How to Choose the Right Bra Cup Style? – The Ultimate Guide to Comfort for Every Breast Shape!

by Stephanie Yankova

We all have that one favorite bra that we hold onto for dear life. It’s the best purchase we’ve ever made, the most comfortable piece of fabric that’s ever touched our skin, and our true ride-or-die! Usually, that’s also the ugliest bra in our closet that should never be seen in broad daylight! If you’re a busty woman, you’ve probably grown up with the idea that pretty bras can’t be comfortable. On the other hand, if you have small breasts you’ve probably gone by the narrative that you need a push-up bra in order to achieve a plunging effect. It’s high time we put an end to the myths and misconceptions and learn how to choose the right bra cup style for our breasts! Let’s turn every bra into our favorite bra!

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How Can I Determine My Breast Shape?

Nature has created us all unique and when it comes to the shape of our breasts, there aren’t any two alike (even our own)! They differ in size, shape, firmness, and the way gravity affects them. Most of us have been taught or had to figure out on our own how to determine the cup and band size of our brasseries. However, what often remains left out is how to figure out the shape of our breasts. This is the second most important step in choosing the right bra after picking the right size! Here is a super simple way to help you determine your breast shape!

  • Asymmetrical – If it’s significantly noticeable that one of your breasts is bigger than the other, then the shape of your breasts is asymmetrical. And before you start overthinking it – your breasts are completely normal, this is natural, and like we said earlier – there are no two alike!
  • Pendulous – As you’re standing in front of the mirror if your breasts and nipples are facing downwards, then they have a pendulous shape. These breasts have more density at the bottom and low density at the top.
  • Bell-shaped – Similar to the pendulous breasts, the bell-shaped ones are narrow at the top and full at the bottom and quite literally are in the shape of a bell.
  • Round – The round breast shape has full density both at the top and the bottom. This is one of the most desired breast types and most lingerie is molded exactly to that shape!
  • East West – If your breasts are far apart and point out and downwards in opposite directions, then you have an “east west” breast shape. They are full at the bottom and the sides and have low density at the top.
  • Close set – Inversely to the “east west” breast type, if your breasts are situated close to one another with a very little gap between them, then they are a close set shape.

How to Choose the Right Bra Cup Style for My Breast Shape?

how to choose the right bra cup style for my breast shape guide tips tricks


Once you’ve determined the shape of your breasts comes the fun part – choosing your brasserie! You’ve probably noticed how you find some bras and cup shapes much more comfortable than others. That’s because each silhouette offers different kinds of support and as heartbreaking as it may be – they won’t fit every breast shape! The good news is that the lingerie market is booming! Once you know what’s the right bra cup style for your breasts, it will be much easier for you to find more than one bra that fits you without a flaw every single time!


asymmetrical breasts balcony style t shirt bra style

For women with asymmetrical breasts, it’s best to opt for balcony style and t-shirt bras. A balcony bra with a stretch lace cup will fit you perfectly. While the coverage is less, the support is good, and they form very well around the breasts. The t-shirt bra has a more rigid fit, but once it’s on – your girls are going to be safe and secure in there – guaranteed! If the size difference between your breasts is too noticeable, you can get a removable pad and add it to the cup that holds your smaller breast. That way you will achieve better symmetry!

Pendulous + Bell-Shaped

pendulous bell shaped breasts full cup underwired bra style

For pendulous and bell-shaped breasts it’s best to wear full cup as well as underwired bras. They will give you full coverage, great shaping, and support.

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round breasts shape all bra styles plunge side supportt shirt balcony full cup

If you have round breasts – congratulations! You have the most versatile and sought out breast shape! You’re in great luck because your breast shape suits every bra. The reason for that is that the mass-produced brasseries on the market are universally molded to the round breast shape! For ultimate comfort throughout the whole day you can wear a full-coverage bra, and for less coverage without any push up try a plunge bra!

East West

east west breasts shape plunge side support bra style

For the “east west” breast shape the most suitable bra styles are the plunge and side support bras. The plunge design will help bring up your breasts upwards. The side support will do the same, as well as lift your breasts from the sides and bring them closer together.

Close Set

close set breast shape strapless stick on full coverage bra style

There are quite a few bra styles suitable for the close set breasts, such as the balconette and underwired bras. However, the most comfortable remain the full coverage bra for everyday wear and the strapless stick-on bra perfect for your minimal summer outfits!

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