How to Style Birkenstock Clogs? 15 Outfits for Any Season

by Kristiyana

How to style Birkenstock clogs? Can you wear these shoes with socks? What about jeans? How to wear them in winter?

quiet luxury vibes outfit

Birkenstock clogs might not be everyone’s cup of tea at first glance, but trust me, these comfortable shoes will be your new favorite pair to go everywhere! A distant cousin of the “love or hate it” Crocs, Birkenstock clogs are once again popular, their barely-closed back not stopping any true fashionista from wearing them in the cold winter weather as well. The comfy pair of shoes can be worn in any season, as they are super versatile! Want to learn how to style Birkenstock clogs? Follow my lead.

How to Style Birkenstock Clogs? 15 Outfits for Any Season

styling birkenstock clogs for autumn

Whether for a simple, yet stylish outfit to go running your daily errands, or something more feminine like an outfit with a cute long skirt or short dress, you will see that Birkenstock clogs are not in any way difficult to style! Draw inspiration from these chic looks and create your own favorite outfit with Birkenstock clogs whether for winter, spring, summer, or fall!

Styling Birkenstock Clogs with a Denim Shirt

denim shirts go great with these shoes

A denim shirt pairs amazingly with these comfy shoes. Create the rest of this coffee date ensemble with high-waisted black trousers, simple white tee, black leather handbag and a pair of sunglasses. Denim on denim also goes really weal with Birkenstock clogs, so you can try that look as well for a stylish spring outfit.

How to Style Birkenstock Clogs in Winter?

winter outfit with birkenstock clogs

So, how to style these super versatile shoes to feel warm in the cold weather? Of course, you have to put on a comfy and thick pair of socks, best in neutral colors if they are going to be visible. Style your Birkinstock clogs in winter with leather trousers or black skinny jeans, white oversized tee, striped jumper and add an extra layer with an oversized bomber jacket in black. Accessorize with a small black leather handbag and sunglasses.

Birkenstock Clogs Skirt Outfit for Spring/ Summer

how to wear birkenstock clogs with a skirt

Think you can’t possibly style Birkenstock clogs with a skirt? Think again! These shoes are naturally casual, so they can easily pair with if not all, then at least most pieces of clothing. For a cute and fashionable spring or summer outfit, pick a skirt that matches the color of your clogs. The style and length doesn’t matter, as anything goes with these shoes. Put on a white Boho flowy short, an oversized or tote bag, and you are ready for the warm weather in style!

How to Style Birkenstock Clogs with a Dress?

how to wear birkingstock clogs with a dress

Although most girlies prefer to style the Birkenstock clogs with a midi or maxi dress to get that Coastal Grandmother look, I think a slick, short number creates a chic summer look like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The dress might be slightly sexy, but the clogs make it look more casual and easygoing – perfect for summer!

For more ways to style Birkenstock clogs/Bostons, watch Jess Sheppard‘s YouTube video for some inspiring spring and summer outfits! Enjoy!

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More Trendy Outfit Ideas with Birkenstock Clogs

how to style birkenstock clogs with jeans

Casual summer outfit with Birkenstock clogs

summer outfit with birkinstock clogs

How to style Birkenstock clogs with jeans 

wearing birkinstock clogs with jeans casual outfit idea

Elevate the style of these shoes with a blazer

birkinstock clogs and blazers go great together

How to style Birkenstock clogs with socks

how to style birkenstock clogs with socks

Comfy, stylish black winter/fall outfit with Birkenstock clogs

black winter outfit with birkenstock clogs shoes

Stripes go really well with these shoes

styling birkinstock clogs for a casual look stripes outfit

Quiet luxury aesthetic outfit with Birkenstock clogs

how to style birkenstock clogs skinny jeans

Feel warm & comfortable with this winter outfit idea

how to style birkenstock clogs in winter

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