How to Style Birkenstock Clogs? – 14 Ways to Wear the Latest Casual Footwear Obsession

by Stephanie Yankova

Predominantly known as the “hippie shoe”, Birkenstock sandals have been making a tremendous comeback during the last couple of years. To this day we can see more and more people wearing them, amongst them a number of well-known celebrities. Only last year the brand collaborated with over 23 designers to create unique models of their classic silhouettes, such as Rick Owens, Stussy, Manolo Blahnik, Jil Sander, and even Dior. An unexpected comeback made the Birkenstock Boston model, also known as the Birkenstock clogs, and it quickly became the ultimate IT shoe despite the public’s divided opinions on the design. I have to admit when I first saw people on the streets casually rocking a pair of, what I like to call, premium slippers, I thought it was utterly outrageous and brave at the same time, because most of these people would style them with a pair of white socks, and everyone knows that our streets aren’t clean enough to sport open heel shoes like that! Regardless of my initial response, in all honesty, they grew on me with time. Now, the big question is how do you style them? Enough blabbering, let’s get to the chase! Here are the best ways to style Birkenstock clogs for every occasion!

style birkenstock clogs scrunched wool socks rolled up straight jeans

How to Style Birkenstock Clogs in 2023?

While the silhouette remains the same, the Birkenstock Clogs have taken a much more elevated appearance thanks to the abundance of collaborations of the shoe company. With a variety of colors, textures, and alternative designs, the Birkenstock Clogs have become an incredibly versatile shoe that can be easily styled with pretty much everything if you’re willing to give it a go. Their biggest benefit is that they are incredibly comfortable, and they’re the ideal go-to shoe for casual street-style outfits. Here’s how to style these viral clogs the influencer way!

Oversized Linen Suit in Shades of Brown

oversized suit style birkenstock clogs easy effortless street look


Undeniably, one of the biggest fashion trends of 2023 is oversized suits, which quickly turned from strictly business to effortlessly casual. If you’re tired of pairing your suits with sneakers and want to try something else that also doesn’t take away from the dressed-down appearance of your outfit, then the Birkenstock clogs might be just what you need.

Chic Gym Ensemble

leggings gym wear trench coat scrunched socks style birkenstocks clogs

This outfit reminiscent of Hailey Bieber’s street style is a great example of the versatility of the Birkenstock clogs. You can effortlessly style them with a pair of scrunched socks on top of your leggings for a super cool it-girl appearance. Replace your sports jacket with a long blazer in matching colors with the clogs and go about your day in a unique and recognizable style!

Style Birkenstock Clogs in a Monochromatic Look

all white simple minimalist monochromatic look style birkenstock clogs

There is something incredibly simple and minimalistic, yet elegant in the appearance of the Birkenstock clogs. The high-quality leather and cork soles create an earthy design that’s a statement on its own! Probably the most intuitive way to style these shoes is by pairing them with clothes that accentuate their aesthetic silhouette. A monochromatic look in different shades of beige is a formula that’s guaranteed to make you look like you definitely have your life together. Cardigans are making a huge comeback this year, so make sure to throw one of those on, as well.

How to Style Shearling Birkenstock Clogs?

accent pink scarf style birkenstock clogs matching bag blue jeans casual street look

One of the coziest and most adored Birkenstock designs is the teddy shearling top clogs. They really do make it look and feel like your foot is wrapped in a warm hug, and who wouldn’t want that? A great way to style them is to create some coherence with a matching shearling bag. These clogs look great when paired with jeans and nude colors, however, an accent vibrant pink scarf is an unexpected accessory that will definitely elevate your look and add a fun character to it!

How to Wear the Birkenstock Clogs during the Cold Months?

big furry coat elevated street style birkenstock clogs outfit ideas inspo

Just because it’s an open-heel shoe, it doesn’t mean that you should let that restrict your styling choices. This is a chic example of how you can combine a pair of oiled leather Birkenstock Boston clogs with a long winter coat. As long as you feel comfortable wearing a slip-on shoe, everything else allows for endless experimentation.

Business Chic Meets Effortlessly Cool

chic outfit inspo style birkenstock clogs professional work look

I don’t care about what any fashion guru has to say on the matter – comfort is everything! It’s most certainly not something I want to sacrifice simply because some unspoken rules have taught us what is and isn’t acceptable to wear in an office setting. I’m overjoyed whenever I see such a flawless presentation like the one above of a seamless blend of elegant tailoring and a street style element that dresses the outfit down without eliminating its essence. The Birkenstock clogs are great for this occasion!

More Ways to Style Birkenstock Clogs

cropped short trench coat all black outfit crop top style birkenstock clogs

Brown and Black Athleisure Wear mixed with a Classic Trench Coat for an Off-Duty Model Look  

classic beige trenchcoat brown birkenstock clogs shorts minimalist outfit ideas

Effortless Tomboyish Summer Look 

casual everyday outfit shorts sweater beige colors birkenstock clogs

A Simple Black Dress paired with a Baseball Cap and Birkenstock Clogs for a Comfy Everyday Look

knee length black long sleeve dress classic birkenstock clogs style

Beige Suit Vest and Pant Set for a Summer Office Casual Look

matching white vest pants style birkenstock clogs sunglasses smart casual look

Classic Linen Shirt and Pat Set with Oiled leather Birkenstock Clogs 

office style linen pants shirt classic birkenstock clogs

Baggy Blue Jeans and Vintage Leather Jacket for a Classic 90s-Inspired Look

straight denim jeans leather jacket leather birkenstock boston clogs casual everyday outfit

Spring Staple French Chic with a Classic White Pant and Blue Striped Shirt Combo

style birkenstock clogs white jeans blue shirt classic beige trench coat everyday look inspo

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