French Girl Outfit: Find out How to Dress like a French Woman and Achieve an Effortlessly Elegant Look!

by Anjelina

French fashion has a long and rich history, which most French people are really proud of. And there is a reason for it all! Through all these years, it has set an example and dictated the fashion rules all over the world. And although trends are constantly changing, and it’s getting hard to keep up with everything, there are some classic principles that make it quite possible for any woman to achieve the French look. In this article, you will find out the secret tips and tricks for dressing casual but still looking effortlessly elegant – the most desired combination that attracts us all! Keep on reading for lots of French girl outfit inspiration!

What is the fashion of French girl?

Women all over the world want to achieve the “French girl style”. But what exactly makes it so attractive? Of course, it all comes to the fact that most Parisians tend to dress simply, chic and comfortably at the same time. And it almost always looks like they don’t even try very hard and know exactly how to do it in the best way possible! Of course, not all French women dress alike, which is quite understandable. However, they all certainly aim for a feminine and sophisticated appearance which focuses mainly on natural beauty and simplicity.

French Girl Outfit: How do you dress like a French woman?

julie sergent ferreri sporty outfit will inspire you

Luckily, there are some basic rules that allow women of any age, height or build to fulfill their desire to achieve the French girl aesthetic. In the following lines we will take a detailed look at the tips and tricks you need to follow in order to upgrade your personal style, inspired by French fashion. Let’s get started!

Think simple: Less is more

think simple less is more choosing neutral clothes for french girl aesthetic look


The French girl look is simple yet stylish. This should be your main focus when choosing what to wear. Our number 1 advice is to reduce the amount of accessories and avoid over-styling your outfit. Less is definitely more when it comes to French style. Aim for simplicity and comfort in the cuts of the clothes you choose, whatever the occasion.

Forget about extravagant prints: Choose neutral colors instead

warm bright tones for clothes in the beige range say no to extravagant prints choose neutral colors

In order to look elegant and enjoy the comfort of your everyday clothes, you need to stick to neutral colors. You will never see a French girl wearing anything too extravagant or flashy. Instead, Parisians tend to choose more neutral colors (beige, brown, gray, white or black) which can be easily mixed and matched together. Of course, they can be complemented by shades such as cool blue, dusky mauve, mustard, greenish gray or apple green. But as you can tell, they are again nature-inspired colors that don’t attract too much attention!

More relaxed silhouettes

more relaxed silhouettes french girl outfit beige coat straight black trousers white shirt

There is a misconception that wearing anything too tight, short or revealing makes you look sexy. In fact, this is not the case at all and the French know it perfectly well! What we mean is that you need to be careful when choosing clothes. Make sure your clothes fit well, that is, are tailored without being too baggy or tight. Go for more relaxed silhouettes (for example, straight fit trousers, or a classic straight skirt in a muted rather than bright color).

Focus on quality, not quantity

focus on quality not quantity when choosing your french style inspired outfit

The French style of clothing is known for its high-quality materials and fabrics. That’s why it is better to look for a few expensive items which can actually save you money in the long run as they last longer, if you think about it! French girls don’t like throwing away something they only wore once. Instead, they can always upgrade their look with better quality clothes that can be paired with other not-so-expensive garments, as well as a few chic accessories.

French girl aesthetic: Choose accessories with taste

choose accessories with taste medium sized baby blue handbag gold earrings brown leather jacket light jeans

You have to pay special attention to accessories if you want to achieve the French style of clothing. As with clothes, the same principle of “less is more” is again applicable. In fact, choosing way too many accessories is undesirable, and you should opt for just one or a few unusual accents for a final touch. To add more elegance to your look, you can go for:

Scarf: it can be of any material, printed, patterned or monochrome, depending on your own preferences

how to dress like a french girl scarf blazer outfit
Beret (hat or cap): for a true French style, choose a beret in tone or in contrast to the main colors of your outfit

french girl outfit how to dress like a french woman beret and neutral colors
Sunglasses: a gorgeous pair of sunglasses with tinted lenses will complement your look perfectly by giving it a lot of style and individuality

french girl outfit idea with colorful scarf around the neck sunglasses
Medium-sized handbag: it is advisable not to choose too large bags as they can distract from the main outfit

medium sized red handbag striped shirt and long square white trousers
Unique jewelry: not necessarily expensive, but complementing your own style

unique jewelry french girl trend

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