend over the last two years. Their edgy and sophisticated look has made them an especially desired option for younger homeowners. Dark kitchen cabinets are a statement of their own. However, you can skillfully use hardware to tie them with the rest of your kitchen decor or give them a playful pop of color. Let’s take a look at some of the trendiest expert suggestions!

Leather-Covered Stainless Steel T-Bar Handles

leather stainless steel t bar handles dark kitchen cabinets design 2023

Dark kitchen cabinets ooze high class and elegance. To elevate their appearance even more you can these unique leather-covered stainless steel handles. They’re a true statement piece that not only looks but also feels good!

T-Bar Wire Recess Amalfine Pull Handles

industrial style wire recess cabinets pull handles dark kitchen design ideas 2023

Are you trying to give your dark kitchen a more raw, industrial look? These stained brass wire recess amalfine handles are the perfect finish for your new cooking space! They’re modern, sturdy, and blend seamlessly with the cabinets. This timeless edgy design is guaranteed to give your kitchen a stand-out one-of-a-kind appearance!

Textured Long Brass Handles

brass textured handles dark kitchen cabinets design 2023

A classic and absolutely astonishing choice that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time is brass handles! As someone who appreciates tactile design, I’m particularly partial to the textured brass handles. You can probably imagine that the grip on these is a feast for the senses! They’re a timeless piece of hardware that can flawlessly elevate the appearance of any kitchen! If you’re looking for subtle and elegant contrasting elements for your dark kitchen – these handles are the way to go!

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