Highlights for Asian Hair: Free Your Imagination in Spring for a Fancy Hair, Full of Sun and Life!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Not so far in the past, Asian hair was associated only with the image of black and straight hair, which is also sleek. But the new trends have changed this stereotype, embellishing it with variety of styles and colors. Now we are not amazed to see curly or wavy Asian hair, highlighted with brown, blonde and red hues. Women with these looks are considered as ones that accept any treatments, which may create beauty and harmony. Really, there are ideas for styling Asian hairs, which admire with charm, coming from the combination with the beautiful Eastern features. One of the most effective examples for this marvelous change is undoubtedly the highlights for Asian hair, which we’ll show you and talk about today.

Spring mood with blonde highlights for Asian hair

highlights for asian hair brown highlights on dark brown hair

Blond highlights match easily with a variety of hair colors, and their combination with the Asian face makes the appearance striking. This style gives every woman a spontaneous kissed by the sun look. Blonde highlights for Asian hair are already a loved trend and recognized that they do a certain change in the lifestyle of women wearing them. When choosing the suitable shade of the blond palette, there should be considered the balance that will work with the specific colors of the eyes and the skin. If you have skin with dark undertones, the best possibility to choose from will be the warm nuances of the blonde highlights for Asian hair. While, in case with lighter toned skin, the cool blonde shades will match the best. Dark hair and Asian skin tone makes the searching for the suitable color, as an addition, somewhat difficult. But when you wish to create a natural look in harmony with a lighter toned skin, try to go for brown highlights options.

Sun kissed look with brown highlights for Asian hair

highlights for asian hair blonde locks with dark hair


Asian hair is well known with its straight structure and dark color. Therefore, some brown highlights can create a natural makeover of the entire look. They will enlighten and add a more dimension to your hair. If you decide to apply brown highlights for Asian hair with balayage, you’ll be free from retouching the hair roots for a long time.

The dark hair looks amazingly when adding warm copper and brown shades, and will give a bright impression wherever you go. If you want to create more warmth in this style, add a touch of auburn to your hair. In case cooler tones are desired, highlights with smoky and ash brown will do the best effect. Dark Asian hair will look great with some addition of chocolate color. Chocolate highlights will not make the woman so noticeable when she is inside, but when exposed to sunlight, they will give liveliness to the look.

Glow with auburn or maroon highlights for Asian hair

maroon ombre hair color with trendy hairclip in shape of moon

Auburn and maroon highlights, suitable mostly for darker skins, will transform your hair to glow with warmth. These colors will add dimension and intensity to your hair, and in addition to this, liven up the face with a joyful look. If you want to add more challenge to your appearance, then why not try with maroon highlights? It will be a brave change. Deep maroon that goes to a purple palette may be flattering to your Asian skin, and blending naturally with the dark hair. If you think about some even more interesting decision with highlights for Asian hair, you may choose the marvelous gothic style, which is possible to reach with darker colors. When your choice is from the lighter pallet, this will give a milder and more delicate look.

Fancy colored highlights for Asian hair

highlights for asian hair blonde locks with dark hair fancy woman

If you once dreamed to have the same hair color as a famous cartoon hero, then the best opportunity for you will be fancy colored highlights for Asian hair. Then, why not try locks of blue hair like these of the fairy, or some pink curls like those of your favorite character. Cartoons show you all hair colors, with no limits for your fantasy.

When thinking about what highlights are best for Asian hair, may be your best chance is using more fancy color ideas. Do you have a black hair? If so, pink highlights will suit you nice. And what about brown hair? Some blue locks may do the best for a nice looking face. So, with a bit of fantasy, you may create a variety of combinations for improving your look.

Maintaining highlights for Asian hair

brown highlights for asian hair maintaining with shampoo

You already have your dreamed highlights? Now, it’s time for some care for maintaining your new styled hair soft and good-looking. You need some special shampoo and conditioner for treatment with dye. Take care also not to wash your hair every day to preserve the color of highlights. Regular application of the conditioner will guarantee against split ends and dry locks. Do this care to keep your highlighted hair in perfect form.

asian girl with long black hair with balayage

Pink ombré balayage with peach highlights

pink ombré balayage on long asian hair peach highlights

Multicolored french bob with bangs, known as « Gemini hair »

highlights for asian hair blonde locks with dark hair fancy looking

Brown highlights for Asian hair

brown highlights for asian hair like a kiss of sun (1)

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